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funny stories / little accidents

thought it might be fun if we had an area just like the moan and rant area, where we can share some of the funny and silly things we all get up to

i will start it off as im so clumbsy!:

1. was sitting down last week at college on the floor and the bell rang for lesson change and as i went to stand up i lost my balance all togethter and fell back flat on my knee's (OUCH) lol

2. all of an hour later managed to fall down a couple of steps of the main stairs -luckily saved by my mates ! (thanks guys)

so............... whats everyone been up to ??

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Today, I was trying to juggle my folders, school bag and text books whilst going up the science stairs and ended up falling up the stairs and dropping my folders and books everywhere- thoroughly amsuing a couple of year 7s.

I went to the gym yesterday and got cramp in my feet whilst on the running/ walking machine- doing the funky chicken whilst attempting not to fall off the end of the running machine isn't really possible and tends to leave you hoping madly whilst attempting to reach for the stop button.


oh no becca1 thats no fun. the whole folder thing hsppened to me but not on the stairs , some how i managed to walk into a radiator and my folders went flying and everything came out and the folders are broken - apart from these where year nines (still found it just as funny)



I'm trying to work out how you can fall back flat on your knees - are your knees back to front?


I tripped walking up the road yesterday.

Looking back at the pavement, there was nothing obvious I could have tripped on. Hands in pockets of my fleece, I headed for the pavement with my nose. Fortunately fate was smiling on me and I managed, somehow, to regain my balance.

Husband thought it was the funniest thing and said he was just nipping back to the house to collect the video camera! Cos I'd done the very same thing the day before, but a bit further up the street and he wanted to be ready. Hahaha. 8(


sorry cathy i meant to say fell dpwn on my knees!

but love your joke !



Well, me going out on a scooter is enough to make some of my friends laugh, they know my co ordination on foot or in the kitchen.

1) The exit to a shop was made narrower by some toilet rolls and that was the only exit, so i tried to go past and suceeded in knocking them all down.

2) I went in to the bank and tried to join the queue to pay my money in at the counter and i got stuck in the cords that you were meant to weave around, they were not wide enough.

3) I went in boot and tried to go around the aisles only to get stuck as there had not been enough room left. Ended up reversing.

4) I went into holland and barrets it was a single door and it was not fully open so i got stuck and ended up pushing the door more fully open with the front of the scooter and the lady in the shop said that if i couldnt get out she had plenty i could stay and do in the shop. Now i go to the shop on a regualar basis and she makes sure she runs and opens door wide enough.

5) I saw a fire engine and started singing fireman sam and his black and white cat completely getting it mixed up with postman pat!

6) me driving any where new means me getting lost i can end up mixing up my left and rights to the points my friends shout out no the other left or no the other right, when i go left instead of right.

Will post more when i think of them.


I'm not sure I'd even contemplate going out on a scooter. I'd be sure to demolish those displays of fruit that Morrisons tend to have.

Well done plumie, for having the confidence to go out and about.


Ugh I managed to set off the security alarms in Monsoon yesterday I picked up a cardigan and walked over to the other side and it i brushed next to those security things at the door entrance suddenly the alarms went off and everyone just stopped and stared to see where commotion was coming from! I waved the cardigan at the assistant saying its ok! and put it back carefully and hastily moved to the other side of the shop where I was completely red-faced! Never again argh!!!!!


Im still getting over a very embrassing incident that happened on mothers day. Went to visit my mum but outside her house was a gas leak with gas men trying to fix it. All of a sudden there was a very strong smell of gas. Which made everybody cough and set of my asthma.

We moved far away but my hubby ended up doing 9s cos my nebs werent working. He explained that my asthma had been set off by a gas leak that was being fixed by gas men. 1st rapid response turned up, was expecting an ambulance next. Had a bit of a surprise when a fire engine turned up, followed by police cars. The gas men decided at that point just to turn the gas off. Think had something to do with not very happy policemen who kept saying we are armed response officers. So glad was having a neb was embrassed but all i wanted to do was laugh. It really didnt help my breathing.

Next the county chief of ambulance turn up to assess if area needed to be evacuated. He looked over saw me said its ok everybody will be alrite its just Sarah and her dodgy lungs. Police turned around and glared at me then left. Finally the ambulance turned up, it had been stuck in traffic. Never been so glad to get into an ambulance, usually im taken away protesting. Not this time, especially as all of this had drawn quite a crowd. Its a small village and usually not much happens!!

Im ok now and trying not to cause an more mayhem!


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