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just a rant

Sorry for this post well in advance I just need to let of a bit of anger that is bubbling away inside. Well spent the last week inside the dreaded nhs hotel!! Its bad enough coming in for school and exams but then to have to stay as an inpatient any way was to ill for schooling but am home now with aunty still in herself its not so great, id rather be back in myself. it just feels like if its not me its her being ill . my cousins are scared and angry and are miss behaving although I can cope with them, as I understand they are worried .although it is hard when I don’t feel so well either I know I am feeling depressed . I spoke to asthma nurse this morning about it but I felt like I wasn’t being listened to spoke to my dad who yet again is away at work but this time couldn’t come home when I was ill, says to hang in and he will be back soon but I want him here for me I don’t want to be a baby sitter to a 6 and four year old who has nanny to help but bless her she is old herself and struggles with the kids. I feel like I am at this cross roads and do not know what road to go down, and on top of it all BANG go my exams failed for sure and the rest lets just says are shelved. Sorry to have written this I don’t care about reply’s just needed some where I felt I could rant on about nothing and no one in my family see where I have ranted (if that made any sense what so ever)hope i am not being nasty wanting my dad home i am scared foe my aunt as she has had a pretty rough time herself and is in more then she is home. anyhow enough of this.


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Spider, its goot to let this out somewhere, so well done for posting. However, 'Bang go my exams - failed for sure' is not a good way to think. If nothing else, concentrate on one subject that you think you'll be ok at. Work at that one as much as you can, so that when you go to sit the exams, at least you'll have one where you'll do well.

Secondly, if you fail your exams, it won't be the end of the world. I know it feels like that right now, but honestly, you'll be ok. Whatever you do, make sure you go to your exam sittings and try. If you fail, you fail, but you tried. You have had to cope with a lot of things, but you are strong!

It sounds like you're keen , motivated and want to do well - you're mature before your time! But things will get better, of course they will. xx


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