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'Healthy eating' advice...

Don't really know where to put this, bit random but it made me laugh...

Had cardiology follow-up at local Costa today. Mentioned this dizziness issue I've been having and he asked about it, took BP etc and I told him about weird nearly-blacking out episode when he asked, but didn't seem worried, said heart is fine (I knew it as already knew test results but relief anyway as one set of misbehaving organs enough lol) and I should stay hydrated and eat more salty foods!

Just made me laugh as last time I saw a cardiologist (when I first had a problem with the dizziness) they made me drink Coke (ugh) and eat biscuits as they said I needed something sweet! Seems like most people are getting told to cut down on all that but I get all these doctors saying 'have more sugar and salt'.

Lucky I wasn't looking to them for a solution to the dizziness problem though... I guess if not heart then not their problem really but is vv annoying all the same. At least he didn't mention stress or overbreathing - progress!

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Hi Philomena,

I wonder if you have low blood pressure? I have been told that I should drink more liquids than most people need and that I am fine with extra salt. I sometimes feel as if my batteries have just run down and go hot, sticky, dizzy, get the shakes and think I am going to blackout or be sick.....or nightmare both!

My husband has high blood pressure and he monitors it if he feels ""off"" and for the week before a check up. I had one of my funny doo dahs in the house and thought that I would check my BP. I got a bit of a shock when I saw 86/52 so checked it a few times afterwards. If I was ok it was about 100/55 but if I felt faint it had dropped. I also get tired very easily. Good news is that I have been told that I am an unlikely candidate for heart attack or stroke but will always feel tired and need to make sure I eat and drink regularly. Maybe this is you too?????


hi Pauline,

Thanks for reply...I forgot to say that this is indeed why he told me to eat more salt as it's entirely possible this is me (my asthma cons thinks the same as he asked what my BP was after the treadmill test and it was 100/52 which is on the low side but normal for me). Also had really low BP when I went to OOH with dizziness about a week after the first episode - though useless dr there didn't actually tell me it was low or what it was, just said it was fine - I only found out it was low when I saw my GP 2 days later and she said it was low but not as much as it had been at OOH. Stupid dr, if he'd told me I could have eaten something salty and stopped feeling so rubbish, but he was blithering on about anxiety! But then thought I felt dizzy after allergy test and BP was 125 over 80-something and went up when I stood up which it is meant to...hmmm strange!

Also nearly blacked out once...was slightly odd feeling as I thought I was getting flu during a talk I went to and vision went dark but then it all cleared up. Weird!

Wanted to say that asthma cons said he'd do a blood test next time as apparently some people have trouble absorbing salt and liquid properly and you can tell from a blood test - don't know if might be worth you asking about being tested for this? I'm hoping if there's a test then they can do something about it.


It is a really weird feeling isn't it? My husband and I .......that sounds very grand! .....hold hands when we are out and about and he always knows when my BP drops. He says he can feel a change in my hand which he just cannot explain but he can feel energy sapping from me. The fact that my face goes grey and shiny helps too!!!

I have been told that the condition is rarely treated and that in lots of ways we are the lucky ones but shock can be a problem in case of accidents etc. I have always found surgery is a problem and I am an awkward more ways than one!

Hope you gets sorted soon. X


Thanks! Don't think I go grey...oops maybe I do and haven't noticed! Yep think the focus tends to be on high BP as everyone knows about the probs with that, but have found a lot of drs seem not to be that bothered about the fact the symptoms with low BP can be a pain in the a***! Even if it's not serious, and I don't really think it is, I want a solution to that at least.

I'll let you know if they come up with anything for me in case it's helpful to you too.

Off to scoff down some crisps or similar...hmm, not sure I really need any encouragement to eat like this lol. (Though I have to say, when they made me have Coke before I felt it was totally wasted on me as I hate the stuff - and so many people would have loved being force-fed Coke!)


Hmm...seems not the case - high normal today but low on Monday...go figure. I am weird lol, Still having the salt though...

Oh, the test turns out to be for Addisons...that I was not expecting, glad it's not! He didn't do it in the end as said if lying/standing pressure normal Addisons can pretty much be ruled out...relief. But have you asked about it, or have they mentioned it, if you're on a lot of steroids?


No mention of anything like Addisons. I have had low BP all of my life as far as I am aware. If I went to the doctor as a youngster and there was a new nurse or some such they always had a go at taking my BP.Just came to the conclusion that I am an odd ball!!!! Applies to most things in my life really.

One example which is typical of me.....I have Arthritis in my knees with Bakers cysts at the back. My doctor said I am unfortunate to have one as large behind my right knee but luckily people only usually have cysts behind one knee so at least I have one good one! I said no I have 3!!!! Cysts not knees! He looked and said trust you to be awkward! Turns out I have 1 behind each knee and one has leaked and it looks as if I have 3. No wonder the poor man has recently retired.


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