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Word association game

Hi all,

I have decided on this topic to aleviate some of my hospital acquired insanity. It is basically Malllet's Mallet but the words all have to be related to the previous word and they all have to have something to do with an admission to hospital. The funnier the better - you may attach an explanation of how your word is relevant to hospital admissions. The more obscure and funny the better!!!

Here Goes I will start off with the age old favorite and say

""Netty knickers"" -you know the ones - knickers that are constructed of a fabric mesh that the NHS provide free to patients when they are desperate and have no other form of under garment!

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Vile Vampires - Phlebotomists who take several attempts at getting a vein. Then, once in place they wiggle the needle just to make sure.

PS Your netty knickers sound as appealing as the thongs, the family brought in for me. They'd visited and asked what I needed - nightie and pants and something to read. SIL brought old fashioned thin cotton nighties and copies of The People's Friend. My DDs, as an anti-dote (or should that be auntie-dote), brought in a copy of More and a pack of thongs. LOL


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