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Anyone else get those dreams where you are rushing around somewher trying to catch up with stuff or people and then you wake up and are panicked and rush around at home?

That was me this morning. For some reason dreamt I was out to getting the daily shopping. On way back, folk kept stopping me to ask stuff. Day was dark by time I was getting home.

Then I woke up, saw the time was half ten instead of the half nine, when I usually get up. Shot out of bed to get dressed. Took my two inhaler puffs more rapidly than usual. PF hasn't changed over last four days so could put in 270 later in the book and probably be right.. Husband working from home on laptop and still in dressing gown came to ask what was the rush? I gabbled about the time and the rushing around in the dream and.. To which he said, who's rushing you? We have a 24 hour Tesco down the road. Go back to bed and have another half an hour to wake properly. The only person who' making you panic about it being half ten is you.

I hate those rushing about dreams also I'm so envious of husband who, if he dreams, never remembers them on waking.

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Hi Yep, horrible dreams. Had one this morning about cleaning the house. Then woke up, got ready went to docs, food shop and then had to do the lot for real. Sons are helping, they are hoovering as my lungs are still giving me grief. I think the pred doesn't help, having some nightmares at mo and setting my asthma off.

Hope your day gets better, gonna make damn sure mine is!

Take care


Thanks, rattles. Take care too. x


hi nana

What a dream ,get dreams I am falling and wake up with a jump and takes ages get back to sleep.

and one when teeth fall out ,god that ones scarey and wake up nearly in tears till awake and counted my teeth hahaah xxx


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