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Worst day ever!!!

Well its been the worst day ever today!! I work for a photographic company.We are a Fuji stockist, we also sell paper & chemistry to all the big supermarkets etc. Any way due to the market going more digital the business is rapidly declining.

On friday there was an anouncement, saying that today there was going to be a big meeting, so we thought Oh Oh!! Its got to mean that dreaded 'R' word!!

Anyway today came. I was feeling rather nervous to say the least this morning. My manager was called into a meeting first thing. She eventually came out, burst into tears and announced that out of 61 jobs there was only to be 48 remaining by the end of the day. We had to sit and wait to be called out one by one.It was torture. My asthma is triggered by emotions. It felt like someone was standing on my chest all morning. I was determined to stay calm. Luckily it didn't cause an attack.

So i finally found out i was OK!!! There was only one lady who has lost her job in our office. Bless her!

I'm glad todays finished.

I have my first respiratory consultant tomorrow at Warwick hospital. So at least i can go a little more relaxed!!

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Glad you didnt lose your job-a friend of mine reported for his new job last Wednesday and was laid off again by noon-their big order hadnt materialised!!

Capitalism eh??


Glad you didnt loose your job julie, glad your worsy day is over, ho=w did your appt with resp cons go?

Andrea xx


It went ok. He was a lovely doctor. I had to tell him my life history, medication etc!

He said my asthma is under control. It doesn't sound like Bronchiectisis as i never have a cough. (only when i'm poorly)

I have to see the ENT consultant on the 12th June. My asthma is only made worse by virus's. It takes up to 3 months for a asthmatic to recover from a chest infection.

December i had the flu with a chest infection then 4 weeks later i had a really bad cold with another chest infection. This is why my asthma was so bad. I have a good management plan with my doctor.

I may have to have an adult form of grommit in my ear as i have alot of ear infections.

So will have to wait and see.


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