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Big Brother

So two people break the nominations rules and all the rest are punished ??? so that tool Marcus will probably dodge a bullet again-is this Channel 4 cynically manipulating the voting so that 2 controversial people (bea and Narkus) will get saved because they cause more arguments and therefore make ""better"" telly ?????

Dont worry,I,m still looking for a life.

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Oh dear god please tell me you haven't been watchin this trash tv have you??

Its everything thats wrong with tv today :-)

Lv kat Xxxx


Well Blue Jam you are just not trying hard enough to find a new life that is more fulfilled.

And like the sad contestants of the Big Brother Household you must be punished!

No beer for a week, and write 10,000 lines saying ""I must try harder to have a more fulfilled life""

Hopefully this will help cure you of your sad addiction to big brother, hope the cold turkey effects of no beer for a week are not too bad, but never mind the 10,000 lines will keep your mind occupied, as well as the hand that holds the pint glass.


Guilty as charged m,lud !!

-it exercises a horrible ""hold"" over me I,m afraid !!


No excuses Blue Jam, if you really want to be relieved of the ""hold"" BB holds over you, you would, in the meantime you must complete your punishment, happy to dole out more punishments until you realise that BB really isn't worth it. Or are you like those sad suckers on BB, and enjoy being punished LOL?


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