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We Know You are Home Mum!

On a sunday my children always bring me breakfast in bed today there was a card with this written inside!

We know you are home Mum cos:

Our clothes are folded into piles and they will be collected by us and put away within 30 minutes!

The kitchen will be restored to order within a hour of any meal or food being cooked sooner if possible.

Yummy Macaroni cheese is back on the menu.

Pasta is homemade

It does not matter how bad the stains you can always get them out.

The lounge will be left tidy

The kitchen is never left messy last thing

If you are last in you lock the front door.

There are empty nebules everywhere

At least once a day there will be a lost ""car keys, purse, neb,mobile phone crisis"" and most days all of the above.

Heaven help you if you don't do the re-cycling properly

Don't start a job and not finish it, its not worth the aggro

Everyone laughs more mainly at you and your total dizziness.

You will hear at least once a day ""I know you are not perfect but there you are perfectly capable of trying to be""

When something good happens you have someone who is going to give you a hug and be happy.

When something bad happens there is a shoulder to cry on and soft tissues to blow your nose on.

Nothing is quite so bad when you are around

The house is a home again.

I think I should be touched!


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Aww bex that is really really sweet :)


Me, or I am a total control freak :)



LOL I like it!!! I bet that gave u a real warm glow!!

although not in written form my kids have said a few thing along those lines esp about recycling (daddy puts too much in the bin etc!!)

Rosie even said that the gentle hum of my porta neb often sends her to sleep and she misses that when im in (strange child!!!)


Nice to have such thoughtful,appreciative,kids !


Hi Bex,

That's one of the loveliest things i have read in a long time. Put a smile on my face. What lovely children you have and clever with words too !!

Best Wishes

Cathy x


Thanks Em's Mum, I had not actually looked at the wording. Apparently they all added in things that reminded them I was home at least one nice and one quirky. Now they have challenged me to guess who contributed which!

Veto'd statements where:

""we don't need to call in UN peace keepers each day you single handedly can shout down any argument""

""freedom to break wind is seriously curtailed""

Expect to hear at least once a day""if you want a job doing properly do it yourself""

""practice for the world belching competition stops""

Hmmmmmmmm maybe not such charming little darlings as you all thought!



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