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Hilarious Obvious Translation

While idly loking at random asthma stuff i came across a website that is so obviously badly translated from another language that it makes NO sense whatsoever hahhaha

EDIT: hmm there's a space appearing in the link when it publishes but the space isn't there in the edit window - obviously make sure there's no spaces if you fancy having a laugh

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lololol! This should have a warning on it for twitchy lungs! What did they USE to get this? Thanks for sharing though my lungs may not thank you lol.

I've learned a lot from this, including that asthmatic vampires should be careful with Symbicort and Bricanyl: 'Dry-powder may cause fang attrition.'

And that both children and inhalers are real - good to know: 'Children are as actual as the Diskhaler'

EDIT: Actually, now I'm wondering if that second isn't perhaps some profound philosophical statement ('What is a child? What is he not? Childhood is as real as a Diskhaler.') Should I start a new philosophical Way?


Hmm, not the easiest read.

jinglfairy, you've discovered a longstanding foible of the forum software inserting a gap in longer links, either delete the space as you say or tinyurl it here ( to shorten to

I'm sure people are aware of this but please be careful looking for reliable information on the internet, websites such as Asthma UK, and NHS Choices are a good start. American websites can use different terms especially for medication.


Sorry Philomena though i did give an implicit warning saying it's ""hilarious"" :-D

Here's a couple of my favourite lines

""Inhaling drugs must be worn regularly""

""parents should be an important part in asthma deaths in children"" I realise i shouldn't find this line funny but there's just something about it

""Dry powder inhalers ... should not be stored in moist seats (bathroom cabinets)"" hmmm what images that conjures!!!!!

tj, i know it's a general warning you're giving but don't worry i wasn't actually looking for advice. I saw a clickhaler mentioned somewhere on this site and didn't know what one was so i went googling just for pictures out of curiosity and happened to find this daft translation


LOL, that is hilarious! I wonder what the parent language was???

Love the bit about the 'moist seats'.........


Oh dear!

This is what happens when you refuse to pay for a decent translator! OH is a translator and I'll show it to her later...

In the mean time, I'd better watch out for fang attrition...


Hehe, thanks jinglfairy for the link. Apparently a spacer ""serves as a property chamber for the medication that many children bomb to be valuable and protected."" What?!

Yes, I did mean that to be general advice for everyone, amazing what can be found when looking around.


That is hilarious. I looked at one of the other asthma articles and found this-

'Asthma (AZ-ma) is a sticky, thick liquid that can happen each time the United States, more mucus than natural'


lol Bryony! There's something rather surreal about these...

No worries Jinglfairy, you did indeed warn me and it was entirely my own fault! You are talking here to the person who sniffs handwash bottles to see if they set her off and who decided to try and run for a bus again this morning (in the cold). Someday I'll learn...maybe...


Others may exhale too close to their mouths - I though we exhaled through a mouths damn I knew I shouldnt of skipped of biology when I was at school

Patients should be delivered honestly to the lungs - what about lungs being given out fairly?

Thanks for a good giggle.


I like the part where they seem to refer to A&E departments as ""disaster rooms"".


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