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I am really missing things like a sandwich, pasty or croisant since I had to go gluten free, I also can't eat dairy products or meat. But you could bung some veg into pasty and i could have a vegi one but I don't even know it is possiblte to make pastry without gluten or butter. Anyone got any recipes or ideas cos the stuff you can buy in the supermarket is like eating sand. And it is depressing me now.

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Oh No Bex, I Know what you mean but with me it is missing cakes & sponges etc.

(though nt a bad idea at the mo.... bit too squidgt round the middle at the mo)

Doves Flour is gluten free, don't know if the packs have pastry recipes on.

You can make pastry with Marg which is OK but not tried gluten free.

Will look out for you!!




You can get generic gluten-free mix which I understand you can use to make stuff like pastry and pancakes - not sure if you've tried this or what it might taste like!


oh bex that sounds really quite frustrating. I know you can get gluten free flour and bread mixes etc-the bread mixes are quite nice ive used them before and are nowhere nebs as bad as the stuff you get already made it actually tastes like real bread!

Im not a huge fan of pastry so never looked into finding a gluten free alternative-i will see if i can find any recipies for you though!

The sainsburys own free from porrige is rather tasty and uses millet seed instead of oats and stuff if your stuck for breakfasty stuff that tastes 'normal'

Will see what i can dig out for you and post if/when i find anything.

Take care hope your otherwise well and the kids are all ok! Lotsa lv kat Xx


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