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friendly advice please

I am not looking for a diagnosis as I know that cannot be done online.

But was wondering if my these symptoms are asthma related or not.

From afternoon to evenings occaisionally - more often when it rains my chest be sore for a split second or so. It is gone before I even said so type speed. I am mildly - very mildly asthmatic. This has only been happening since october. It not everytime it raining etc.

also I get a low platelet drop sometimes and the chest became very dry/sore at times and luckily only had five days in hospital and once home the soreness cleared up - until last tuesday when had a mini platelet drop.

Now it is off a sore and it is raining outside. Is it asthma related and just take more inhaler.... Should I be booking to see the asthma nurse?

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hi Rhonnee,

Wouldnt hurt to get checked out again and tell them how you are.

The damp weather is not good for asthmatics if you have asthma so

would get checked out .love Glynis xxx



thanks and will do next time am at the GP's....


Hi --- visits

I firmly believe that any feeling however slight, if you feel you want to go to docs, go don't ask yourself do i need to, if you have that instinct go, that what they are there for, if u feel they get a bit funny with you, burst into tears because thats the frustration that needs to come out, and what better place than the docs. never question yourself. you are worth more xx


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