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I know that this topic crops up every now and again, but thought it might be time for another heads up to see who is on facebook or twitter. I know quite a few of you are and some of us chat regularly on there but for any newbs etc.

I know sometimes it is easier to chat on those sites if you are using a mobile etc.

If anybody wants to add me as a friend on facebook just message me or search for Mark Wilson, my photo is of an ugly fat git (me) wearing a silver tshirt sat in front of Caesars Palace (oooh look at me lol) or follow me on twitter @yorkieiron or just add your details below.

With me currently off work sick and not sleeping I am on line quite a lot at the moment and always up for a chat / moan / laugh about anything.

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  • fb - Chris Woodman, current profile pic of me in an AUK running vest

    Twitter - woody_som

  • I'm on Facebook - Emma Lewis; my pic is of a blue classic mini! :D Please add me if you like, I'm sometimes a bit rubbish at finding people!

  • Hahaha you got me all ready ! X

  • emma, did look and found you but no option to add u.

  • Oh?! How bizarre! I'll have a stab!! Lol me and computers don't mix well haha!

  • Mark if you accept my FB request I poke you :)

  • hi emlou, tried to find you and carnt add you as no option.Welcome find me. Glynis Ellis Harbron

  • Hi I'm Kate Harris on fb, you'll find me as I'm friends with lots of other even though I have a common name!

  • Hi. I'm on Facebook too. Moira McArthur. Profile picture is a smiley cat mug.

  • Evening. I'm on facebook too, pm me for details, Maldives profile pic, wish could be back there

  • i am on facebook and twitter if anyone wants to add me

    twitter- @sinead_1992

    facebook- sinead petworth-kenny

  • I am on Twitter, I have recently discovered it:

    Twitter: Sephys_Angel

    Facebook: Wendy Jayne Bostock


  • i am on face book under kerry cooper

  • FB - Fiona Johnston. Profile pic of a siamese kitten asleep on a keyboard.

  • FB - Sarah McDonald.. pic of my lovely little girl in a purple flowery gilet and heart sunglasses lol. I am a fan of the Asthma UK page so if search doesn't come up with anything you might be able to find me on that!

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