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Although I'm just out of costa I'm due to go to a fancy dress party on Saturday. I really want to go as it's a very long-standing friend's 40th birthday party (he's actually my vicar too), but I know that I'm going to have to take things easy tonight and tomorrow. Now then, the party is all based around the film Blues Brothers and I thought i'd go as a nun. One problem is that I don't happen to have a nun's habit hanging in my wardrobe. I bought some black material today but now that I have it I have *no* idea what to do with it. Somehow between now and 6 o'clock on Saturday evening I need to work out how to make a 'nun-suit' and then quickly rustle one up. Does anyone but me think this is a slightly impossible task?

See what stress spending time in costa does for you - cuts down on vital days for making nun outfits!


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  • Ho Hum! LOL!

    How good are you at sewing? you could do a Cassock design that goes over the head with one of those white wipple things, or white head dress with a black band .... trouble is most of the nuns that I knew or know don't wear proper habits (BTW my Dad was a Vicar)

    or for real ease - make a Kaftan style dress thingy out of the material

    Fold in half along the narrow bit eg if 1.2 m by 3m fold across the 1.2 m bit - then cut a head hole and stitch up the sides leaving arm holes.... makes sence???

    Anyway, hope you manage to make something and enjoy the party!




  • Headdress should be easy if you hem on a machine edges of a rectangle and then machine a band of white material about 2 inches wide on one edge that should do. for dress just make it so you have a hole for your head and arms (not together) and hey presto you have become a nun.

    See if you lived neare the north I would even offer to do it for you.

    Katharine X

  • All very good plans ... and here I go in an attempt to nunify myself.

    Hey Katherine, I can't get a whole lot further north and still be in England :oP


  • I have spent the whole day getting wrapped up in pieces of thread and tangled up in material but I have done it - I have a nun's outfit!!!!! I tell you, it's no mean feat making yourself a dress with nobody else to help you, you don't have a pattern and you've never made one before anyway. Okay, so it's a little tent-like but cassocky type dresses are like that ...

    So yay! I can go be a nun tomorrow night :o) (Now there's a sentence I didn't think I'd ever find myself uttering!) ... all I have to do now is keep breathing.

    Becky (or should that be Sister Becky?)

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