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Firstly I have absolutly know idea what the heck the title is about!!

And the actual meaning for this post was...

...I just wanted to say hello to absolutly everyone, and thank you all for being so wonderful, I have been on the website for nearly a year now and I have met some blinking amazing people and you have all been wonderful!

Good luck with all your ambitions and dreams, your all stunning people!!

Love to all!!!!

Charlie xxxxx

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What a lovely thought, Charlie. You're right too, because although we all appreciate friendship and support we get here, we don't mention it enough.

So, thanks to Charlie for such a lovely post and a timely reminder and thanks to everyone for the laughs and tears and for the generosity with which everyone offers advice and support to all comers.




Well said! I know I appreciate all the support I get here. Families are there all the time but don't always understand. The forum is an extra family with the added knowledge.

Love to all

Lisa xx


Thanks Charlie - and thanks everyone, I completely agree! I would say thanks for keeping me sane but that's too heavy a burden to put on you ;)


i agree. i've learnt so much from everyone and really appreciate the support, you're all amazing people without whom i'd feel a little isolated.

hugs to all



well charlie one way to get people to read your thread is to give it the most random crazy name ever hahaha

i agree with the sentiments already expressed, i didn't join because of any particular issue but it's good to read about other people who have similar symptoms / triggers to yourself, it's also nice to get to know people too :-)


hi Charlie, A lovely forum and great friends and support.I joined nearly 3 years ago and so glad I did xxx


Well said Charlie_warlie!

I've only been on here a few (life changing and difficult) months but have found the support, knowledge, empathy and just somewhere 'safe' for me to vent has been amazing.

You are all wonderful and help in different ways.

Angie xxx


Love the title Charlie_warlie!

And agree there are some lovely people on here and the people on this forum have helped enormously over the last 2 years of my flare-up. I am fortunate to be coming out the other side now but have learned so much from others on here!

Thank you everyone xx


Well said Charlie-Warlie.

I have been on this forum for a few years now and thanks to everyone on here for the support you have given me over the years.


I agree with what has been said by everyone. Been using the site for a few weeks now and it is such a help to know that others feel the same as I do. I didn't really realise how upset and confused I was until I noticed that posts on here reflected exactly how I feel. Sounds silly but I have been in denial for years and had a wake up call nearly 2 years ago even then I kept saying to myself that I wasn't really that bad and that I had to just get on with it. Reading about others on here has made me admit that I do have a problem and need to deal with it and to be kind to myself!!! I am still me but have to admit that I am me with a problem!

Thank you everyone for sharing your thoughts and experiences with strangers! x


I've been on here for 2 yrs now and it's been a great help. Nice to know I'm not alone (well, you know what I mean).


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