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International feel

I've noticed that some days when I come on the site most of the others logged on at the same time are from all over the world. Tonight is Canada and Falklands. I used to think asthma was worse in this country (UK) than anywhere else until I visited Sri Lanka last year and got told their biggest medical problem was asthma. I wonder how many different countries are in contact with this site. Id love to find out.

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Yes, asthma seems to be becoming more of a problem here in Canada every year. There is a lot of adult onset asthma as well as childhood asthma. Lots of allergies too. But when you look at what most people eat and all the pollution and chemicals being used, it is no surprise that asthma is on the rise everywhere. Our family doctor who just recently retired to go back to his native Sri Lanka, said that it seems to be a problem there as well. I just read an article this morning about a link between fats from vegetable oils (not fats from dairy products) was a factor in the rise of asthma. It says that dairy products are actually good for the reduction in asthma. I had never heard that one before.

Stevie (from Canada)


Am wearing an authentic scottish wig complete with “Royal Deek” tartan kilt – LOL.

Will swop wig for other wig made in sunnier and less humid climate, so long as it has a label stating the country of origin and is allergen free LOL.

Take hair,



Very interesting topic....

I've been lucky enough to have lived in many places round the world-most obviously for those who know me, Southern California, and several abodes in India, Sri Lanka, Singapore etc etc.

Worst asthma I have suffered has been here in Londinium-previous worse was Rape ridden Wiltshire. Didn't have horrific asthma problems in Asia-just very poor care, and an ineptitude of Doctors expecting a gasping, half suffocating asthmatic to swallow a hand full of pills that looked like lead shot!

I am informed (although I don't know how reliably) that asthma treatment in India is now second to none....

Re Canada. Some of our best friends are from Saskatch.....the father and sons suffered from asthma very disablingly-I was actually sympathising with them. They moved to S Cal (LA Valleys) and even with all the reports of the LA smog, they are now all umpteen times better than when in Canada.

I can remember my childhood blighted by 70s LA smog alerts and stage 3 air pollution warnings which meant having to stay inside-not a patch on what we have been suffering in London this week.

Yesterday the sky was 'filthy' for want of a better word-smeachy, smoggy and reaking of pollution. I cannot in my adult life remember experiencing air quality that bad in LA. Gone are the days of landing through thick pea soup type air at LAX-it seems to have gravitated 6,000 miles eastwards.

I'm off back to SoCal in a week-120F no pollution and NO humidity. That's bliss.

Sus xx


The countries that both myself and my daughter managed to stay in for 4 asthma free weeks were Zambia and Zimbabwe. No intense traffic in the built-up area and lots of open space. Maybe that's where we should all go. even the dust didn't trigger an asthma attack. can't remember when i last went that long without using a reliever, even when I wasn't on steroids inhalers, never mind everything else that I am on now.

I have lived in Malaya but that was pre-asthma days and visted Sri lanka twice. The 2nd visit last year was the start of a fairly rapid decline when in just a few months I went from just using ventolin to nearly everything except a syringe driver, or at least that's what it feels like.



Errr, tis me claiming to be from the Falklands, tis a little joke as I was there recently and love the Islands! LOL!

I actually live in Boring Essex UK!

Sorry for the confusion! I wish I was back in the Falklands.... the air is soooo clear & breatheable!

............. Unless there is really someone from the Falklands posting too???


Mad botanistic Purple Penguin girl!


I'm in Geordieland, does tht count? Most of the rest of the country seem to think we speak a different language (though I have to admit that I don't really have a Geordie accent)



Tis nowt wrong with a Geordie Accent! I understand it fine!

Newcastle and the rest of the North East is a lovely place!

So I think Geordieland counts!

Spent 3 yrs there and my Grandma is a Geordie!




Hi everyone I am from Coventry . My 5 year old daughter suffers from severe asthma and food allergies the air quality around here is dreadful at times, but even if we lived in the country she would still suffer.Nikki


Hi Angela

just thuoght i'd let you know i'm from Northern Territory, Australia. I stumbld across AUK by chance - we dont have anythng similar here - its been a real lifeline.

Conditons for asthma arent great here either - this timeof year it is coldand dry with controled 'burn-offs' (bushfires); the rest ofthe year we have high humidty. can't win LOL! but on the postive side, we have very little polluton from factories etc.




Thanks for all your replies. Is there anywhere good to live all year round. Perhaps we should all become real nomads wandering from place to place as the seasons change. Heard a rumour that parts of Spain are pretty good. Anyone had any experience?


Hi Angela,

I often go on holidays to Spain’s Costa Blanca. In particular in the mountains behind Denia. My breathing is always fantastic there. The area around Denia has been voted the third healthiest place to live by the World Health Organisation.

I’m going there next week in fact!

Other than that the best place for me re breathing probs is St Lucia, closely followed by Barbados and Spain. However Spain is far cheaper than those beautiful Caribbean Islands. Plus a lot nearer.

Love your ‘ real nomad’ idea though. A perfect solution, as long as we can take families, jobs and friends with us!




I am another ""Geordie"" as well though I am originally from Lincolnshire (previously know as South Humberside). I come from a town called Barton upon Humber it's on the South side of the Humber Bridge aka ""The A@@@ end ofthe Humber Bridge). I have lived hear nearly 11 years now.

Asthma was fine till I moved up here though I think a severe cheat infection was more to blame.




Just checking in, I hav'nt worked in over a year, My doc just gave me an ultimatum, get rid of my dog for a month or he would not give me papers for the insurance company and I would get no sick pay. It is in the middle of vacation time here and hard to find anyone to take our dog( for a month) but we did. Weird here in sweden.


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