Computer game... warning, very addictive

I've just discovered a very addictive web based computer game which I really can't stop playing.

It's sort of along the lines of tetris based games but ties the fingers in knots less so better for those with ventolin shakes or cramp-prone hands!

Find it at

(Don't believe this counts as illegal advertising as the game is free to play, but if it does, mods, please remove the email address)

Hours of fun... good job I have nothing better to do!

Em H

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  • I have no probs with this....enjoy!!

  • see what you mean. Just as addictive as this site.


  • It is great and on some msn chat versions( think its the earlier ones ) you can play against your friends.

  • so much for getting my ironing done before work. I thiught I would have a quick 5 minutes playing a game first. Fatal!! Thanks Em I do enjoy it though.

    Ange xx

  • Another highly adictive one but you can downlaod this one is hamsterjam


  • Bex I have been playing this stupid hamster game for over two hours and I am rubbish at it! I can only get past the first level.

    Yet another wonderful way to pass the time - thank you!

  • Ok Bex I've downloaded the hamster if i don't get anything done during my 12 days off work i shall be blaming you 2. i hope you both realise that.

    Ange xx

  • bejeweled2

    yes i agree a its a very adictive game,my daughter has got a game on her ds called zoo keeper which is a the same sort of thing.

    i liked hamster game as well,but i keep getting squished

    mel xx

  • Got the hamster game but not installed it - have installed the hamster ball - runs round the screen LOL!

  • Emily have you tried some of the other games on the same site. They drive you crazy but very therapeutic when it feels as if that elephant is sitting on your chest so you don't want to move far.

    Ange xx

  • i cant get of the first level of hamster jam,

    ive managed to collect all the disc things once but then a mouse ate me.

    i need help

    love mel xxx


  • I keep being eaten by mice as well!

    thought they were punk hamsters at first - LOL!


    squeeek squeeek!

  • my 9 year old son has got past me,

    its not right.

    curse them mice!!!

    mel xxxx

  • Try killing the mice with falling rocks then they are out of your way for good to finish that level. I found that out by accident.

    Ange xx

  • Yes, I did discover squashed mice by accidenttoo! LOL!


  • I knew I wouldn't get anything constructive done this week. These games are so addictive especially now I have the house mostly to myself until tomorrow evening. LOL

    Ange xx

  • Made it to level 3 of hamster jam. yahee!

  • Hamster lovers everywhere, just to let you know the the current family high score by my daughter Mads is over 53K. Keep at it, it took me a while to get the hang of it, but once you have it is lots of fun. You know you have finished all the levels when you run out of the last room and get ""well done"" in rocks on the screen, you then start again but with 3 mice who are turbo charged!


  • i made it on to level 2,

    watch out angela im catching you up,

    you never know i might get onto level 3 in a couple of months!!!!

    love mel xxx

  • Bex, how many levels are there and how long does it take to get to the end of hamster jam?

  • I think it is 20 once you have got passed the 1st the half dozen or so the priciple is same you just sometimes have to look very carefully to see how to get at the rings. For example once you have finished the 1st one gone up into the 2nd one and right into the 3rd one you can if you are careful on finishing the 3rd one go down or right again. If you go down the rings in bottom right and left hand corners can only be got at by carefullly clearing the grass and rolling the stones out the way. Some are dead-end rooms and it can drive you mad cos you end up back in rooms you have done before (you don't have to re-do them) once a room it cleared of rings you can run through it. The room at the bottom of the 3rd level was on the more frustrating ones to find! if you get good go to the website and print out a map.


  • I have now got up to level 4 on Hamster Jam so it looks like I have a long way to go. Shame you can't start where you left off otherwise it will start to take a long time to get anywhere new.

  • I have now managed another2 levels of hamster Jam. It's great fun if you don't want to do any housework at all!!!

  • Went back on the website and found the map for hamster jam and having great fun going in all different directions and trying out the new rooms. It doesn't get the house clean though!

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