Don't stop me now!

I have glutin free vegan ice cream, I think I am in love with a tub of ice cream. I also found the provamal milk and yes I like it, I have some cereal I can eat but I did not have milk I could put on it now I can have breakfast even if it is only a tiny amount. I also foung gluten free vegan, prrridge, burgers, sausages and pies! I am one happy camper today.


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  • :-D Well done Bex. Glad the shopping trip was successful! Enjoy all that food, just don't go too mad!

    KSD x

  • Mad me????


  • Swedish glace by any chance?? Very yummy! I like all the flavours and they do a Neapolitan too!

  • Kate, I don't know what brand but I have the neopolitan one infact I am tucking into some now! It was a choice yesterdays risotto or ice cream obviously there was no contest!


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