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Tesla the hamster


We have a new hamster named Tesla.

He is a black/white satin coat Syrian.

We got him on Saturday 17th from pets at home in Harrogate.

We were on our way home after spending a week in the lakes, in a lodge overlooking Windermere.

He was approx 8 or 9 weeks old and a little monster. He chewed his way through everything in his line of sight.

Now, he is completely tame and loves being fussed over :)

If anyone wants to see him, type these 3 words in search.

flickr Hamster Haven

Hamster Haven is the 2nd group down, it will say howie 1.

Please note, e_ online Hamster Haven 1st group is a completely different group.

After clicking Hamster Haven, click more photos.

Look for Howie 1 beneath any thumbnails and open them to find Tesla.

There are a couple of videos on there too.

If anyone wants to add any hamster photos to the group pool, you are most welcome to do so.

Simply click to become a member, it is totally free and add as many hamster photos as you like.

(only hamster piccies please, no other pets)


2 Replies

Sounds cute!

I used to have hamsters when younger, last one was called Haggis!


And a real beauty too, I am jealous hubby still won't let me have another one :( Katina


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