Clod requires computer help (again)

I have just downloaded (legally I might add) the new Radiohead album and it has been downloaded as a zipped file which appears in ""My Documents""-how do I transfer that whole file to Windows Media for the purposes of transferring to CD-my computer sound isnt that great so I would prefer to use my normal hi-fi.

-apologies for non-computer ""savvy"".

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  • have you tried opening windows media player and then either importin g it from where it is or searching for it.

  • Thanks katherine,I will give that a go!!

  • no guarantees it works. lol

  • I couldnt get it to ""find"" the zip file ,so I have ended up having to open up each track,create a playlist and then burn it (as I believe is the expression)-but it seems to have worked so I can enjoy the happy world that is Radiohead!

    Thanks anyhoo!

  • You needed to unzip or extract the files into a new folder first - zipping compresses them for ease of downloading so they need uncompressing ... me thinks!

    Anyway, Enjoy!


  • I did see the extracting option but I was a bit apprehensive that if I made a mistake I would lose the entire file!

  • Don't worry you can't loose unzipped bits, only multiply them!!

    You end up with a zipped and an unzipped version!


    PS spent all monday morning sorting out other peoples computers at work LOL!

  • Thanks for the info Kate,my computer ""knowledge"" doesnt really extend much beyond ""idiot"" buttons-at work ,I can run an entire surveillance system virtually from F11 !!!

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