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My contract phone died completely about November (really pee'd as it has one of my favourite pics of my grampy on it)

Anywhooo. I can't afford to buy myself out of the contract- which isn't up til August.

I use the net (Faceflop) and text mostly.

What do you have and why do you like it?

I would love an iPhone but that is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay outta my budget. We both have outstanding balances on our bills that we're struggling with.

Geina x

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  • Let me guess, your phone company is being rubbish and won't replace it? They're so annoying! Are you planning to buy one off ebay or something?

    I have a Nokia C3-00 on my contract. I didn't use to like Nokia phones, but I went right off Samsung after my last one (will look up number) which was awful, like they'd thought about how you'd want to use a phone and then done the opposite! This new one has a nice big screen and is NOT a touchscreen! No predictive text which I found a pain as they always think they know better, but a keyboard so you can write any word you want without it telling you you can't.

    I use it for phone and text really but could use for email/internet, my contract covers some use and the keyboard would make it ok to use.

  • how'dja guess. it started to play up by not charging about 2wks after i got it. can't wait for the contract to be up. i've already switched back to a PAYG so am just looking for a not to expensive phone- probably on ebay yes.

  • I'm not technically minded but would the pic be saved to your sim card and can you use that in another handset?

  • no it's on the actual phone JF. It's one with a funky memory card too :o/

  • Is the pic on the memory card? Cos you can print them off in boots etc. Their machines usually take all shapes and sizes of memory cards. (Just wracking my brain here!)

  • The picture of your Grampy that's stuck on your phone

    your phone if new and boxed will have come with a lead that can connect to your PC (if you have one) or to a PC at work/friend/ might then download some software (not usually too much).

    then with the software you can open the files in the phone and find the picture. click on it and move it to the PC memory for safe keeping, or to the desktop and then open it and print it.

    hope that you get a nice new phone, i'm a Nokia girl myself having trying a Samsung i returned to Nokia's and now have a N8 on contract with Cable&Wireless.

    good luck in retrieving your picture and getting new phone.

    take care xx ><>

  • 2 weeks after getting it?! That's disgraceful, what pathetic excuse are they giving you for not replacing it? I'd have said they are on shaky ground there asking you to keep paying the contract when you have no working phone, they won't replace it and it's not your fault. Maybe complain to a consumer watchdog person?

    I hope you get something sorted anyway and get a new phone either way! And get your pic back.

  • Ask around. Sometimes folk have an older phone in a drawer somewhere. Or just upgraded and still have the older phone to hand. No harm asking.

  • Actually, I have two spares and would be happy to let you have one of them - my only caveat is that the more recent one, like I said, drove me nuts and I don't know if the older one will charge still. I can check though. :)

  • Carphone wharehouse best bet for a cheap new phone. When your contract is up try pay as you go giff gaff works on o2 network £10 buys 250 anytime minutes unlimited texts free giff gaff ot giff gaff calls oh and best of all uimited internet.You can port your number in 24 hours You can get more minues by paying a bit more and best of all it works thats what we use.

  • I have a Nokia C6 on T-Mobile. Got a 24 month contract 300 mins 300 texts and unlimited internet for £15 a month. Don't use Facebook can't get on with it, but always on the net. Watch You Tube eveyday mostly music vids.

  • Thanks to my lovely mummy (and a forthcoming birthday!) I have a Rio II (or ""crackberry"" imitation!) on PAYG.

    I don't have the wires to connect the Sony to the PC but I wonder if anyone local does.... Didn't think of that one!

    Geina x

  • I have a crackberry (didn't know they called the Rios that) its okayish, but to be honest I wouldn't recommend it for those who love FB, total waste of time most of the time

  • They don't lol I rechristened the Blackberry a ""crackberry"" when they first came out! The FB app on the Rio II isnt' all that but if I go the long way thru the net it's not too bad. Keeps me occupied on my walk to school etc. Just need to get the tunes from my other phone onto it now.

    Geina x

  • i like my nokia e63 and use Opera mini, most phones will run opera mini browser and it's fast and light on data transmission. As for network, I love giffgaff, £10 per month gives you a lot for your money, you do need to do a little work when yu top up every month to buy the goodybag but it takes no time at all.

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