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What a day

I've been lumping boxes / books / costumes & hangers up and down stairs through corridors etc, ladies using the gents loos (gents using the single disabled one) and then to top the day off went to do front of house then play in a concert tonight!!! phew!!

On of the best things - only needed my reliever once, and even that was a 'hmm i'm not sure about this i'll take the inhaler anyway just to loosen things up'

May not be able to move tomorrow though LOL

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Hi Jingle, wow what a day! glad that you took your releiver it's better to be safe than sorry.

how are you today? really hope you dont ache too much! i ached loads yesterday after slowly spending tuesday doing most of the housework (my parents who are my landlords were coming to visit!), i even washed and swept the balcony! not aching today so i hope you ache less tomorrow. but above all, after all your hard work, how did the show go? were the audience suitably impressed with stage, costumes, props and their amazing ""front of house"" lady? and how did your performance go at the later concert? :)

well done.

Take care xx ><>


hi spirited stream, the lumping of boxes etc actually wasn't connected to the evening concert at all, i realised it sounds like it was when i read your reply then re-read my post.

The music service is moving 'house' tomorrow which is why we were moving stuff and although the concert was with the same music service its timing was purely (and unfortuantely) co-incidental. As it happens the concert was booked before we knew we had to move - the council are closing our building and we only got about 6 weeks' notice!

My back is VERY sore today :-( I should've known really, i have back problems anyway and although i did enjoy myself yesterday i'm paying for it now!!

The concert was ok thanks, my front of house duty was ripping stubs off tickets and then i was playing in the massed orchestra towards the end (as were all the staff). We had a packed house cos there were lots of primary children involved

Hope you're ok today :-)


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