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I confess to ,ahem,enjoying following the US presidential marathon and will be happy for either Hillary or Barack to eventually be president (see,were on first name terms already !) but I cant help thinking that the amount of money being spent by both Republicans and Democrats in the 18 months that the whole process gestates could probably have rebuilt New Orleans or built hospitals and schools in Gaza to win over hearts and minds.

But thats just me,old fashioned Socialist !

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  • Like you I am an avid follower of the US presidential race. I'm a political animal in general.

    I'm backing Hillary, I'd love to see a woman in the White House. She has a facebook page. Mind you if Barack got the nomination I'd be supporting him to win. Surely the Democrats have to win come November.


  • It will just be great when that evil terrorist G W Bush is out of time.

  • Go, Hillary, go.



  • McCain has just been given the kiss of death by Terrorist Bush when he said that he endorsed McCain

  • I'm not supporting Hillary just because she's a woman, I thik she'd be good at the job, and she must have gained some experience from Bill's time in office as she was given some responsibilities, Wasn't healthcare one of hers?

    I'll just be glad to see that war monger George Dubya gone, for taking the world into a war that we have no right to be fighting.


  • I suspect McAin may be rueing that endorsement already !

  • Things are looking dodgy for Hillary once again.


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