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Dodgey Ears


I had an ear infection just after I got out of hospital a few weeks ago, and after two courses of antibiotics it still hasn't cleared up, so I'm now on my third. Problem is it's incredably painful and feels really bunged up. I've tried sleeping with a hot water bottle on it and have tried de-congestion tablets but nothing's hitting it.

Any suggestions?


Vicky x

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have you tried Tea Tree oil, it's a natural antiseptic and a good one as well. Lavender is the only essential oil you can put on the skin neat, so mix a little with olive oil, but 1 or 2 drops of tea tree are ok neat.


hey vicky

Keep going with the antibiotics vicky but next time you do see the doctor then ask if they can give you some olive oil drops. The drops can loosen any waxy build up that may have developed in your ear. My ear went wierd over christmas with an infection and it felt exactly how you described. I tend to overproduce wax during ear infections so maybe that is the problem. You could always get the doc to check if this is a problem before trying the olive oil drops etc. If it is due to a waxy build up and the drops dont work then the doc may need to syringe the wax out which is relatively minor and doesnt hurt at all just feels a little cold and wierd.

Take care of yourself vicky and i hope that you can have a longer period of good health now. Good luck with the college catch up etc and you know where i am if you need any help with the chem or biology.

Lotsa lv n hugs Xxxx


thanks guys.

I went to the Walk in Center the other night because the pain was just getting stupid. They gave me some different anti-biotics and some ear drops, and fingers crossed, they're working quite well.

Thanks again :)


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