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Fundraising event

I am thinking of doing a event to raise awarness of my chairty and differnt conditions and disabiltys and to raise money for asthma uk and my chairty, i want to make this event have differnt chairtys and differnt things to do like compitions etc. also make it familly friendly and place where people and families with disabilty can come for advice and support. But dont know what to do or how to orgnasie it

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Seems like a great idea. Why don't you get in touch with the fundraising department at Asthma UK? They will have lots of ideas for you and be able to send you leaflets etc. Good luck


i have done that and still struggling with ideas


why not just hire or find a hall and contact various people local businesses and charge for a stall and have other info such as welfare rights and citizens advice there. I sell phoneix cards and recently did a fundraiser for friend for her brownie group she charged £6 stall and i also gave her 10% of what i took on night. she had local businesses such as soap[ kitchen and sweets and beauty there as well as doing a raffle and just just local church hall


Thanks that is the sort of thing i was going for but finding hard to organise, i was hoping to do a event in my local connexions to raise money for asthma uk in jan/feb and also got a collection box and selling bagpuss toys.

for my chairty i was thinking about doing the whole stall thing with other business and chairties, will having entaintermint and things to raise the money for all the family, i am aiming for march/april and hoping to have it in my local shopping center as they have a hall there with loads of events but still waiting for them to get back to me, and people can get to know about my work and give donations and to see and get info on other charities and business that i will ask, just need to get the venue sorted first


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