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What will you be doing at New years eve as clock strikes 12 ? keep it clean and greetings 20011

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year and hope a better New Year with their asthma for 2011 xxx

I will be going out for a meal with my family ,usually book it around 9 and back home to

see the New Year in at home with a drink and and Big Ben striking 12 and sing then ring and text family .

Also we have lots of fire works going off by use every year so need to be home by then to

look after my cat and dog.

Love Glynis xxx

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partying with a long dirty weekend away :P



I don't think I've made it to midnight since Jan 31 2002... been nursing babies or pregnant since then... #1 is now 7 and #3 is 2 so busy in this house!

Hope everyone has a happy and healthy 2011. May we all get what we *need* even though it may not be what we *want*



I have to agree with wheezeybouncer as I will probably be fast asleep by ten o'clock let alone midnight! Sorry to be a party pooper but I really need my sleep! I hope you all have a good, happy evening whatever you do! Keep safe & warm.



I will be staying in as have no money at the moment, will watch the fireworks nearby( which are already going off as i write this)

because of my conditions i am normally asleep by ten so hoping i can stay awake to see in the new year


Well its my 23rd brthday on new years eve so not quite a normal day, I was meant to be working on a new years party on the hoilday village but due to my asthma being out of control they dont want me coming in until they have cleared everything so will be having a takeaway which i always get on my borthday and watch dvd's... i try and watch the firework on the tv from london but usually I end up crying new year reminds me what I've been through and what I've lost


Trying to sleep as I've to get a bus to Aberdeen from Dundee at 10.25am and I have to get from Falkland to Dundee for 9.45am :\.


We have friends and family round 3-9pm. My son plays his violin with 2 others who bring their violin n flute, my mum always played her violin as well but wont be able to today as she damaged her hand in a fall. We have a nice meal followed by fireworks in garden and party poppers and champagne. Then our visitors depart and we talk a bit and then go to bed!


Hi everyone,

I'm going to brave it to our clubhouse,where my husband is helping out for the evening.

I hope to make it to 12 o clock!

I'm normally the life and soul of the party, just hope to stay til 12, asthma not good lately.

I would like to wish everyone a very happy and peaceful new year, and I hope we all have a better one with our asthma.

Love and Angel blessings to all



I like to spend it at church and I am pleased to say I did exactly that. I am elated because 2010 my health stopped me enjoying most things.

I spent xmas 2008 in hospital, 2009 abroad , but came back to 20 asthma admissions and numerous A+ E visits. Here's looking forward to a better 2011.



At the Bells, I was shaking hands and being kissed by party folk at my local services club. Following which we listened to the piper, whose fingers fairly flew, before with one eye on the clock I snuck out and drove on a completely empty road down to local hospital to collect daughter's partner and give him lift home. Someone somewhere had set off those sky lanterns and they were floating over the fields to my right. Bit unnerving at first sight.

Younger daughter in quarantine at RAH over the New Year period. Has swine flu and pre-eclampsia - baby expected end January, but docs might decide its sooner. Partners were allowed in at 11.30 for over the bells and chucked out at 12.30. To save a chilly walk through the hospital grounds, I'd arranged to do my taxi.

Dropped off at their flat, I then beetled back up the still empty country road and made it back to hall in time to join in with Auld Lang Syne before enjoying the last hour of the party. Mostly the Proclaimers back catalogue to which, of course, we all sang along. LOL

Hope you had a good New Year's bash, those that stayed up. Hope you had a good sleep, those that didn't. 8)


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