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Cross-stitch and General Needlecraft Thread

Haha! See, there's a joke there in the title! No? OK, I'll get my coat...

Anyway, I noted from the Hobbies thread that there's a fair few amongst us who like cross-stitch, embroidery, knitting etc, so I thought it would be an idea to have a thread to discuss our latest projects, hints, tips, etc. What do you reckon?

For my part, I'm just about to start putting the finishing touches to my Dad's 60th birthday x-stitch (had to have a break cos of exams); I've also picked up a Popcorn bear summer scene that I started last year; and I have a Popcorn Bear bookmark on the go too. I don't know about anyone else but I just don't seem to be able to confine myself to having only one kit on the go. I'm sure there are others I have started too!

What are you working on?

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I'm currently working on a tatty teddy cross stich birth sampler for my sister who's 1st baby is due in about 7 weeks and as i have only done about 10 stiches must get on with it. Also have a noahs ark on the go as well but can only do in normal light due to colours that are that pale wud end up with wrong colour.


I'm working on Lickle Ted - the lickle bear with a big heart. Have a set of two. Have a couple of others waiting to be started and a cottage started long ago but it got put to one side. (Daughter's 21st birthday scrapbook is a priority at the mo when I have the time to spend on it).


Tee hee, good josh in the title...i too have more than one project on the go, i'm doing a Lowery scene for my Dad - well 2 actually a factory one and a docks one. Have nearly finished one but the other is only half way through. I'm doing a patchwork tablecloth for eating alfresco but as its cold and wet may not get much use this year! Never mind, its different shades of red so it will do for winter too! I love sewing its so relaxing, it wiles the hours away when i'm costa del a nhs too.

Thanks CathBear, this is a great idea for a thread, Lois xxxx


I have on the go... Takes a deep-ish breath!

Penguins of the world - 18 penguins in a row! ( 10 penguins complete)

Millenium sampler

Birth sampler for Zac - almost finnished

A badger one somewhere

A bagpuss tiddler ( freebie)

William Morris Strawberry thief - Tapestry - wool makes me sneeze after a while...

A half done embroidery table cloth from Mum - older than me but I have offered to finnish it.

Numerous sealed kits which will remain sealed until I finish the lot above!



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