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I have decided we need a place for non asthma rants etc so I have created one. Please feel free to rant away as much as you like.

Everytime I save up the cash to replace my TV in my bedroom some more pressing need comes along. 1st it was son moving into his 1st flat and being a nice Mum I took him on his 1st shopping trip and bought his 1st TV licence bye bye £350. Then I had the money again and sadly MiL passed away FiL wanted the boys to be bearers so it was new suits all round I had to raid the slush find again. I am almost afraid to start saving again as something is bound to come up :(

And just to compound things my lovely little ironing lady eldest son GF has moved into the flat with him so I have a pile of ironing the size of wales and no-one to do it.

And finally my NG tube randomly blocked last night so i have put a new one in and I hate doing it.


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  • Grand idea i like it!

    We have just had a water bill come today, some bills are in my name and others are in other peoples in the shared house but everytime i tell them a bill is due or has come i get i have not budgetted for it! This really really winds me up! Budget for the year not just a month at a time! Like you were saying with saving if you dont save when things come up you wont have the moeny and you would be stuck! i would encourage you to keep saving becaus when you do get the tv you will appreciate it more as you have really had to work for it and it will give you a big sense of achievement! I have been brought up to save my money and spend it wisely so much to the point i dislike spending money and only do if i have to.

  • love this idea - well done Bex

    i generally wound up by havin no money to - trying to save to afford drivin lessons - but everytime it get enought for two lessons its someones birthday , my mates ae all going somewhere im desperate to go to , oh an just paid 22.50 to go see The Saturdays in june - now need ot pay out for transport as cant afford to take chance on beeing able to afford to take my test and fail and also its not alot of time

    why is saving so hard ?

  • I don't know about you but saving is so hard cos I have 4 children age range from 20-15 and I am total softie and love to spoil them.

  • Fab idea Bex, my rant now!

    Yesterday I was queuing in my main post office (as usually the queue was pretty long) when I was approached by a young Asian lady, I was asked if I would mind letting her go ahead of me because she had a train to catch and was in a hurry. The Asian lady was well spoken and polite and with her good manners in mind happily agreed to her request. On doing so I was thanked politely. A short while later it was my turn to go to a cashier and I and probably many others heard the ranting of this man who was two places behind me, he was moaning about this Asian lady who had gone ahead of him and if she had asked him he wouldn't have let her. The fact that he swore and called this Asian lady ""A bloody Paki"" was an absolute disgrace, his racist remarks were uncalled for and unlike him at least she had good manners! The only thing I am thankful for is that there were no small children in this public place, older people complain about the lack of manners in the younger generation, well if we are subjected to examples like this older gentleman's behaviour then I feel quite strongly that some people of the older generation have no right to criticize. Also I sincerely hope that this gentleman never requires the help of the emergency services or his local hospital as more and Asian people (for their sakes) are working within these services!

  • Rant but not as I knew it

    I had a huge rant about something but on writing it down, became the length of War & Peace. Some angel on your behalfs ( is that a word?) was obviously looking in, cos my laptop was suddenly kicked off t'internet and my rant vanished from the screen, never to reappear.

  • A little moan this time (actually in the end a long moan)

    I miss my kids...

    My house is slightly mad built C1850 none of the walls are straight the floors are a bit tilty its whole layout is strange and its huge (5 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, one shower room and 4 loos, a kitchen you could hold materchef in and a dining room that will take easily take a table to seat 12) but it has suited us down the ground. I could never been happy in a modern house with even floors and box rooms its needs to be a bit crazy like we are. The door has always been open and friends of the children have always known they can come here if life is tough. My children also insist it is haunted but the spirits are good and they like us being here and I certainly feel very safe here. I have never been scared to be alone in this house I used to happily pop down to the cellar for milk at 1am the shadows have never frightened me. But the time has come for the children to start flying the nest. and in a practice run this weekend I have only had Josh at home. It has been deathly quiet, no girls to come and get into bed beside me and have girlie chats and giggles with. No sons teasing me and calling me names - in the nicest possible way. We have lived here for 9 years and the house has echoed with the sounds of laughter, rows, happiness, tears, joy, frustration and always love.

    I am however, a proper mother hen of course I want them to go out into the world but there is a little part of me that knows when they do finally go a little bit of me will go too. So today as I sit here typing there is no-one thumping up and down the stairs shouting ""do you want a brew Mum"", no son catching me trying to do something I should not and shouting ""oi deirdre where do you think you are going"", no daughter occupying the other side of the bed and at the same time no sons girlfriend doing my ironing and moaning about the amount of material in my skirts as we giggle about some of the things men say and do or as we plot our next girls day out.

    I know I am silly to moan and they will always be back but right now it seems are if life is not fair!

    Sorry for the elongated moan it sort of got carried away with itself.


  • Decisions and Choices

    I really do not like having lots of choices and decisions to make. I never know what to do or what not to do. It is like i have choices of places i could go out but i am not sure if it is a good idea or not. Having had a bad chest for a while something in the back of my head is telling me use this week to rest and chill, but the other part is saying you have just got going out and about and doing activities dont stop keep pushing. The question is where to draw the line. I hvae loads of things i need to do today, changing bedding is first challenge, must go for a walk around the block as mum says i am getting fat and legs are too so i need to get walking more. I cannot win people complain when i am skinny and they complain when i put on weight it is just unfair! I am bad enough with eating on a good day let alone when people are telling me i am getting fat, it makes me not want to eat and to do more exercise. but i do not want to the push the whole exercise thing too far and push my self over the limit. Life is full of choices and i dislike!

  • i have 2 atm

    1) Why once the sun comes out do people immediately think my lungs will improve? Dont they know that pollen isn't just in May/ June!!!!!!!

    2)-***please no -one take offense with this i certainly don't mean to offend this is purely an observation***

    In my local costa i and many other pts have noticed that the 2 visitors to a bed rule never seems to apply to those of African/ Indian persuasion. I have had 3 visitors and 1 was asked to leave but an African lady had 5 and no one said anything . That lady went home the next day whereas i was in for another week so she wasn't dying.

  • I don't have something to moan about right now, but I just wanted to offer some advice.

    Bex, I have found from a lot of experience that one of the best things to unblock NG's or any feeding tube for that matter is Cola, any fizzy drink is good, but cola works best as I have been told on may occasion cola will dissolve pretty much anything!

    Just gently syringe a small amount down and it should help, obviously sometimes it will still need changing but 9 time out of 10 it works.

    Also I don't know what type of feeds you are on like over night, all the time or bolus feeds, but if there is a long time between feeds, it may be worth putting a little cola or equvalent down the tube inbetween uses if its not used all the time.

    I hope I people don't mind me posting this here

    Take care

    Libby x

  • Hi Libby, I am on overnight feeds and it is usually about 4 am when the tube blocks If it has been down for longer than a week I simply turn off the pump and pull the tube, if it has been down for less than that I will try to unblock it but really at that kind of time in the morning I am not into big into effort. However I will try coke. Its not that I mind passing the tube its just it feels horrible just for a few seconds and grosses my family out big time.



    sorry *hides in the corner*

  • Just went to my GP practice to get my HPV vacination from the nurse (the new cervical cancer jab) why can't i be normal and just be given it, but noo instead she asks if I'm on any medication, so I get out my list and she's like wooo, pred, r u on that all the time? and i was like er yer from 20-60mg and she was like oh well i don't think you can have it, I'll check with the doctor. 10 mins later 2 doctors and the nurse staring at, saying 20mg of pred every day... you can have the injection but we don't think it'll be very effective. So an hour later, i actually get the vacination.

    Then one of my friends had his 18th birthday party by the sea side, so we were all planning to head down to wales last weekend, but noo, I'm not allowed as there was no hospital close by and my nebuliser was playing up... so off my friends went while i was stuck here. I can't stop at my friends houses after nights out or whatever cuz i hate using my neb infront of my firends, I just wish I could be a normal 18 year old.

    Then university... I'd love to be a special needs teacher, and I was hoping to start university in september, as long as I get my A and 2 B's but no no no, my consultant and Dad arn't to sure that thats a good idea now.......

    Sorry having a fed up day, moan over :)

  • Mums should come in threes.

    Several days this week, I've been pulled this way and that by everyone's needs.

    I finally lost the plot today and said so. My younger daughter (28) that I was out with at the time, told me keep my voice lower and thus not to draw attention to passers-by to the fact that we were having a disagreement. Somewhat miffed at being told off, I was a bit quiet for the next ten minutes. Imagine my surprise when standing in the building society queue and with folk all around, daughter suddenly gives me an almighty hug and holds me tight for what seems like ages.

    So much for not drawing attention to us. 8)

  • I need to rant!

    Why wont my coursework write itself? and why does it have to be so damn hard?. I've been working on the same piece for the majority of the day and i'm not even halfway through it. I actually feel like curling up under my duvet and crying. I feel like i'm really behind after spending a bit of time in costa- and I go back, ask for help and am told other people are further behind so not to worry about it- but I am worried about it....I have 9 or more (i've actually lost count) pieces to do before easter!!!

    *Rant over*

  • I am bored and sick of being limited on what i can do. I just want to be able to do all the things i love without being restricted it is so annoying, Also why when you eat pasta do you stilll feel hungry after?!

  • I am bored and sick of being limited on what i can do. I just want to be able to do all the things i love without being restricted it is so annoying, Also why when you eat pasta do you stilll feel hungry after?!

  • OK I did what I was advised and bunged coke down the old NG tube, flushed really well last night, this morning I disconnected and went to flush it and now way was it going to flush other half tried as I am pretty weak all I got was soaked when the syringe popped off spraying warm water all over me. The gap between disconnection and flushing was all of about 10 seconds and it had been working fine all night I am baffled and slightly hacked off that I need to sink another tube.

  • ok my rant of the day is why when I actually manage to maintain my weight does my dietician think the only possible explanation is that I have 'faked' my weight grrr, kind of puts you off trying to not loose!

    ps Bex, another idea do you measure roughly the length of your tube from nose to stomach before inderting it? maybe it is getting kinked in you somach if its a bit long? you could try sanding when flushing to see if it unkinks. sorry your having such trouble!

  • It has gone so cold and windy again, i am not impressed it has been so nice and warm recently and i have enjoyed going outside but now it is just too cold! ARGH!

    I am now back stuck to the house or visiting other peoples houses if i get asked.

    The days are so long when you do not work!

  • Libby, I go by the length used in hospital, they X-rayed it to check it was in the right place. I had weeks of trouble free tube feeding only changing if I was sick or it had been down a while and ""tasted"" foul (Libby will know what I mean) I might try 56 instead of 58 and see if that helps.


  • Argggggggg automated phone systems. Called the RBH to warn them I was incoming and to make sure they had my brand of feed (its not a usual one apparently) and was greeted by an unbeleibly cheerful voice asking me to say the name of person/ward/departent i wanted to speak to. So I said dietician was then asked if I meant dietician or some other option which sounded better so I ended up being put through the CF dietician, hung up call and tried again this time using only dietician and thankfully got the right person. What happened to the nice friendly people who you could explain you were not sure who you wanted to talk to and who did their best to put you through the right person. This automated phone woman is as bad if not worse than vodafones Vicky!

    No-one has the right to be that cheerful at 9.30 in the morning

  • Re: Weather

    Miffed because we'd thought about giving our old VW campervan its first real outing of the year, this coming weekend.

    Like most older campervans, the heater doesn't work, so the journey would be distinctly chilly.


    In most cases, although we always book ahead for a hard standing pitch, they decide to give it away to a larger motorhome and we get shunted off to the grass where our wee van struggles to move off, wheels slipping, on the going home day.

    Makes me mad cos the site fees are the same no matter the pitch type and I feel we are being done! Bigger motorhomes have a loo compartment so no plowtering across to the toilet block in the dark and then bringing wet grass and mud from shoes into the van. With a hardstanding we wouldn't have the wet grass and mud as its on gravel.

    Anyway, the General Rant and Moan is down to weather stopping our play.

  • i officially give up caring what people think or believe anymore!! Im guilty of being a little too sensitive but this evening im really rather upset with certain situations which i dont have a lot of control over! All i can do is stick with my real friends the ones who really know me and have done for years! So i give up!!

    A very frustrated and upset kk

  • I was a very frustrated and upset GM a month or two back. when a friend of several years turned out to be a fair weather friend when push came to shove.

    My real friends came to my rescue when the discovery threatened to overwhelm me. I thank them from the bottom of my heart.

  • If it is not asthma, something else comes along, i have just got back to walking at snail pace without a wheelchair and now my knee has started to give way frequnetly and i get told why dont you use your wheelchair, we gave you one! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

    Silly people i want to walk i love walking, it is one of my hobbies to be out in the countryside walking, even if only snail pace, having a wheelchair means you cannot do anything till someone else takes you and in my experience this is never! My friends are not too great when it comes to a wheelchair they either want to play in it or stay well away from me who is in it. I never seem to win! Sorry this has made me quite upset and cross, i like my own freedom and independance, sometimes even at the expense of my health.

  • Plumie I had a similar problem with my knee and was given an exercise by a registrar at the hospital which helps a lot. Basically straightn your leg raised on sette / stool, then contract the muscles etc arond the kneecap, hold it and let go, repeat a few times. When i do this regularly it really seems to cure the problem. Unfortunately when i get complacent and stop doing the exercise regularly my knee starts to give way again. May be worth a try - its not any effort, its just a matter of remembering to do it.

  • Replacement rant

    Decided to retrieve and delete my lengthy rant about shop staff.

    Replacing with short rant about the eedjit that almost drove into the side of my car as I came round the roundabout today. He had his mobile clamped to his left ear by his right hand and didn't see me due to his right arm being just about level in front of his eyes. Hooting didn't help so I had to accelerate hard to get past him. If I'd braked, we'd have had a meeting situation. LOL

  • Where did it all go wrong

    I did my best with my children, I taught them to be polite, to respect all others, work hard, to cook basic meals, how to use a computer, how to share, how to re-boot the heating system if it went wonky, how to put up a tent, how to budget, how to use the washing machine, how to iron, how to adminster basic 1st aid, how to rescue me during an attack, how to use the epi-pen, how to play poker, how to down a pint in one (a rare and special gift I have), how to ski, how to have reasoned debate as opposed to argument, how swim, how to paint (rooms), how to grow your own infact it looks like I did a pretty damned good job and equiped them well for leaving home and setting up on their own, but then today I discovered when eldest son was home visiting for the weekend I had failed and failed miserably to teach them how to sew a damned button on!

  • Bex,

    Don't feel bad. Despite my mum's perseverance, sewing a button on that stays on is not one of my accomplishments. Neither is sewing a hem that stays up for more than five minutes.

    Fortunately, my husband is a dab hand at both.

  • Result

    2 weeks of leaving messages for the district nurses has finally got me a result they called back.

  • just one random rant im having , as its so anoying

    why when you are excessively thirsty, that you to just have keep drinking , is your damn bladders reaction to want go toilet every hour or so , some us cant handle the three fights of stairs to the toilets on bottom floor at college in the five mins movement break between classes

    this happens all the time and if i do attempt it i usually end up with either an asthma attack or a late mark :-(

    rant over


  • bought low odour paint and hired someone to do the said painting and decorating! But now have a slipped disc in my back and trapped siatic nerve plus twitchy lungs as they unfortunatly dont make asthma friendly dust! :-( grr what a fab weekend!

  • Re my post on the Proud Parents Thread.

    Why do most people just stand around like a load of sheep when someone has a bad accident. Thank goodness there's usually at least one person prepared to assist.

    When I fell breaking a leg, out of the sheep that fluttered and muttered, only one came across to sit with me till the ambulance came.

    OK rant over.

  • Huge ew and yukk warning

    OK I need to rant I am fed up of upchucking NG tubes because I have miss judged the tiny amount my tummy can take and the roasted vegetables were really yummy. Now I have re-sink another tube for my overnight feed oh deep joy. Actually I am sitting here crying cos I am so fed up of this whole tummy bowel thing, I just want it to be right again I don't want to have to carry to syringe drivers have red patches from the irritation of the drugs. Sorry to off load on you lot but there is not really much support for people on NG feeding.

    Ok rant over I have a tube to put down.



  • Big gentle ehugs, Bex, from me. I've been out in the sun with my older daughter and granddaughter all afternoon and, having a wee seat now, I still have enough energy left to hug. Wishing you stayed nearer so could do it in person. xx

  • A month ago the local water company decided to dig a big hole and there is remained for a week or so, causing a traffic headache for all road users in my street. Guess what today, the same company is back digging the same area with a JCB whilst 3 men just stand and watch! Wonder how long this traffic headache will remain?

  • Katrina that makes me so mad especially when the electric people dig the road and bust a watermain then 3 months later the waterboard dig the road and cut the electricty line.

    I am having a frustrating time I know my wheelchair was ordered about 6 weeks ago and it takes between 4-6 weeks before it arrives with them and then they have to modify it for me. I really want to call and find out if it is there but that will make me sound like a right nag bag, so I am trying to sit on my hands and wait I might be abbel to hold out till the beginning of next week if I use extreme will power.


  • Having one of those weeks i am so exhausted, have had a continous headache for last 2 days and have spent most time on sofa or in bed just getting up for meals and drinks! Moaning i am doing, esp as asthma is completely happy it is just me who is not as i feel so ill and i am visiting my pplacement tomorrow and i am ill how typical is that really? ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

    Where has my strength and energy gone too?

  • 4am yes 4am I have to out of my bed washed and dressed to be collected by patient transport because they think Bournemouth is on the way to London, what a fun filled day that will be. Thankfully we don't have to return via Bournemouth at rough estimate I will be out of my house for 14 hours on the road for 11 all for clinic appointment. I am going to buy patient transport a Road map! The only plus side is it one of my favourite drivers and I will not be woken up for the morning dip I will already be awake :)

  • Will I ever learn, no probably not. I love walking, hubby loves walking, Lottie Dog loves walking, so this evening decided along with hubby and Lottie Dog to go for stroll. Stroll turned into a battle with 5ft growth of the green stuff, I'm only 5ft 2ins. Hubby says it wasn't like this before, before when I screech, April he answers. Well since then there has been rain and sunshine, excellent growing conditions. The local wildlife has probably heard swear words their innocent little ears are not accustomed to LOL. Over the years our little strolls have turned into battles of the sucking mud and wellie boot, streams that supposedly previously never existed etc. Don't get me wrong I love a good walk, providing I am prepared that is.

    I own the £50 wellies that feel like walking boots, but easier to clean, leather walkie boots, waterproof walkie shoes, gaiters, a walking pole etc. But time after time I am sucked in, by hubbies little strolls!

    This evening I am equipped only with my waterproof walking shoes and wearing shorts. What I really needed was a Machete (for hubby, only kidding!) to hack at the 5ft green stuff. What I now have is the remains of Uticaria and scratched legs from brambles (of course hubby was wearing trousers). Have swallowed smarties, and slapped anti itch cream all over pins, so now feel alot better.

    But I did get some of my revenge, got back to car and complained bitterly and showed my pins to a complete stranger, whilst threatening to commit murder of hubby! Oh well had got fed up of telling people about the recent crap holiday that lasted 30 hours in Cornwall (a story for another time), I now have another tale to moan about amongst friends.

    And will I learn from this little tale, probably not, been together nearly 16 years now. Reminded hubby of our little adventure with the sucking mud and wellie boots, whilst having a moody this evening, he said I hold a grudge for a long time, he's right it happened nearly 16 years ago LOL.

  • allergic reactions :(

    why ?

    i have had two this week alone

    first one was - electric razor ! (im incrediably clumbsy so safest option as im allergic to shaving gel and foam )

    second one was - a senseitive plaster ( seeing as i have sensitive skin )

    i can't understand why , i have used these both many time before

    generally sad , moan over :(


  • In an effort to save cash, I bought Tesco's Concentrated Diluting Apple & Blackcurrant instead of my slightly dearer diluting juice.

    Measured out 1:9 in a jug as the label tells me. Poured out a glass took a sip. Mm..that's nice...Mm..cough cough. Cough cough cough!

    Husband asleep on sofa, woke up briefly to suggest I take a sip of my juice to settle the cough.

    Um.. no. I recognise this beastly cough. Out with the Ventolin. Puff wait a minute, puff wait another minute. Puff. All OK.

    Guess I won't be buying that juice again. Glad too, I didn't just gulp it down like I usually do.

    GM 8(

    PS Gathering such a long list of triggers.

  • hi granny mo

    Just a quick thought check the ingredients on the juice some juices really affect my asthma quite badly usually they contain high levels of sodium benzoate or monosodium glutamate msg -etc. These ingredients are usually used to enhance flavour in cheap juices and msg is used quite a lot in some chinese foods. Its worth checking out as this could be for you as it is for me quite a big trigger that is much best avoided! Hope that helps.

    Take care and hope the ventolin keeps on working for you! Lotsa lv kk Xx

  • why is it that if i were to visit a mum at home and run over 15min late they would complain yet whenever i go for a hospital appt it takes half a day for 1 appt and thats making own way not using hosp transport like poor bex, aaggh i hate appts and have had 2 this week 1 week after next and 1 week after thats not incthe warfrin clinic which thankfully is now at gp's and takes 10 min rather than 2.5 hrs. perhaps we should teach those working in the nhs to tell the time!i know some delay can't always be helped but its every appt.

  • Huffed

    Huffed that STV have decided to stop showing all my favourite programmes ie Kingdom, Midsomer Murders to name but two.

    STV say they are concentrating on making home grown programmes. Presumably more of those 'dreary with bad accents' soaps like River City (apologies to anyone who watches this programme by the way).

  • Why is it, that until it stops working, I am always told don't worry it still goes? Yet again Car making funny noises or rather exhaust is blowing, okay not a lot, but I know it's not right. Only when I point it out to the other half, does he get it checked out by his brother. Brother says okay, exhaust not about to fall off don't worry about it. Well I do, so after major strop and visit to Kwik Fit we are now £200 poorer, because both ends at gone (what ever that means!).

    My other moan was that cash was ear marked for my net book, hubby soon to be mature student again, with me following suit a couple months later, so for see arguments over internet access. Just my luck, that car was poorly again, sod's law they call it. Well if this wasn't a public site, I would call it something else!

    Oh well life goes on, and at least I can travel to Dorset on weekend, not feeling like I am in one of those boy racer cars with a big exhaust.

  • Home under atack

    Both of my sons now have girl friends 21 and house is invaded and never a dull moment.eldest sons girlfriend stays over alot,shes great and they constantly are messing about laughing.she goes tesco with my son and when they return start making cakes in the kitchen.leaving a trail of mess but they do tidy 14 year old and his girlfriend are always messing around to.he and is girlfriend decided to copy and came in with 2 large chocolate bars to make rice crispy cakes only to set off all smoke alarms.they put the chocolate in a bowel and put it in the microwave and burnt it as they didnt realise you had to melt it over a bowl or pan of hot they wanted make cookies.with only having sons the house is now full of giggles.they are both lovely girls but it looks like the girls are heading in a cook off x

  • Shared houses

    argh! I sometimes wish i could be brave enough to go out there alone and have a house all by myself. I am not sure i would like it though and if i was in it, it would be a bit late to decide i didnt like it.

    I dont like living in the shared house i am in at this present moment as i do not get on with one of the people, we are constantly arguing and one was moving out but now she has changed her mind and this is really annoying as sadly i was looking forward to her leaving, i had been counting down the months and now she is staying :(

    What ever i say we just seem to argue and then because we are both religiouus i start to think i am not a very good person and start to doubt myself etc. It is all very upsetting, i am so glad we have this area to rant on as i really need it this evening, i am really hoping that this stress will not set my asthma off and that it wont trigger my IBS off any worse than what it already is from some bug i had.

    I dont know whether i want to stay in this house or move out, i love the house and the rent is just perfect there is just one person i struggle like mad with to get on with. I feel like a bad person for not getting on with her.

    Any one else faced this problem before? Any suggestions?

  • Grr..

    Why do my bank cards all show pin locked? Checked with banks and nothing wrong with pin from their end nor with accounts. But apparently to solve the glitch for each card, I have to go to an ATM of each bank concerned and key in pin services. Saturday is going to be spent marching around another town from ATM to ATM. Cos we don't have the banks concerned in mine.

    A very frustrated (and penniless for the mo'), GrannyMo.

    Edit: as all sorted out, shouty subject line not needed.

  • Why is it when i come home from a costa stay and im told to rest as much as possible(hubby heard this from drs mouth!!) that within 24hrs of getting home im expected to be running around as normal. BUT as soon as i start doing anything for brownies i get nagged at for overdoing things and reminded i should be resting!!! ggggrrrrr

  • Employment Tribunal!


    I am in the process of taking an ex-employer to a tribunal for not paying me wages after they fired me inappropriatly. I sent the form by post 5 weeks later didnt hear anything so sent one online. I then had 2 letters saying both had been accepted. I emailed them and cancelled it I thought. Today I got a letter the employer pointed out that he had recieved two letters from them asking for a reply. They then brought the case to my attention making me look like I had been decieving them asking why have I got 2 claims (and somewhere along the line spelt my surname wrong) Its now been going on since may and getting fed up. All I want is my wages!

  • Banks

    Not just me. Computer glitch caught out a number of folk. All sorted now.

    Huffed cos this happened when I was down on holiday too. Fortunately on that day, I had cards for two different banks, both of which happened to have branch offices. Saved!

    Some years ago, RBS in England didn't share computerised systems with RBS in Scotland. We'd to go through all sorts of hoops including them wanting to charge us for getting money 'transferred'.

    In the end we said forget it and I went off to take money from my savings account which was, fortunately, with a different bank. It may be different now - but I wouldn't bet on it.

    GM >(

  • In all three chemists in our town today, the waiting time was going to be at least half an hour!

    Will go somewhere else for my prescription.

  • Totally fed up of being told your disabled you cannot do this, you cannot do that! If i want to do something i will bluming well do it! Yes i may have to go about it all in a different way but it does not mean i cannot go abroad. My medical team say i am fit to fly and fit to go on a holiday if i would like to! Someone is seriously going to get shouted at if they try telling me you cant do that your disabled. And at that i thought the people were my friends they really dont know me well at all! Grr!

  • Despite scarf to mouth, still coughing my head off as if I've a forty a day habit. Winter? Eh?

  • decorating

    hubby deciding to finish the tyling and that's ok,but decides do the painting,gloss paint and knows my asthma is a bit rough at the moment.Grrrrrrrrrrrr !

  • Colds, lumps and asthma playing up.

    Grrr just having a bad day today, woke up with a horrendous cold and my PF is down to 91, not very impressed, I have a massive lump in my throat, feeling miserable and asthma is just horrendous today. I havent really got a great grasp on being healthy, I am sure when I die and they do the post mortem that there will be a post it note inside saying IOU- one immune system, -love your creator, x

    I feel better for having a whinge. Thanks xxx

  • Warning The Next Line Contains Offensive Language.

    Tiscali Call Centre Staff (apologies for the swearing :D )

    After spending months last winter phoning them 2 or 3 times a week, and now again twice this week. It's hard work trying to get the stupid prats to understand that I loose my internet connection when it rains, and that water must be getting into a connection and be the cause. Well some one has had a few KB of memory added to their tiny brains as one of the technical staff finally agreed and arranged for BT engineer to check the line. I think after spending on average an hour a time on the phone to their 0870 number I've paid for a nice new gold fibre optic one, but I should be so lucky, and have to stick to my miserable 0.5Mb max, which would be better than the present 0.2Mb the test shows, or none the last few days.

  • grr do my good deed and visit friend last week who was costafied only to have lady in bed opposite her use deep heat rub and set my chest off. thats on a chest ward. think am going to stop this visiting lark.

  • Smiles all round

    Asthma review for me next week can't come soon enough. Combination of damp weather plus dust from building site - you can taste it whenever you go outside.

    Edit - Decided to talk to builders directly re my muddy and grit laden car. They'd no idea the dust was giving trouble over the fence until they saw my photos. Much apologising by all. Very friendly bunch. They've come up trumps by telling me to have car valeted totally. Inside and out - the full works. To give them receipt and they will re-imburse. Ooh, nice builders.

  • Dog mess

    Sorry..... but.......... but there are heaps of the stuff outside my gate.... and then the kids walked through it this AM so spread the problem........ Have contacted environmental services and they are going to clean it up.

    I can tip toe round it but it would be impossible to get wheel chair to car without getting it on the wheels!

    Why oh why do people think it is OK to leave their dog's mess behind. They wouldn't be happy if we messed outside their houses! Yeeeeuuuuuugghghghhhchhhh!

    Sorry, Rant over

  • Kate, I sympathise with you. i put a sign up, seems to work so far, but the farmers and their cows the road well lets just say it's 4 inches deep and very slippery.

  • Royal Mail

    Expecting to collect our new campervan tonight.

    Needs taxed as previous owner had on SORN. Need insurance before we can tax it.

    This morning - 11 am Phoned insurance who've assured me they posted a first class stamped letter on Monday. They insure our present camper and are true to their word.

    Phoned local sorting office to ask if they'd delivered to our street today. Lazy sounding chap told me it was pretty busy at the sorting office but a postman would be around our way sometime.

    And so I sit here, biting my nails up to my elbows, not wanting to leave the house in case I miss the postman. But I have to get the rest of the money for the camper. My bank is of course in the next town with no parking round about.

    On the understanding that we'd have the van in driveway by tonight for quick clean and tidy up, we booked campsite for Friday in anticipation of nice long weekend.

    Guessing we might have to take caravan out of storage or lose our deposit for campsite.

    Folk we're buying van from have something else to put in its place and so everything and everyone is hanging on this insurance letter arriving by today!!

    Rant over. For Now.

  • Job Centres

    How do you explain office support to someone who doesn't know.

    Job Centre Person keeps trying to get me to apply for admin posts I am not in anyway qualified to do. ie. being an accountant. I can audio type and know my way around a computer.

    No Accounting qualifications at all for the Pay and Salaries Dept of a big accounting firm.

    No cash handling experience for working in a post office - the other one. they've tried to push onto me.

    What don't they understand about my small request for a post in normal office support?

  • PS Sorry

    Sorry folks, I seem to do a fair bit of ranting on this board.

    My best friend would say I'm just getting in some practice before I grow old and become an OAP.

  • well have seen it all now after parking in a normal parking space as no disabled ones available tho there was an odd parent and child which if can park close to shops in ordinary space won't use on;y to find a good few disabled spaces wioth cars in displaying no blue badge and 2 adults putting child in buggy parked in disabled space rather than parent and child. aaggh i wish people would park in proper spaces or if they insist on abusing the situation be booked for it. Then went on to asda and watched someone abandon their shopping trolly by paper kiosk take shopping out and then walk past trolly park! what is it with people being lazy or am I being unreasonable.

  • One of the people i have been living with is moving out today and the whole house is just falling apart. The Tv is now stood on the floor, the bathroom mats are gone, the shoe stand is gone and a stranger has moved in. It no longer feels like home. I feel like i live in the middle of nothing.

    :( I just want to sit and cry!

  • Why for the second time this week, has husband in unscrewing top from plastic bottle of milk, managed twist in such a way as to have the lid slip from his fingers, bounce off the floor a couple of times and land in the cat litter.

    PS. Each time the lid has been tossed in the bin and milk placed put in a Lock 'n' Lock milk jug.

    Edit: to add ps.

  • so much for returning to normality after the seasons festivities, woke up and -6 outside, hour later temperature was still falling, but just beginning to warm up OK -5, so global warming where the hell are you, I'm freezing.

    Been really cold and icy here last few days, Friday cycling on the roads, never thought that the main roads would be Icy as well, little single track roads around home OK, and riding on them was probably not wise, but good test to balance and stupidity !. but pulled out of running on both days over the weekend, not because of us falling over, well partly, but idiots speeding along and then try to stop, not wishing to start the year splattered on the front of a vehicle.

  • grit

    Roads and pavements all iced over and hope my walking boots keep me on my feet going to work later.

    why do they never grit side roads ,years ago we had yellow bunkers with grit in and we could put some down ourselves .

  • Crumbs!

    Daughter's friend gave us a lovely box of biscuits. Winter scene on the lid and silvery snowy-looking finish to the sides. Really looked forward to its contents. As expected they lived up to promise and were indeed good. BUT almost as soon as I had taken my first bite, the cough started. THAT cough.

    Another trigger to add to the ever growing list.

  • Blinking hoover broke on me,what next grrrrrrr!

  • someone said why aren't I on facebook, well decided to take the plunge yesterday, and do anyone actualy have a life afterwards, I mean I spent 6 hours in the day, then logged backin at 10pm and would still be there if the battery on the netbook didb't go flat at 1.30 in the morning, thought it was meant to build friendships, but not sure if using it while in bed is such a good thing for real world ;) Will I ever get time to have a real life again after FB? or do I get fat a lazy like looking at school mates not seen for 20 years.

  • woody-som,

    youve got the FB bug, good when stuck in finding old friends.

  • dont think they will be coming collect sons Laptop as arranged they have to come a distance.

  • Can'T remember when I felt this cold,just cant get warm even with central heating on.

    just want to stay in one place and curl up.

    My cat and dog will have to learn how to shut doors as they both can open all the doors in our house and let a draft in. teeth chattering and need defrosting and cuddle up love Glynis

  • cat antics

    Was just settling down on the sofa with a packet of quavers and my cat Mason was after some,he lept on to my knees and the packet fell on to the floor and they were everywhere the cat was happy xx

  • Our biggest cat loves prawn crackers. I have to stand up in the middle of the room to eat them.

  • what a great year so far, stuck in with snow and ice, cold bloody fogy day, damjn annoying asthma cough, woke up to a crap stomach and even worse head, and all that on top of what I'm hoping is just shin splints and stopping me from walking far let alone running, if this is what the year has in store perhaps I shuld just shot myslf now.

  • One of my cats adores sweetcorn and one of the kittens will just about do handstands for green beans!


  • If I have to listen to someone either -

    a) telling me their grandson had grown out of asthma by the time he was in his teens so if it IS asthma, which they'd doubt, I probably won't have it for long at my age...


    b) asking why I haven't tried that blue inhaler instead of the one I have, cos it always works for someone in their work...

    I will, like Violet Elizabeth from the Just William Stories, thcream and thcream and thcream!

  • GM, don't worry people can think what they like, but ventolin doesn't always work, it's doing absolutely nothng for me at the moment, lol! but people can grow out of asthma, a friend had asthma as a child but during her teens she did grow out of it and now not far off 30, she's not had any signs of it, needless to say it may return oneday, hopefully it can go for us as quick as it arrived.....wishful thinking ?

  • hi

    just to say im back on.Laptop had to go be mended.Big thankyou to woody and weezer1 ,grannymo and feejay for emailing me and FB so not been alone.

    thanks again and so glad be back .lol always x

  • Not sure what it says, putting this on the general rant and moan area but.. Hello, glynis. Things will not be so quiet around here now.

  • Of course having eventually got around to putting our pennies out for an i-Phone last Saturday, it was odds on we would need that money for something else, shortly.

    So it came as no real surprise that the dishwasher packed in today. LOL.

  • Oh god, Glynis has her PC back, and I soooooo need sleep, how's that now gonna be possible lol!

  • woody-som

    WAKE UP! hahaha.

    Get the party started now im back haha,you missed me and so missed you all.

    you will all moan when fingers ache on to me hahhahaha!

    love always Glynis xxxx

  • fighting get my boot on this morning,silly moo! was wrong foot.half asleep.

  • Arrgh..........................Trying to write my final assignment for OU, and it doesn't help when hubby is a fellow student also working at the same time, who is dyslexic and keeps asking me how to spell stuff. I know he can't help it, the phone has been ringing, do I want to spend money, we will give you 20"" discount, well if I did I would ring you. So NO, if I did I would ring you.

    Fed up going to walk the dog, at least she can't answer back. Hang on a minute this is Lottie I am talking about, she always answers back. Oh god I have lost the plot!

  • ouch ouch ive broke my foot and cant walk ouch!!!!

  • Was having a great day. 1st back at work.... Got home went to get on Internet and it wouldn't log on. Tried everything my horrible kids had only managed to change the settins on the router took me all nite to reset the thing........So kids banned from Internet for a week.

  • Gussypoo

    glad u sorted it out,miss yr laughs.

    had brit awards on last night and singing to robbie puffed me out xxxxx

  • Are you sure it was the singing that had you breathless and not the lust!!!!!!!

  • Gussypoo,Robbie can put his slippers under my bed any day hahaha.

    only kidding to puffed out , pred helping today had a good sleep lol Glynis xxx

  • Facebook pages

    Page on facebook has gone a bit mad and sent hearts to all my friends, some of whom I don't know that well on a personal level as they are friends of friends or ex-managers. Only found out cos one of them messaged to say thank you. I looked up the site for sent items and discovered I'd allegedly sent them completely different heart pictures and all at the same precise second. School friends on that list, I haven't heard from in more than a year and would certainly never insult by sending a heart with a naked man in it. The previous owner of my vw and whom I'd only recently got in touch with, has received a really slushy one. AGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

    Written to page developers to complain but haven't heard anything back.

  • Ooooohhh granny Bet ur friends thought you where having a golden moment ( lost ur marbles). U always make me laff

  • Granny mo

    Harts with naked men in WOW! Send it my way haahaha you make me PMSL

  • Hearts with naked men and soup with biscuits. Ur a woman of hidden talents granny

  • Did anyone see the cutting edge programme 8 boys and wanting a girl? I got so annoyed, I could understand the lady who lost a baby girl, then had 8 boys wanting a daughter. I want a healthy child but sometimes in life you don't get what you want. I have 2 boys and have miscarried 3 babies, I'm just so happy with my kids. It's fab being the only girl in the house as I get spoilt. The extreme measures people go to to get what they want is frightening!!

    Rant over, go back to dusting....feel another rant coming on!


  • I have just spent most of two days filling in an application form for a job. My job history didn't fit their form in any way. Form came as a PDF and wouldn't let me write in the boxes. Eventually got one which would let me. This form has to be sent back to the company in its original shape ie not as a word document which would have been infinitely easier to fill in. Its only a temporary position and at the back end of next town and not near train station or parking. Only applying cos JOb centre will get shirty if they dont see that I have applied for anything this week yet this is the only position they have on their books that is remotely like the one I'm looking for. Of course its a far away from my idea of a nice job - Why can'[t they get it that I don't do cash handling, have no customer skills to speak of and would really prefer to be in a wee office on my own, bashing away at a keyboard. Also and my work history, if the form would allow me to be honest, would have writ in very big letters...CRACKS UNDER SEVER PRESSURE and is the very reason I left my previous posts but one. The one, is where my boss cracked instead and sold the company.

    Edit: Surprise, surprise. Didn't get the job.

  • Rant against unknown towns for a day trip

    Fragrant traffic fumes, paving stones being cut and replaced and not knowing where exactly everything was, in the town I was visiting today, meant trip did not go as I'd hoped. Instead of being dropped off at lower end of the high street, I got the bit with the stairs then a hill and much dusty building work going on.

    LOL. I'd come on day trip to get away from all that, back home.

    In the main shopping mall I was fine. But on walking outside to see the smaller shops and cobbled streets, those little asthma hugs started up immediately.

    Fortunately hubby had parked nearby. So when we met up, it was a quick cuppa and Home, James!

  • WHy am i moving today? Why do you have to ring dwp on your actual move day? Like you dont have enough to do! GRRR!

    I just gone through the whole telling them moving and nothing else has changed it is very annoying.

    Lets hope all comes out well today! i am not looking forward to the whole transfering stuff at all!

    I just want to be all in the house now! I would be happy with just food, meds and laptop.

    ARGH! Moving house is so stressful i have done too much just getting up and dressede and trying not to fall in to the bath because home care couldnt come any earlier than 11.30 and everyone else was coming at 10am so i had to be dressed typical! Lower half to dress is a nightmare esp when your balance is shocking due to muscle wastage.

    Now what were my physio exercise for my legs, grrr some much to do and i only got 15 min left better go.

  • grumpy lungs

    Went have my hair cut,before I went had put my purfume on

    I used for years but not last 4 months,made my lungs grumpy,

    then off to hairdressers and smells in there added to my grumpy lungs,

    Then to top it off the taxi had 6 dangley air freshners in his taxi so

    again lungs by now had had enough.

    Carnt understand my perfume used it for 20 yrs and after 4 months it

    now a trigger love Glynis xxx

    ps-hubby painting and decorating our bedroom this weekend so lungs will need a day with my folks xxx

  • Why do people never understand me? I ask one thing and get a completely different answer to what i asked! It is really annoying, it feels like i speak a different language to the rest of the world. Grr!

    I seem to face it every day, i am beginnning to wonder if i came from somewhere different or if my brain was created different to everyone elses or if i just think in a different way.

  • HUGE herumph coming............

    Never, ever leave it til Maundy Thursday to try to find Fairtrade Easter eggs..........

    First started in Maldon, nr where Mum lives, trafic busy, one car park full, so went to usual one.... man leaving space so I indicated, as soon as he got out, a woman in a chelsea tractor barged her way in! The guy couldn't believe it! So I waved blue badge and said thanks for nicking my space! she looked shocked but still walked off!

    Then battled tescos...... Bear mare!! eventually found a spot helped by Europarks bod..... Tescos was like hot cross buns at dawn..... got esentials, but eggs totally non ethical..... nearly bought lindt bunnies.........

    So, Still eggless, I am going to try Freeport...Tomorrow..... two chocolate shops there, both have fair trade.... so if comes to it Mum ets will get flat packed eggs...... bars of chocolate!

    Kate.... * and breathe*

  • Your a better woman than me Kate. Last woman to take a parking space from me got an earbashing, along the lines of ""what a dreadful example to show your children, I hope they grow up with more manners and patience than you, but that shouldn't be too hard""to which she replied ""how rude"" to which I replied ""yes you are"". Felt loads better, was off to chiropractor to get back straightened and trying to drop kids off to a friends, that went out the window.

    Hope you get the eggs sorted if not hand over the fair trade choccie bar and say ""I have an eggcellent bar of choccie for you""


  • My cat has fell asleep at last,hes been full of it all day ,messing in sons bedroom and

    getting his paws on what he can then bringing them down stairs to batter around the floor.

    Every time he sees me coming get it he runs behind soffa ,the little bugger.

    Peace at last so will have a cat nap while mt cat sleeps.(is that how a cat nap got its name, when our cats sleep after beeing buggers we get a cat nap after all the hard work chasing the bugger) love glynis xx

  • Hi Glynis, cheaper than the gym and you can have a cat nap in the middle or asthma break!

    We had a mad cat, used to climb into large paper bags and skid all over the house,the wind used to make him loopy too. We have 2 male giant lop bunnies who beg at the back door for bananas, they are like dogs, chase balls and wrestle with anything in the garden. We can't have pets inside so they are perfect, they are 5kg each and really cuddly and have never bitten us.I usually have to chase them round the garden to get them to bed but since I've been ill, they have been tucked up inside waiting for tea, weird!

    Kate xxx

  • Rattles,

    I love bunnies had one name socks as all paws were white and so cute and

    2 guiniepigs called emma and gemma xxxx

  • We had harness and leads for our rabbits to take for walks on front lawn.

  • Our chipmonks were the best,they ran round the house and up the curtains and

    sat on my curtain pole,so cute and friendly and they had two litters and so so cute.

    not got them now.

    Let a breader have them as now you can only sell chip monks to pet shops if registerd.

    TO many to keep and to hard get rid of babies even by giving them a way.

    we kept the adult parents then had a choice keep one but didnt want it be lonely so the breader had them for free and our masive cage.

  • Country park had enclosure with chipmunks. They were great fun to watch. Friend had a chinchilla she'd take on the bus, inside her jacket.

  • I'm sorry folks but how many times in one day do i have to write we cannot give medical advice?!

    If your blue inhaler doesnt last 4 hours then it is time to ask for help!

    If you have a cough that you cannot explain it is time to ask for help!

    If your asthma changes and there is no obvious reason ask for help!

    If your peak flow has dropped go and see your GP!

    It is getting so frustrating the amount of times i log in to see how people are doing and see if there are any interesting topics to discuss and i find people asking for medical help/advice it is driving me up the wall! I just had to rant!

    No matter how mild/moderate/severe/brittle your asthma is if your releiver (whatever it may be) is not working/ not lasting 4 hours then it is time to ask for medical attention!

    Medical attention could be your GP, out of hours, going to a and e or even calling 999!

    Please remember asthma can and does kill no matter what kind you have!

    On a positive note i am getting stronger and i am watching harry potter again this evening :)

  • Me to, cooking tea early so can relax and watch the box, I've been watching each episode every week

  • Before I had asthma ,my hands were so steady and could do anything with a steady hand,

    now have a job to pluck my eyebrows and inlaws eyebrows and carry a cup of tea with out spilling any.

    Showed the school children in class how to play a recorder and blinking hands were shaking from my meds.

    Im not a nervous person at all and so confident around people but a bit consious now of not having my usual steady hands. sorry for a rant and moan at least got a place to do it x

  • Hi Glynis, have noticed my hands shaky too, it's a bit irritating especially at work when people watch me. I suppose I'm just gonna have to get used to it, another thing to cope with. I'm on steroids, hormones and a wacking great dose of antibiototics as well as all the inhalers at the moment so feeling well weird at the mo, trippy!!!

    Take care

    kate x

  • Annoyed when people say I'm free all day then don't appear or never come until the last moment. At which point you've almost given up and tried the job on your own.

    Edit: help came and all is well.

    GM (Crosses fingers.)

  • Went to buy one thing from the Body Shop, was bombarded by assistant suggesting the three for 2 offer or something, then went on about the loyalty card, wouldn't shut up so I just walked out! Went to Boots instead! I find it really anoying that people want to persuade you to buy more than you came in for. Then bank was bewildered by my request to purchase Travellers cheques! We got there in the end. They said they don't do them, I quoted the web site, oh yes you do! They suggested credit cards, I suggested that I had been given guidance that travellers cheques are more widely accepted where I am going!

    Rant over...... need chocolate!

  • Seen heart consultant today and should have had a scan but had wires eveywhere first.

    Got go back to have the ultrasound one and get the results there and then and only see him again if a problem,if not discharged from him.

    Next will be seeing my asthma con in June. and can rule out my heart if tests are clear,Then what ever next to sort me out xxx

  • First night of weekend away and I have indigestion due to whatever. Also the only space left for our little vw camper was furthest end of the campsite and furthest away from the loo. Bother. Cripes! I'm getting middle-aged and thinking caravan with all facilities is more me! No no no no no!

  • First night of weekend away and I have indigestion due to whatever. Also the only space left for our little vw camper was furthest end of the campsite and furthest away from the loo. Bother. Cripes! I'm getting middle-aged and thinking caravan with all facilities is more me! No no no no no!

  • Moan time!!!!

    Its only April and already this year i have been diagnosed with asthma and arthritis and now to cap it all i have now been told i have early macular degeneration! Oh well i suppose all these things come with the territory of getting older. Apparently the MD won't have any real impact on my life for quite a few years i have been advised to ask my gp about some vitamins and mineral supplements if they do such a thing!

    Moan over!

  • Moan time!!!!

    Its only April and already this year i have been diagnosed with asthma and arthritis and now to cap it all i have now been told i have early macular degeneration! Oh well i suppose all these things come with the territory of getting older. Apparently the MD won't have any real impact on my life for quite a few years i have been advised to ask my gp about some vitamins and mineral supplements if they do such a thing!

    Moan over!

  • Just when I get used to seeing lovely clear blue cloudless skies the damn planes start flying, guess what vapour trails and high level clouds today, better go stoke up the volcano.. Funny working for a doc today he noticed it and said how good the volcano has been for us.

  • Decided that I don't like blue skies anymore, a tishoo into another tissue, and now I not playing ""Ring of Roses,"" damn Hayfever. My ""Velvet"" tissues no longer feel like velvet and Vicks is my best mate.

  • Got my firstaid up date tomorrow,

    and my knees are realy bad with OA and

    had op""s on them .

    Just tried kneel down and get up but needed hold on to something,but

    my knees have restricted movement and sharp spurs growing on my

    joints that dig in my leg when kneeling.

    They will have to help me up and down and risk

    weeks of inflamation and pain after CPR.

    I would always put a child first if was a real situation.

    So glad its only every 3 years but my knees get worse each time

    edit-I can do CPR in a real life situation,just dont fancy weeks of

    pain for a practice.

    Done firstaid since 14 and now 31 yrs and a top firstaider that deals with every kind of


  • Bear Hugs

    How do you get your family and friends to not give a tight comforting hug when the lungs are playing up and giving you pain. I tend to keep quiet (until coughing forces us apart), in case I hurt their feelings.

    In non-asthma moments I've tried explaining why not a good idea but they seem to forget all that when I'm having a breathless moment. Should be gratetful they care, I suppose.

    Moaning Minnie

  • Parked on large grassy picnic area by the sea again today. Lots of other cars parked there too. Bit chilly for a picnic but some hardy souls were perched at the picnic tables.


    One lot quite happily let their plastic sandwich bags drop and blow away despite the bin being right beside them. Another lot had picnic in their car, but let their dog out to come piddle etc against our van. Catching the laser gaze of DH, immediately whistled the doggie back to do it on their car.

    Best of all? A car with two older folk pulled up a little way from us and the occupants got out. We thought only of the fact that they must be cold in short sleeves. Imagine our surprise when the bloke went around to the boot and took out a package which he handed to his wife. She then walked along until she was directly behind our campervan and opened the package which revealed itself to be a crumpled paper bag with bread and bits of biscuit and which she proceeded to shred and throw on the ground. Birds immediately swooping in for a feed. Throwing the bag on the ground she climbed back in their car and off they went. What on earth? So gobsmacked, we just sat there instead of leaping out and saying something.

    Hmm.. I seem to be turning into my Dad. Any minute now, I shall start carrying a walking stick to wave at folk.

  • went to visit friend in hospital since i discharged and she not and after waiting for space in car park saw someone pulling out so waited for space and she then proceeded to wave her blue badge at me i nodded to show i could see it was a disabled space but she kept going on and on memoing that it was a disabled space. why to people think that just because you are not elderly you can't have a disability. AAh was so tempted to wave my badge back at her but resrtained self.

  • Dont you just hate it when your hospital appointment gets put back months.

    My doc contacted my con as breathing was bad and agreed might need heart tests done, also

    doc could not give me anything more as on max stuff.

    Had the wire tests and awaiting ultra sound on heart and had my con appointment put back 2 months.

    The doc put them down as asap but still put back.

    Then letter came for appointment put back to August and at a different hosp far away from

    where I live so got ring up to sort it.


  • Just been treated like dirt! I drove in to a public place to be told by a traffic steward no disbled parking go away! I just saw red! Go away indeed! That was nice i was only trying to go out to get some lunch, i am very tired and ill and i was just trying to get out of the house and i got told to go away! GRRRRR! Very upset and cross now and i didnt get my lunch i am now back home sat fuming away to myself! Disabled people are treated so badly at times!

  • My cat has just been sick all over my living room carpet lots of it the little sh**t.

    He keeps eating my tree plant and chomping at the leaves,hope he had a tummy ache it will teach him a lesson.

    Hes munching on it again so wont learn ,its a yuka plant.

    The tall one is ok as he carnt get to it but the small one been all cat atttacked

    edited one word sh**T

  • Glynis you made me laugh so much, may need to dig out inhaler. I really needed that, haven't laughed like that for weeks.My cat once crapped in my shoe, they have some lovely ways!

    Hope your cat learns his lesson.

    Kate x

  • HI rattles cats are so funny.

    MY cat eats the dogs food and my dog is stupid enough to sit back and let him.

    Hes a big collie and the silly cat gets his own way every time.

    Good job not able put picks on here or would have put on the state of my plant that the cat has

    chomped on and made him sick.

    My hubby just had laptop on and he went eeww!!! the cat had been sick over the charger and he got it on his hand,hahahaha was funny glad the cat got one over on hubby hahaha .

  • MY chest and lungs are grumpy with a nasty cold.

    My hubby decides to paint but uses smell free paint so all

    was well and no probs until he knocked over a bottle of turps

    so now the house stinks and my lungs not happy x

  • I've been off pred for 2 weeks and have lost 5lb in weight after dieting for 2 weeks, got 2 more to lose to get to pre pred weight. Has been hell on earth to do as I can't exercise as asthma really bad. Was really proud of myself, have 16lb to lose to get to my goal. But NOOOOOOO Im back on pred, grumble,grumble. I've got to use nebuliser 4 x daily again on 5mg and if it doesn't hold I've got to go into hospital. Well that's one way to lose weight!It's Hubbys birthday so I'm going to stop being grumpy and enjoy myself.Sorry for the moan but just can't believe it!

  • So sick of chest infections,its one after another since had asthma GGGGRRRRR!!!

    Got heart scan tuesday and see con in june so happy about that but wish my chest infection would bog off xxx

  • Good Luck for Tuesday,hope it goes well and you finally get some answers. I go into hospital for treatment that day.

    Just sneezed and loads of gunk came off my lungs, just waiting for infection to add to the collection.Then I'll be stuck in hospital for sure.

    Take care

    Kate xxx

  • On a sunny day when I want to open the windows wide (confining the cats to one unopened window room with plenty of water and litter tray), I remember the builders over the back. Noise and dust all days. Grrr

    Keeping windows shut and blue inhaler at the ready for another flipping day of catch the elly before he catches you.

  • I'm just off another forum - non asthma - where someone on reading I have asthma, then proceeds to write War and Peace on the benefits of eating non-processed foods and fresh veg and fruit. I KNOW THAT!!!!!

  • Teaching GrannyMo to suck eggs!Hope you day gets better,

  • Thanks rattles. Had a look further up the page on that thread and there they were again, same advice, same length to someone with Crohn's, someone with IBD, someone with etc, etc.

    Tried to tell me -

    ""Vegan is a lifesaver for asthma sufferers. It's one of the commonest ""cures"" that people report when changing to that lifestyle because it eliminates allergy triggers (allergy and asthma are pretty inextricably combined), and because most people's diets don't have enough minerals.' and 'changes the body's chemistry so the cells can receive oxygen more easily.""

    Also suggested NAET. And no, rattles, I didn't know what it was either. Googled and found this - NAET is a bizarre system of diagnosis and treatment based on the notion that allergies are caused by ""energy blockage"".

    Hmm. As we say north of the border - Aye. Right.

    And nice person though I can be, I'm ashamed to admit I saw red and replied as such. Think I'm off their xmas list. LOL

    Edit: Tidied up the message.

  • GM, diet does play a part, see this

  • Ok, but what bugged me most about that other site's forum was the poster giving the exact same identical answer/advice to everyone, no matter their medical condition. Almost worded as if whatever the condition, it could be 'cured' simply by eating fresh and non-processed foods. IMO Felt this was dangerous.

    AUK's forum rules prevent members from offering medical advice however well meant. Sadly, all forums are not the same.

  • Diets are such a dodgy area, what works for one person, wont work for another. My youngest Son has Brittle asthma type 2,mild autism and ADHD and scoliosis, yet was breast fed for 9 months, fed organic food and I cooked all food from scratch and ate healthily whilst pregnant, What happened! My Hubby has crohns but cant eat fruit or veg, has a boring diet of meat and veg and white bread and as many sweets as he can get down his chops. He cant tolerate dairy apart from the odd piece of choc in very small doses. The rest of us eat a very healthy diet, my hubby wishes he could but it makes him so ill. My eldest Son has trouble with stomach like my hubby but he can tolerate fruit and veg and has a good appetite, at the moment he is crohns free. If Gillian Mckeith put my hubby on one of her diets, he'd be dead, mmm time to dust off the life insurance policies (only joking!we often laugh at this)

  • I've started a rant and moan thread on another website's forum.

    Several folk asked what would be the eventual result of our outpourings? D'oh!

    I think they missed the point. A rant in itself! Fortunately I do have some takers.

  • Bed by midnight. Up by ten. Feel knackered. Thoroughly fed up. Thought rant on here and not clutter up boards where others also fed up but have a wheen of other problems too are more rightly on there. If that makes sense. Too tired to do a grammar check.


    that other forum? My rant and moan thread is filling up big style. Same rants as here eg parking in disabled spaces, thoughtless folk, hitting the buffers when trying to do something, etc.

  • Just back from shopping at the Supermarket. Lots of people getting in my way around the store. Couldn't tell them to push off as I know them all.

    Now that I'm home, shopping packed away and discovered all the things on my list that I forgot to buy, I'm still going to choose a small box, climb inside, pull down the lid and count to 10. AAAAAAAAAAAGH!

  • GM, you're not ready for a coffin yet ;)

  • People ignoring the smoking ban!

    Went to a concert at wembley arena last night and was in the standing arena. Living a little dangerously as heat and exercise tend to make my asthma worse but i wanted to enjoy myself. Was a little breathless but doing ok until some people next to me in the crowd lit up! Had to stop dancing and take my reliever inhaler several times and was thinking abouit trying to get outside. smokers could obviously see i was having problems but obvs didnt connect and kept puffing away, despite several people in the crowd trying to look after me :)

    I have no problem with the killing their own lungs, but doing so in a confined crowded envrinment where it is now illegal???? I welcomed the smoking ban as it makes it so much easier for me to socialise without having problems, the fact it is hard to enforce as often ignored really annoys me!!!!

  • People who don't really understand

    Having worked out that Britvic Tonic has something that doesn't agree with my asthma but Schweppes is fine, I was telling my friends when out the other night in our local club. Oh that's good, said one. Finding out what the problem was.

    Later on, when something in the air started me off with the coughing and I'd to get out the blue inhaler, they all seemed surprised, saying But I got you Schweppes! Thought you said you'd no more problem.


    I'm quite sure some of them think its like a bad cold and would go away eventually.

  • blinking vet bills.200 pound so far and could be 300 pound more for anisetic and opp.

    does pay to get insurance but came to late .

    set one up for my cat and dog now but cats bill keeps going up and up to try to find out why he

    carnt keep food poor puss cat x

  • Granny I love your post. Been missing them lately not on as much due to work....

  • Since my doctor gave up his practice and was taken over ,we have had doc after doc.Finaly had a lovely doc whos realy brill and now hes going also,yet again will have other docs temping till find another to take Can they build up a good doctor patient friend ship who you trust when one never stays long enough.

    rant over!!!

  • Unable to raise my bed as suggested inorher posts for easier breathing cos that would be very bad for DH's back, I settled on bigger pillows for me. Worked until last night apparently. I've started wakng up with what can only be described as a sick headache and my neck aches as if it's spent the night in a vice.

    Would I be better with single beds so I can raise one end of mine?

    Keep having the same dream of walking down streets of grey houses and everyone around me is looking glum.

    Hey ho. Rant over. Asthma is such a bother sometimes.

  • None asthma rant!

    Why do people never understand me?!

    I am sure i say the same things over and over again! Asking for help is set situation is apparently not allowed! This is really annoying me! As all i actually asking for is friendship, to be able to spend time with other people! Apparently this is too big an ask or too hard to communicate to people verbally!


    (hope it allowed moderators sorry if it is not!)

    One very annoyed and upset Plumie!

  • GM, separate beds it is....sleeping with lots of pillows is a bad idea, you put your spine out of neutral position creating pressure points. Ideally as in the day when standing/walking you at night should also sleep with a neutral spine, ears, shoulders, hips, knees and feet all in a straight line

    now time for my own rant....time to bin the blood donor appointment for today, after yesterdays run which was a lot tougher than last years route, I have an annoying cough and dropped PF's again (just like last weeks race) Oh well at least I came 67th out of 279 runners.

  • Plumie.... I get like this too but when the chips are down it shows you who your true friends are! Keep your chin up and hope you feel better soon


    OK my rant now....

    Why is it when I am convinced I may be able to do well anything other than sit upright and cough my body strikes me down and tells me off? I'm sick of being sick! I was looking at pashley bikes today but unless things improve dramatically it's an impossible dream :(

  • wss, pashley bikes are a nice classic in british design and build. if you want to get out though on a bike, recumbents are good, I know two people with them, or how about an e-bike

  • Thanks Woody! That is really useful! An E-bike might be just what I need!

  • I'm fed up with people trying to get me to do more work, I am ill and on double nebs four hourly. I'm being treated in hospital for another condition weekly and still they want more aaarrrrrgggg.Makes me feel really bad when I have to say no I can't do that. Feel like throwing the towel in and going on sick leave but I know I'll probably not be able to go back any time soon. Feel so much better now, on a good point on neb again and dont shake so much anymore guess body is getting used to being blasted with large doses of ventolin.


  • hi Rattles,take it easy and go on the sick it you need a rest ,should be coverdDDA.lots of love Glynis xxx

  • hi Rattles,take it easy and go on the sick it you need a rest ,should be coverdDDA.lots of love Glynis xxx

  • someone breaking the tail light on the car last night, nice (NOT). to top it off i phoned the autofactors hoping for an aftermarket one, no luck so trip to the stealers (dealers). £58 just for the light, better fit it myself or would be double that. Nice surprise it came with all 3 bulbs and new holder that isn't listed as part of the light.

  • Rattles- take it from me- you need to listen to your body. Hoping you are ok at the moment. I used to ignore my body big time- now I am up a certain creek without a paddle.

    Woody- That's rubbish. I got my dad's bumper on Ebay and it was the wrong one so now he has holes where he shouldn't have holes! Hope you can fix it. You are cleverer than me! At least you got the extra bits too!

  • Got a letter today from work. To go and discuss report from occy health and my sick time again. Tho this time I'll get an official warning ....and told off for not considering Ill health pension. Fed up saying work keeps me going when things go belly up !!!!

  • prices

    Anybody here noticed how expensive hospital shops or vending machines are?

    I'm talking about 70p for a can of coke/1.20 for a bottle from a vending machine and then there's the exortionate prices in the shops themselves. And they say the NHS is starved of cash. How can they if they can get away with daylight robbery?

  • Drive along slow motorway with lots of road building going on, then trek round B&Q wood dept. That's what the lungs love on a Saturday morning. Not.

    Saturday afternoon

    Carpet beating i.e. Battering the rugs off an outside wall to remove excess stoor before vacuuming - Remembered to wear my Buff. Sorted.

  • been informed that i have to start taking more asthma meds my repeat prescription is already 6 pages long now more is getting added how much meds can you be on before they say enough is enough

  • Glad to be back after another few days with pc probs LOL

  • granny is that the bear buff you wear to beat the carpets.......

  • Grannymo,would that be doing the carpet with a buff or in the buff hahaha lol xxx

  • Kids are cycling to school these days. told them today to come straight home as my daughter had a violin lesson after school. Instead of this they stayed on longer at their grans having juice and sweets. They only got home at 4. The time we are supposed to leave at. My daughter decides she needs to change her clothes. Well this set me off on a rant and needless to say my wife says it's my fault I should have collected them From school..... So they are all getting the silent treatment now...

  • We had same problem on Monday, youngest went off to mates for a water fight, said to be back at 4.45 as eldest had to leave for swimming at 5pm. He turns up at 5.15 drenched so hubby had to take him to work whilst I dived off in other direction, kids eh. He's grounded for a week, ""learn you will"" (wise words from Yoda)Son loves star wars but was not amused.Last week he lost his trousers, trainers,and inhaler. Found his trousers and inhaler in lost property.Found a pair of swimming trunks, towel and an old pair of school shoes in his classroom (finished swimming October last year, thought we'd lost trunks!)God help me....Matty drives me mad. Enjoy the silence, I take out my hearing aids when they wind me up, bliss..

  • Bloody cant stand people at bus stops smoking in your face!!!

    Went to the bus stop to get a bus home yesterday, stood in a decent space to be able to see a bus cos the bus stop was really busy. A woman lit up a cigarette and within 2 seconds i could feel it in my chest. Now the woman closest to me at the other side saw me touch my chest, cough then move away from the smoker. What did she do? No not ask if i was ok or have the decency to not to anything to make it worse but actually lit up a cigarette to start blowing smoke at me from the other side!!!!

    Why do smokers think its ok for them to make other people ill?????? have some respect for other people.Cant stand ignorance

  • With you there. Have a friend that lights up, then leans over to give me a bear hug and ask how the asthma is doing these days. X)

  • Glad to know it just ain't happening to me rattles. Kids disgusted that they are getting driven to school for rest of week. Least it keeping my stress down and my son mAde me a father day cake at school. Which was nice except I'm diabetic and it was covered in icing...... Probably his way of revenge.......

  • Nice new Garmin running GPS playing silly buggers and not locking onto the satellites Grrr, wouldn't mind the pace display saying 45sec/km if I could run that fast, but blank and 30mins/km as well is not on for a £300 watch.

  • Hi Woody!

    Have you set GPS up properly? e.g. Britich Grid / Ord Srvy GB?

    Also, first use sometimes takes a bit to lock on to satelites and also when you replace the batteries!

    Leave it outside for 30 mins to sort itself.

    Also check the millitary aren't jamming signals in your area

    Good luck!

    I like Garmins!

  • Kate, I like Garmin as well, but the Forerunner 405 is a auto setup. Anyway it's sent back for exchange now and back to using the trusty old Timex Ironman Bodylink haha, why did I bother upgrading.

    Also have a Garmin Edge 705 for on the bike, love that big time.

    Nice link on the sat jamming, did cross my mind but stood in the middle of a field the Old Garmin eTrex (reliable as ever) worked fine, but the 405 wasn't having it, even after a full system reboot.

  • Bloody rabbit decided to dive through a hole in the fence last night when I tried to put him in the hutch. It was 11pm so I thought he'd been out long enough. His brother Ollie went in happily but Ronnie sat in the neighbours garden looking at me, too far to reach and near enough to gloat!Got ready for bed and sure enough he came back in our garden, so I chased around and put him away. He weighs 5kg so how he got through the hole is a mystery. We have 2 agouti butterfly giant lops who are very cute but so naughty.They chase cats and used to chase birds until a black bird pecked Ronnies bum!

  • rattles-aaww!! love cat gives me hell in the morning.I have to give him a tablet steroid every day.He gets behind the soffa and chair,under the table anddarts up the stairs and under the beds.when I get him im sure hes laughing at me haha.I have to be more clever now and shut all doors andkeep him in one room before I get his tablet out.who said cats arnt clever xxxxx

  • rattles-aaww!! love cat gives me hell in the morning.I have to give him a tablet steroid every day.He gets behind the soffa and chair,under the table anddarts up the stairs and under the beds.when I get him im sure hes laughing at me haha.I have to be more clever now and shut all doors andkeep him in one room before I get his tablet out.who said cats arnt clever xxxxx

  • Wow Glynis, you are a brave woman, remember Mum giving our cat tablets, we had to wrap him in a towel and tip his head back to make him gulp the thing down. I'd love another cat but they don't like me. Have to be careful with the bunnies too but they are outside. Ronnies rain bathing, Ollie is far more sensible and wants to keep dry.

  • England played bad,best bit was the bird on the net.why send the subs on that didnt work the last match.BOO BOO BOO

  • i dont know why but im in such a good mood today bored out of my skull but couldnt be any happyier even if i tried even with all this scarey stuff going on with my electric bill on off topic at the end of the day they cant hang me can they!!!!!! xx <3

  • Why is it every time I start to feel better I decide I don't need nebuliser. It's always on a Sunday when I've been resting all weekend.Then I start to over do it, then by Wednesday I'm back at docs and then on it 4 hourly with added meds.I keep thinking it's not asthma as I don't wheeze but my lungs hurt and I'm out of breath when I do anything. It's driving me nuts. I was going to stop nebs today but family all shouted NOOOO

  • just to say rattles im shouting NOOOO !!!!!! also. keep taking them

  • Ta I'm listening x

  • If i'd have wanted to wash the pots by hand, I wouldn't have bought a dishwasher would i?!?!

    Had ppl round yesterday and are still getting all the pots through the dishwasher (think we used every item we owned!!) only went to empty the last wash and the pots are all still dirty! Found something had stopped the spinny thing from going round, grrrr!!

  • Dont like it this hot,Makes me so tired and just want sleep.

    hope we get a light breeze tomorrow.

  • Me too! It's far too warm! Insane weather for Scotland!

    Went to Braehead to get some stuff I need for the subcut (a tray, some closeable sandwich bags some antibacterial hand wash...) and bought a tray of thorntons to cheer myself up. Anyway ended up leaving them somewhere on the way back :*(

    Only good thing was OH saw my ranting text and bought me a box to replace them :):):)

  • 3am this morning had an asthma attack as a load of blood was pouring down my throat, started coughing and spluttering as I didn't know it was blood, I'd had a nosebleed in my sleep. Got blood all over my lovely clean bedding I'd changed yesterday. My last nose bleed was when I was 7.Now I've got to wash it all again. What a bloody mess, ggrrr

  • hoovers are for cleaning with and not go falling over it .OUCH!!!!

  • Kitchen sinks are for washing dishes in not for throwing up in! was trying to cook the boys tea whilst feeling queasy, nice!

  • The idiots at our local asda. They park they cars in the lane pf parking bays to use speed bank. Indoing so blocking anyone parked there. Lost it yesterday wie one. Wasn't well had to wait ages as a queue at the bank.....

  • Neighbour from hell. Our neighbour banged on our Door because the kids had an arguement and fell out. She then claimed Her child said we swore at her which wasn't true. When we went to speak the vulgarities started told to shut up. Told what she was gonna do to my wife, daughter and myself. This was less than 24 hours from being discharged from hospital with my asthma. She went to grab or hit my wife. I closed the door to which got a heavy kicking. Upon phoning the police they arrived and asked where we happy to do nothing ? I said no and asked what the options are. He said pressing charges, they could speak to her or do nothing. We choose the speaking to. Thankfully she hasn't came back. But we where made to feel that we over reacted by the police and my asthma has went back to square one.....

  • aaww gussypoo,

    you have neibours from hell I bet.

    rest up,lol glynis xxx

  • Bloody phone, just got a voice mail message (3.40pm)through and text to say I missed a call at 11.03am this morning no text straight away like normal. It was the school to say Matty had a severe attack and had to be nebulised could I come to the school, they tried Hubby too. He's ok now but was a shock!Feel so guilty because I'm deaf and don't hear the phone ring.

  • Rattles ru ok. Bet the fright nearly set of ur asthma . Hope the wee man bounces back quickly for u. Take care. Ps my horrible neighbour came and appologised to my wife for the other day. Yvonne made her eat humble pie before she left

  • Glad the neighbour, apologised, about time!! and hope you are ok??Yeah ta I am fine, back on the neb now. Had a huge row with hubby before work this am after the kids went to school. I am trying to carry on as if all normal and every one letting me with no back up. Hubby moaned about the state of hellhole under the stairs and I just totally lost it. Tempted to give in and get captured see how they all cope with me in hossie. Hubby's phoned 5 times today to check I'm ok, bloody typical could hear him bloody ring ALL 5 TIMES!!!!GGGGRRRRRRRR

    Take care

    Kate x

  • Rattles,hope matty is ok its a shock when you get a call out of the blue,

    my hubby and 2 sons have epilepcy and dont know whats the worst,seing them fit

    or getting the call to say had one,my tummy goes in knots and think nnnnoooo not again.

    love Glynis xxxx

  • Hi Glynis, it's just so much worse than going through it yourself. I can handle my asthma but not Matty's. Did a deal with God to take Matty's asthma away and give it to me, that did happen but not a happy bunny this week!!!

  • Ratles u should just down tools. Tell them ur fed up trying with no thanks. Stay in ur room and leave hubby and the weans to fend for themselves. I love my wee huff days in the room.

  • Hi Gussypoo, fab idea. Just been out to dinner and not pizza hut. Had 7 phone calls and an apology, boys sorting their rooms out tomorrow, RESULT!!Will have to rant and moan more, ha ha. Hope your not suffering. I'm on last neb of the day, got cramp and a red eye (think it's nebs!)Take care

    Kate x

  • Hey rattles do you use a mouth piece of face mask for your neb. A local pharmacist had advised against a face mask as atrovent can irritate your eyes and the face mask increases the chance of it going into the eyes. I use a pipe and no it's not the one in glynis picture !!!!

  • Hi I have been using a mask as my breathing was so bad, did use a pipe yesterday at work, still people gawp!I hate that.Will use pipe today as my right eye is bloody looking and also wont splutter all over laptop.Ta for that, wont use one's like Glynis's photo!! I laughed so much nearly went to hospital, she's mad but so funny. Take care and hope you feel better.


  • Hi I have been using a mask as my breathing was so bad, did use a pipe yesterday at work, still people gawp!I hate that.Will use pipe today as my right eye is bloody looking and also wont splutter all over laptop.Ta for that, wont use one's like Glynis's photo!! I laughed so much nearly went to hospital, she's mad but so funny. Take care and hope you feel better.


  • all i can say regarding that photo is make sure it's a new empty pipe :D

  • eewww yuck, the thought of some foreign body in there !!!!

  • Rattles just think of it as a challenge to unblock the pipe. I'm sure it will improve ur lung function ......

  • When I had my annual neb change this year try wouldn't give me any masks at all just mouthpieces cos of the increased risk to your eyes-said it was a new policy when I queried it. Guess for regular home use they want to minimise the opportunity of mist going in your eyes. I was told to only use mask when struggling rather than for regular daily use. I also have annual eye tests - opticians idea to keep an eye (pun intended!!) on things due to pred and nebs.


  • Feeling so down.

    I don't now how much more health issues with the kids I can. Just got found out today quicker than I was expecting that my youngest has epilepsy and they have started him on on anti-epilepsy medication. He has been having epileptic episodes since he was 16 months and in only 14 days he will be 3. Last week I found out my Eldest Ryan on top of his asthma also has a heart and respiratory murmur and because his heart isn't functioning properly has issues with his blood sugar levels and keeps going hypoglycemic. Then there is my daughter who has cronic excema, highly allergic to cows milk protein, is still a bed wetter and has behavioral issues. How much more is going to happen?

  • Do know how you feel,your week sounds far worse though. it's just never ending!My Eldest has had stomach problems and it really kicked off last week, he is regularly tested for crohns, was off school and had us worried sick. My youngest had a severe asthma attack at school, he has autism and loads of other probs including scoliosis, my asthmas brittle and hubby crohns flared up. Why do some people sail through life without any probs? it just seems so unfair.My Sons autism kicks off big time as soon as he's on steroids. My youngest Son had trouble with bed wetting for ages, it was part of the developmental delay and asthma meds. We still have blips when he's on steroids.It must be a real shock for you this week, at least I know about all our health problems and what to expect.

    Take care

    Kate x

  • Thanks Kate. I am so glad someone out there nows how I feel. A friend of mine said she nows the feeling but she only has 1 child so doesn't really now what the feeling is like. And then another friend said she felt so sorry for me and my hubbie she has 2 kids both with no medical issues. And then a few hours ago I find out that it looks like my mother has had another stroke. When it rains it pours. I now what is going to happen just never thought that my worse nightmare would come true. I was hoping my youngest would be the healthy one of the 3 kids and only have issues with his development but I was wrong to hope that dream would happen today and I would get told that his epileptic episodes was nothing more than normal infantile convulsion.

  • Just how many roads can they dig up in our town? Answer - all of them at once. Cough, wheeze. Very tiring walking 500 yds up the road for prescription today. Grr

  • im pig sick of medical problems its one thing after a nother

    ASwell as OA and ear probs and asthma got go see a renal specialist as bloods dropped from 90

    to 40 80(

  • The council are out cutting the grass verges around our house this morning, fantastic, its too hot to shut all the windows so I'll be making friends with my elephant today ..... inhaler on standby!!

    I wouldn't mind but I love the smell of cut grass, my lungs have other ideas though! LOL

  • why in this age of faxes and emails dowes it take Drs in 2 differnt hospitals a week to send a fax , read it and act on it???!!!!!

    The brompton have given the go ahead for home o2obn tues and my resp team at my local(who dont want me to have it) havent acted on it yet which is really frustrating as im due to go away on friday and could really use a cylinder to take with me!!!!

  • Just discovered another down side to a bad asthma day. I can't sing along to my favourite tunes!!! OK i know i have a blooming awful voice anyway but if i'm on my own in the house i love to sing along to whatever is on my ipod, on the radio or on tv!!!!!

    Gonna sulk now!

  • Maybe asthma should come with some warnings ""must be prepared to fight for treatment""along with ""you will be asked lots of questions to which you will be unable to answer due to the fact you can't breath""

    sorry, feel better for getting that off my chest and now have more room to breath x


    Sorry, needed to scream then. Hubby has annoyed me so much!!! Ok so i know he has problems with COPD, arthritis and other health problems and i know he suffers from a lot of pain. Well ""SO DO I""!!!!!!

    We were talking to our son and daughter-in-law yesterday and they have just managed to get a sofa via a local charity organisation. Its not a new one but with two toddlers in the house and another baby on the way they think its better to have second hand for now. I have been complaining for months and months that our sofa is uncomfortable and exacerbating my pain levels in my hips. I cannot sit comfortably for very long and the pain often leaves me close to tears. I suggested to hubby that we could go to the same place and look for a replacement sofa. He refused!!!! What the beep, beep, beep. He has a nice comfy recliner chair and i get the ****** uncomfortable sofa.

    Ok i know that later on this year we will be able to afford to go and buy a new sofa (waiting on some money coming from an inheritance) but surely its not too much to ask to go and get something a little more comfortable as a temporary measure!!! I really do not think he completely understands how my pain impacts on me and that my pain impacts on my ability to care for him.

    Sorry just needed to get that rant out.

  • make him swap chairs for a day, hopefully he will soon realize x

  • Went to see my asthma nurse today she was brill and added singular to my meds.

    She told me to ring up about 2 to see if the doc had signed my script.

    I rang up at 2 only to be told this doctor can not sign scripts.

    We have a different doc nearly every day since our doc left.

    I have got to wait to see what doc is on tomorrow as if same doc it wont be signed.

    gggrrrrr carnt believe this doc carnt sign scripts what if it was a emergancy or antibiotics!!!!!!

  • What?!?! That's ridiculous, so whats the point of him being there!!!

  • Hi Glynis, they don't give a sh*t about emergency antibiotics either, still waiting since 10am for doc to call to give me antibiotics.Went to hospital for treatment but couldn't have it due to infection caused by pred!, my antibiotics I'm on haven't been working, I'm allergic to others and brittle asthmatic.My nurse said to talk to GP ASAPI have one last lot to try before IV antiobiotics in hospital, you'd think they'd shift their arse in gear to save money, obviously not!! Hope you get your singular, I'd phone up and complain, it bit of a poor set up

    Take care

    Lots of love

    Kate xxx

  • glynis, that's bollocks any GP can sign a script, if the asthma nurse wrote the script the first GP she could collar can sign it

  • woody som,

    I only know what I was told that the doc couldnt sign it.

    Anyway later in the evening got a call to collect it so not sure what went on

    but ive got them now,xxx

  • Why do some folk insist that the name you grew up with for something and which you have heard others use all of their working life, is just the wrong one?

    Have a friend who insists vehemently that what I would use for metal ie a hacksaw, is in fact an engineers saw. Plus my junior hacksaw as itemised in my Glasgow University Junior Technician Kit of 1970 is, SHE INSISTS!, a small engineering saw.

    Not that I use a hacksaw much these days but oh! It makes our blood boil.

    In all my life, my grandpa and DH's uncles too, this was only ever referred to as a hacksaw with replaceable adjustable blade if you want the full term. Hmph.

  • GM, like you I've grown up using the name 'hacksaw' and actually your friend is wrong, or

  • IF you have a cut or ulcer in your mouth,why does it hurt more when eat chocolate?

  • ooo, didn't know it did! Chocolate is good for everything!!! LOL

  • aww!!! my pussy cat is poorly again and keeps being sick.

    last time it cost us 200 pounds so we decided get him insured,

    just rang the vets and they said it would be put as a problem before we took out the insurance

    and not be able claim unless the vet could put it down to something else but

    thats hard to do as could be a number of things causing it,it takes several hours after hes eaten before hes sick so vet says its a intestine problem like before.

    So we have got to put him back on to a chicken only diet an back on the vets special food

    to see if that does the trick like last time but if not back the vets for the rest of the treatment like before that was anti sick injections and steroids like before that cost a bomb.

    Hes a house cat so hes not been eating anything he shouldnt .

    edit-just got his special food and just had a belly full so fingers crossed does the trick <@@>

  • A Neighbour in his 60's stays above me . Has a drink problem and his wife has left him. Has just came in with a carry out now have dr hook blaring out.... Gonna be a long day and night....... Grrrr

  • A Neighbour in his 60's stays above me . Has a drink problem and his wife has left him. Has just came in with a carry out now have dr hook blaring out.... Gonna be a long day and night....... Grrrr

  • Why are people so never understanding to wards disabled people? I always feel like i need a translator every time i talk to a non disabled, non medical condition suffering person.

    It really annoys me! It tires me out the amount of time i spend untangling them!


  • for the general rant and moan area-

    yep i know on a prev post that i wouldnt moan today n its lasted approx 15mins or so- just gone through some bills and im gunna get charged a fee for not paying 2 bills on time, £10 for one and £15 for the other cos i thought they werent due to be paid until tomorrow-so annoyed with myself...anyone got a lottery win or a windfall that they want to send to a worthy charity cos im so very skint and could do with a cash injection lol

  • I hate people who spray perfume/air freshener/body sprays in the office :(

  • piglet- yep i hate this too also. when one member of the resp team who i see always wears a really strong perfume and it always catches my throat starting me coughing which sets off my chest-the same person has asked if i can remove my dogs when doing a home visit as she has an allergy to animals, which obv i do but seriously!. im not saying that they shouldnt smell nice etc but come on when your working every day with people who have breathing difficulties lol......also another general rant-why wont the government ban smoking in public places? if they can do it in for example the metrocentre in the north east why can they not police it in town centres(and yep i am an ex smoker so know the pull of the ciggie - but you can always wait 15mins or so)

  • I am a SUFA ( speak up for asthma ) volunteer and go to various groups of all ages to speak and we are asked not to wear perfumes or strong sprays in case anyone in the room has asthma symptoms. Surely those health care givers who work with respiratory patients could could lay off the perfume before a visit!! LIZ x x

  • I too dislike strong perfumes! Oh and spray air freshners!

    Rant.... just broken a favourite glass I have had for many years. It was a small tumbler with a crocodile around it (kids one!) that I got many years ago in France.... it had Nutella in it when bought.

    The hypermarkets had some really good Nutella glasses back then... I am now left with a Ninja turtles one. Boo hoo!

  • Oh joy. Second week of our stay at home holiday and despite taking care to stay away from everyone that has current cold virus - it's fairly got me. Sore throat, feeling so tired can hardly lift anything or walk a hundred yards etc. Lemsip's properties only seem to last for an hour or two at most. It's even made me think twice about going for a run down the coast in VWbus or go and sit in Starbucks with a book. Those are my two favourite things in life so if I'd rather put them off and sit about the house, well, this is a really awful cold virus!

    Keep hearing hre's a nasty chest infection doing the rounds of the town. So that's it! I'm locking myself away for the duration.

    Ps any suggestions n best soothing drink for sore throats

  • hi nanna

    hope you feel better soon xxx

    put some lemon and honey in a mug of hot water.

    if you have a coffee percolator make it in that and will stay hot

    and ready all day as you need it xxxxx

  • Thanks glynis, never thought of doing it in coffee percolator. xx

  • I so need chocolate. My prednisolone has been increased again 2nd time in two weeks and the munchies driving me insane. Fed up wie crisp. I need chocolate and jelly gums pity it's not good for diabetics ....

    Gave in had some chocolate. Mmmmm back to being calm and sedate ps I'm allowed a liitle bit of chocolate as a treat

  • Nhs 24

    I phoned Nhs 24 due to my asthma.I was asked why was I calling. I said my asthma was poorly controlled I had a tight pain in my cheat and increase in shortness of breath. In order to process my call I was asked the following questions ..,

    Are you conscious...... Yes I'm talking to u!!!

    Are you still breathing.... Yes I'm talking to u !!!!

    Other than the chest pain do you have any chest pain... If I had the puff I would have burst out laughing. Thankfully I got referred to an emergency gp got seen

  • Gussypoo!

    That is a classic of someone reading from the script and an inability to think outside the box!

    Hope you are feeling better and didn't laugh too much!


  • Thanks Gussypoo

    I can't stop laughing.....hilarious

  • Oh Gussypoo, your turn to make me laugh. Hahaha. NHS24 - we're safe in their hands. Glad you ticked all the right boxes and got seen. Get well soon. xox

    PS Hope you kicked up a stink to NHS 24. This isn't right.

  • gussypoo,made me laugh also xxx glad sent up my phone to text 999 xxx

  • Moan alert

    I am totally fedup! It is september I feel rubbish! I have yet another kidney infection and an upset stomach. Asthma is joining in but for now i am ignoring it! I feel so ill and yet again am sat waiting for GP to ring me because yet again they had no appointments left and i rang at 8.30am on surgery opening time! I thought they saved some for people who needed them on the day?!

    I have been to out of hours this weekend and they were far quicker in seeing me and treating me than my GP surgery they rang me back within fifteen minutes! So much for GP being better than out of hours this morning i am thinking the opposite.

    I am on antibiotics that are not liking me. i need some different ones, actually what i need is a new body. I am fedup of mine it is just one thing after another! I really need to see the GP to get things sorted and can i get an appointment NO! Am cross and upset and tired and puffed and fedup!

    Sorry just have to moan i want my old life back! I do not like my life how it is now and if i get told one more time there is nothing we can do i will scream! I promise! Plumie

  • Plumie,

    I am so sorry that you are going through a rough patch at the moment, it is so annoying when you can not get an appointment at your GP surgery isn't it, I have experienced that before with the GP surgery I am with.

    I do hope you start to feel better soon

  • Hi Plumie, hope you feel loads better soon, I have kidney problems and asthma, its a bloody nightmare.I feel like I'm half dead.Getting appointments are a nightmare too, especially when your too ill to be stuck in waiting room too.Hope you get better antibiotics, im on augmentin which are very strong but only ones that work but make me feel awful,then will have to have IV treatment.

    Take care, thinking of you

    love Kate x

  • Sound of Silence

    How tiring it is to have laryngitis and no voice to answer with the following when people are being solicitous or even down right nosy:

    1) I may sound tired but I'm really not

    2) No the throat doesn't hurt

    3) Yes, I do have a cold

    4) No, the doc said there is nothing I can take for it

    5) Yes, even though I've lost my voice, I do still have asthma.

    6) No, the asthma doesn't go away like a winter cold.

    7) No, the asthma hasn't caused this.

    8) Thanks, but a hot toddy is apparently the last thing I should have as whisky dries out the vocal chords even more, so while it may make me pished and happy and beyond caring :D it won't really help in the long term. :(

    Think I'll print them out on a series of cards and present the appropriate as required.

    lol (whispered).

  • granny mo- print a copy off for me will ya xxx

  • I'm back on pred again after 8 glorious weeks without it.Have just managed to lose all the weight I put on and now back on it again ggggrrrr. Wouldn't mind but it never helps improve symptoms anyway!It is not an asthma miracle drug for everyone!

  • Aww, my car is sick and has to go to the men in blue (mechanics) tomorrow.

  • hope car gets sorted asthma girl!

    AAAAARRRRRGGGGG forgot another yummy side effect of steroids, lower back pain on a scale of 10 out of 10!it's only been 8 weeks, how could I forget just how bad it is!

  • Only a guess but think the return to damp rainy days is making asthma grumpy. After a week of virus, voice returning and cough & phlegm from cold almost gone. Been replaced with the asthma cough giving pain at right side of middle that almost had me in tears today. Sofa surfed with hot water bottle for most of afternoon.

    I'm grumpy cos its starting to niggle a bit again. :(

  • Hope you feel loads better soon Granny Mo, think we are all getting fed up with this yucky weather, it's not helping any of us.hope tomorrow is a better day

    Take care

    kate x

  • Take care granny hope u feel netter soon. When in hospital. A lot of people where talking about these blanket throws wie the sleeves and hood. Highly recommended for sofa surfing. Just hope oozy blanket ain't a trigger

  • Thank you. What I like about AUK is the warm feeling generated by forum.

    Warm feeling also being generated by a furry hot water bottle and cuppa brought upstairs by DH.

    For those fellow sufferers, wishing you as good a night as you can manage and crossing fingers and toes in the hope weather improves asap. xox

  • was really looking forward to much needed sleep so went to bed late to give myself every chance of feeling sleepy, ZZZZZzzzzz 2.30am a little person is in the room crying!!!! Matty's asthma had crashed and he had headache and felt sick AAAARRRRGGGGG, spent next 45 mins sorting him out and getting him back to sleep.I didnt sleep for another 2 hours as I was worried about his breathing.So today I'm tired and really grumpy :((((

    Hope everyone else having a good day x

  • We have three of us on pred in the house at the mo, all grumpy and fed up with asthma grumble grumble :((((((((((((((

  • Rant needed

    Morning people, i have to rant! I have a full blown cold, green gunk from nose, body aching, tired, sleepy the lot. I feel terrible! I have only been out of hospital 5 days and i found this cold! I am not happy. I have not been out of the house or anything. I have just been good and resting. I have not even got dressed i have just had 5 PJ days! I am really annoyed and cross.

    At the moment i am trialing a new idea under my respiratory teams watchful eye where i completely self manage my conditions. They are ringing me daily to see how i am doing. As i have the problem of i cannot take antibiotics as my body reacts badly to them in tablet form due to there milk content. This is the first cold i have had since starting this idea last week. It is hard to know what to do for the best. I know there is no point going to the GP as there is nothing they can do for a cold. Just rest, fluid, fruits etc. Some of my family are nagging at me to go to the hospital! I am sorry but this is a waste of the nhs time and money to go to hospital for a cold. Yes the cold is affecting my asthma but it is a cold it is expected too. I am on top asthma medication all i can do is ride it out. If i have an asthma attack of course i will go to hospital i am NOT stupid! But here is no point going now to a and e and saying i have a cold. They will think i am a total idiot! Sorry folks i am feeling really upset and ill and got at and needed to just rant away to some understanding caring supportive people. Who know when is the correct time to bother hospitals and when is not a good time!

    Thanks Plumie

  • Our new microscopic leather suite came today. Last one was too big so my wife ordered a smaller one. My 14 year old delinguent was drinking juice and spilled it on the sofa despite being told to watch wot he was doing. When told off he wondered why I was cross as it was only a wee drop... My wife moaned at me saying she wish she hadn't bought it now cos all I've done Is moan...... So I've retreated to the sanctuary of the bedroom..... God bless head phones and a good sulk !!!!

  • Spent most of the night tossing and turning! Have barely slept! I am just not well! Why do i have to wait till friday for anything to be done about it? I doubt even then they will do anything. I am fedup of feeling ill!

  • I'm fed up with people assuming that asthma can be fixed with a blue inhaler. Someone in my class informed me today that if I wanted my asthma to get better I should start taking my inhalers. Argggggh!!

  • Some people are just born idiots ele. These people deserve to be ignored or quick remark is usually enuff to stun them into silence. I like "" does a diet cure all fat people""..... Gets them thinking for a moment at least ......

  • Just fed up with asthma in general. Hmph.

  • Hope you feel better soon Grannymo

    I'm hoping today will be better than yesterday. I broke the printer and replaced 2 toilet seats (one I broke!) and replaced tumble dryer seal, sorted garage, got food shopping.Looked after to sick asthmatic kids and sorted all the info I need for teaching in 2 weeks time.It was a horrible day.To day will be fab, even with the wind and rain!

  • im gunna have a bit of a rant about my usually good gp nurse. i went to see her a couple of times for a couple of health probs that needed to have an appointment at specialists.hadnt heard anything so rang and she hadnt done it due to prob with recording equipment so ive got to wait agessss to get an appointment...thats not the rant, this is it- if the recording device isnt working and a couple of people have rang to ask whats happened about results etc and they know that everyone else that day wouldnt have been seen to properly, then surely they should have contacted everyone who saw her that day? is that not just common sense...anyway she was apologetic, fine cos these things happen and she is normally an approachable friendly nurse but then she said that she had actually remembered that i needed to be sent some referrals but as i have lots of others for other complaints she didnt think id want any more-its true i do have to see a specialist for my asthma, for my arthritis and have had loads of gyne problems and have to have regular appointments with my gp but these issue are ongoing and its not as if i can do anything-and the probs that i went for are quite urgent so why would i not want treatment.....? i cant help having these problems, i havent done anything to cause them and have tried to prevent and help them so why do i feel like im a time waster when these things arent silly little things that i wouldnt go to docs for like some people....ok rant over :)

  • I managed to sleep for all of 30minutes and now i am wide awake! I am no impressed i want to be asleep! The rest of the world are going to sleep and yet i just cannot. All i can feel is my heart beating away. I am quite breathless and totally fedup! I do not know how i ended up in this pattern but i have managed it. I aint even napping in the day, i just am not sleeping at all! I want to cry and scream and shout all at once!

    It is so hard to know what to do with yourself when you are awake at night and all day too. You are so shattered yet you just cannot fall asleep. You then get worried and it becomes a vicious circle. I would get up and go and do something accept then i get breathless and feel ill. It just cannot win at the moment!

    It seems like no one can help me! I am so fed up! I want to be well. I want to regain some normal life.

    I spend my life moaning at people and then feeling bad because i am probabley pulling them down. I want to help other people and make sure they are happy. Yet i am not happy because i cannot sleep. I cannot do the things i love. I am just so restricted at the moment. It is hard during the night as there arent people to talk to, there arent places you can go when you need an assistant to take you. Nights are the hardest things when you cannot sleep .They seem to go on forever especially now it is getting dark earlier and light later! I want to be happy i want to be cheerful but i just cannot seem to manage it on next to no sleep!


  • my doc is crap, tried to get an appointment with him but he was duty doc.So had to wait for him to ring, did explain both boys asthmatic and one really not great.Phoned at 9am and said earliest any one could see him was 4.30! told him he was struggling to breath, said nothing he could do.Told him i would take him to a and e and put phone down on him.We went to a walk in clinic which missed his asthma symptoms and was told he was fine, i started to doubt him and thought he was skiving.24 hours later his asthma had totally crashed and he was in hospital.I'm soo bloody angry, rant nearly over grrrrrr and he forgot Matty's steroids so now have to phone again and sort it.

  • People who park inconsiderately. To be fair they weren't parked in the Keep Clear area but almost completely across the pavement at corner to our cul de sac meant difficult for emerging cars to see properly. Wouldn't have made half this fuss if they hadn't been going to visit someone on the other side of the carriageway where there was ample parking space. Grrr.

  • Fed up because I am back on preds

  • why does an asthma flare up happen so easily yet regaining control takes forever?!

    My asthma went crazy at begin of septemeber and my medical team are still trying to regain control for me!

    ARGH i am running out of patience!

  • my pf dropped last night, was just starting to feel better and only 2 hours sleep, that will help!!!! grrrrr I'm so fed up :(((((

  • Grr Grr Grr Grr Grr Grr Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

  • Fed up of this whole asthma lark. I wont a brake from it all. Back at doctors again today and chest infection on left lung has improved slightly but not to stage it should be at. So I have to drop a sample of my phlegm off tomorrow and go back to doctors on Friday. No more antibiotics once I finish the course tomorrow but been given another 5 days of prednisalone. This time 20mg instead of 40mg if this fails then more prednisalone and different antibiotics. I am coming to the 1 year anniversary since this nightmare started again and I just can't take anymore.

  • Flu jab given and singulair dropped last Friday. Since when I've woken coughing my head off. Salbutamol needed about 6 times before under control. Today, going to see doc anyway, I mention the cough. My asthma nurse passed waiting room and asked how I was. I told her and she said ah, not good.

    In to see the Doc -Never did think much of this doc anyway - and yes, she sounds chest and says its clear. Cough will be laryngitis. I CANT give you antibiotics.

    Excuse me? I never asked for any (cos I'm intelligent enough to know antibiotics won't kill a virus nor will they cure an asthma cough!).

    And so I left the surgery quietly keeping my temper in - never got a good bye just a kind of handwave of dismissal. Battered my way home through bus queue which now blocks across the pavement since they temporarily moved the bus stop and grumped my way home.

  • granny sending u a hug..... one of these days im gonna ask the gp to lie on the foor. im gonna sit on their chest, ask them to breath in and out and to listen for a wheeze>>>>> and proudly say welcome to my world !!!!!...

  • Gussy rofl

    the picture of you doing that really made me laugh

    when you do it please take pictures and share with all of us :)

  • called at docs yesterday to ask when the flu jab is being offered after seeing messages on here and not an available clinic until early november. got loads of stick last year by medical staff about not having it so suprised that im gunna have to wait again (they ran out last year, was meant to get a call back and didnt and ended up ill so didnt have it) . fingers crossed i dont get ill before then -oh joy x

  • My thoughts r with u all xxx

    Hi all

    I have just joined this site after living with Severe Brittle Asthma for the past 20 years. I was 24 when diagnosed after a severe case of chicken pox left me with my first bout of pluresy.

    At the age of 24 I was severely wheezy every day and went from being very active to feeling like a 70 year old woman :(

    I have battled with this now for 20 years and have 5 inhalers, 2 meds in my neb, injections, shringe driver, pred and theopholyn pills too, all of which i have daily.

    If I can give any of you struggling with this disabling illness any help or advise, I would like to say that from way back in the beginning I too found it extremely difficult to come to terms with and the frustration would eat away at me for the first few years.

    I was however determined not to let it ruin my life and stop me from doing things. I do ofen crawl around unable to breath and have walking sticks to help on my very bad days, however I have always loved hiking, mountain climbing and visiting medieval castle which means lots of steps to climb.

    I quickly turned my anger into determination not to stop living, so I continued to climb and hike which im still doing today at the age of 44. I have to take all my drugs with me and plan my trips, but even if I have like last week yet another chest infection and Peak flow of 230 I still took a trip up to the mountains in north wales for the weekend......yes it was difficult and i had to keep stopping to use my inhalers, but this condition will never stop me in my tracks :O)

    I find that the determination to get out and live my dreams helps me so much to ignore the stresses of living with asthma. We will never get rid of it so we have to do our best to live around it.

    I want to attempt the 3 peaks challege, which yes will not be done at the same pace as the healthy groups who have done it before, but im sure if i could gather some other interested parties like myself we could adapt it to our capabilities.

    God bless u all xxxxxxx

  • Just wanted to say well done Tess, I'm glad no matter how hard it is, you're still doing what you want to do. Its so easy to kick back and say you can't do things but you're proof that with determination (almost) anything is possible with the right preparation, patience and support.

    Maybe if you do the 3 peaks we could join you and do an AUK sponsored walk!

  • Hi September

    Thanks for ur comment

    I will link some interest through here and facebook and let u know about the challege. It would be great if we can gather enough support to do this trek and show that anything is possible.

    I'll keep u posted


  • My nurse this morning said you do not look ill?!

    My question to her was well why am i so breathless and needing nebs frequently

    Her reply are the nebs working

    Me: yes

    Her reply so what you worrying about, yell if they stop working.

    ARGH! Sorry had to moan! No panic required my reliever is working!


  • bloody irritating the you don't look ill comment, doesn't really help, take care Plumie xxxxxxxx

  • Im Sorry to hear how people in the health profession Become so stupid at times. It get so frustrating when Our needs or concerns get the brush off or quickly dismissed. I was told to seek attention when nebs didn't last more than 4 hours. Now been told to seek attention when they dont last 3 hours. Told my peak flows indicate stable asthma. I'm 39 they read 250-270 last year they where 390 and year before that 490. How's that stable I was Then asked to describe my asthma attacks and exacabations. The consultant then decided it did sounded likey asthma was the problems!!!

  • re gussypoo msg- lol had to laugh at that msg, had the same type of thing said to me. it just goes around and around doesnt it-maybe we should all just be put in one room and referred to each other cos at least then some of us might get comments that dont drive us mad :)

  • hi jay39 and gussypoo.

    They changed there advice to suit the individual i think and there does not seem to be a standard practice for people on nebuilsers i think this should be looked in to. as i have been told i can take as many single doses as need. I think it is stupid there must be limits somewhere and there must be proper advice surely. I think if it does not last 4 hours there is a problem and i will push to get the help i need as should any pone else. ARGH NHS and there silly ideas that never follow any where else!

    GRRR in a bad mood today not helping feel like moaning all the time moan moan moan moan!


  • Plumie I see how i respond to my nebs . If I go 4 hourly I'm happy. If I go 3 hourly I see how long til next one. If it doesn't work or start to feel symptomatic in less then 3 hours I go to a and e no messing about. The dr's are in agreement with this. I currently take salbutamol 5mg and atrovent 500mcg. I hope things improve soon for u. In mean time fell free to shout better getting it out ur system than bottling it up ..

  • Why, in the company of acquaintances, does saying you've hurt your back or whatever, release all those folk to say they have a slight twinge and where it is and that yours can't be anything like as bad as theirs today.

  • Granny just tell them u got a boil om

    Ur bum. See what they say then. !!!!!

  • One of my friends used to get those regularly when they were younger. Used to get the same things said. As my late father in law would say - ""some folk are aye blaw-blaws"".

  • My son was at the hospital on Thursday and they want to see him back in 3 months. His heart murmur is linked to his asthma. We came to this conclusion as when his asthma is giving him hell his heart condition which is coursing the murmur is worse. But sadly they want to do a load of tests. My poor boy had every blood test going done on Thursday. And the tests aren't over yet. They wont a x-ray to check a full body bone density, a full body MRI scan under antithetic as they are going to do a complete detailed scan of his brain, heart, lungs and skeleton with dye. When they checked his height he measured in at 116.9cm which is on the 0.4th which is the bottom line of the growth chart when by doing there measurements he should be on the 25th line which is the 4 line on the growth chart. His weight is bad too. He had gone from the 25th again the 4th line on the weight chart right down to under the 0.4th which is below the bottom line. It is very concerning as even with this issues he is still eating more than a normal 8 year old and is SOOOOOO Hyper which isn't down to the food or drink he has.

    OK rant over. I am just so concerned about my little boy with everything else that is happening t him I don't know ho much more he can take

  • Asthma family. Hope things improve for your son and your able to take some comfort in the test they are doing. In doing the test it shows they are responding to your concerns and hope to establish a better picture of ur sons health and reasons for weight loss.

  • why is it that i cant seem to be ill with just one thing. i know loads of people who are older and have nothing wrong medically at all, others who have one or 2 things wrong but on the whole are well. me- im dropping to bits, i try so hard to be healthy and keep my depression at bay but im at al loss as to what i must have done in a past life to deserve this cos im a good person. at the min, my back is killing with arthritis, my siatica is awful and i keep falling over, my knee is still sore after dislocating the knee cap again,i cant hold anything in my left hand cos my carpel tunnel is playing up after having my blood gases done last week and the doc jumped my thumb out, my asthma is bloody terrible and now to top it off i have a really bad stomach bug which is making me weak and sore and is affecting my ibs- its sods law isnt it that when you decide to buy cheap loo roll instead of your normal decent stuff you regret the decision lol.hey ho off to the loo i go xxx

  • why does my local hospital have to smell like poo? It has a sewage treatment plant outside (some of you know where it is.... but at least the shopping centre is close by!) and absolutely reeks! Not good when your tummy is gurgling as they have taken the enteric coating off of the pred!!!

  • Why do I feel that I'm not being listened to?

    Went to see my Doctor again on Monday having not got over a chest infection which has seriously affected my asthma coughed up blood twice because of so much coughing, on second lot of antibiotics, seretin, ventolin as needed usually 4 times a day get breathless doing hardly anything. Got to wait until tomorrow and see Doctor again.


    P.S. I take 2 puffs of QVAR 100 preventer morning and evening

  • To wss. - Worked in that hosp for almost two years. Hot in summer but we daren't open a window. LOL

  • To think that this is the proposed site for the new super hospital Granny. When at local consultation management was asked re smell. They said there was no longer a smell at this site !!!! And that side of Clyde was for redevelopment. Of course this was before the credit crunch

  • Just an up-date and another rant.

    Got a phone call back from doctor at hospital on Tuesday Ryan is to be admitted for a day next week on Wednesday for more tests. The bloods they took last week came back saying his cordisole hormone level is extreme low. This is the reason why he is so short and skinny. Apparently it looks like he only has about a year-2 years worth of the growth hormone left and is going to be on the taller side of a dwarf. I'm not bothered about this but I am concerned know about the affect this is going to have on Ryan. He already gets called names and picked on a lot about his height as there is hardly any children in the school, even the ones in year 1 or even the reception class that are smaller than him and on top of that his own sister is almost taller than him.

    Know for the rant the stupid consultant who said Ryan doesn't have a heart murmur and there is nothing to panic about admitted that it looks like he could of been wrong and his murmur is more pronounced when he is battling any form of infection/illness which makes his asthma so much more worse. How could a so called consultant who specialises in cardiology make such a mistake that in the end could of been life threatening. This is the one thing that has made the issue worse. I just hope that once they have all the tests they can finally give me full details of what is happening to my son

    OK rant over hope everyone has had a better time than me this week. On top of everything else baby has chicken pox and is really ill because of it. Not a good week but hay half term next week so no rushing about in the morning. 1 week of chilling, relaxing and no rushing perfect bliss

  • Asthma family. Hope things improve for Ryan with his asthma, are they going to consider growth hormone treatment.

    Some murmours I'm children don't become apparent til the child is under stress from illness or extreme physical exertion and this can be how things are missed on some investigations. I hope things improve with the cardiac surgeon

  • They have said due to the amount of steriods he is taking through his asthma meds they can't treat him. The steriod they would give him is the same that is in the inhalers. The way I am looking at it is his father was short until he hit his teens and then shot up and I stopped growing at the age of 13 and it hasn't done me any harm. He is at present meassuring in at just under 117cm which is only 3cm under 4 foot so he isn't that short really considering when he is born he was only 5lb 6oz and measured 39cm. He was just a small baby condisering he was 10 days late as well but when I look at him he doesn't look short or skinny. You can't see his bones uin any shape or form through his skin and for me that is good sign and he is happy, active and not in any distress. Sadly even if they did say they could treat him me and my hubbie have said we would refuse treatment as it means injecting him everyday and he s not good with needles even if he doesn't see them. Have injections of any form affects his asthma and makes sick so no injections even if they could offer him them as we see it has if we gave him the injections we would only be affecting another area of hsi health which needs to be controlled more than his growth. If you know what I mean?

  • Gussy & Granny- It's ridiculous isn't it? Did they say it didn't smell whilst holding their breath? On a warm day that smell is gut wrenching. The only positive of it is going there so often means I am getting used to it (is that really good or bad....?)

    Asthma family hope you and yours are feeling better.

    My rant of the day- Why isn't my broadband working properly AGAIN?!?!?! Trying to get any technical help I can actually do is sooo stressful. I am wondering if they have a register for disabled as I can't do the things they are asking...... I may have to call again

  • Just as we start to get better the stupid heating and hot water program thing in the airing cupboard goes bang. The plumber came out and thought he had fixed it to do us for a few days while he waits for the parts but nope. The thing went bang again with him stood there and the poor guy nearly got electricuted. I bet he has a lovely bruise on his back from jumping back and hitting his back on the door frame. The only way we can get hot water is by boiling the kettle and our heating is coming from an electric fire we have borrowed from my friend. Thankfully my friend has said that I can take the kids to hers for a bath at night and if the house gets to cold even with the electric fire then me and the kids can move into hers for a while and I can take over the kitchen to ensure that my daughter is safe because of her food allergies. What would I do without her, I don't have family I can turn too that would allow me to take over the kitchen to make sure my daughter is safe. And on top of that the cardiologist has messed up again. I have written a letter and I will be sending it to PALS as I am putting in a complaint about that doctor and I have requested he is transfered to a different hospital for his cardiologist care.

  • Just as we start to get better the stupid heating and hot water program thing in the airing cupboard goes bang. The plumber came out and thought he had fixed it to do us for a few days while he waits for the parts but nope. The thing went bang again with him stood there and the poor guy nearly got electricuted. I bet he has a lovely bruise on his back from jumping back and hitting his back on the door frame. The only way we can get hot water is by boiling the kettle and our heating is coming from an electric fire we have borrowed from my friend. Thankfully my friend has said that I can take the kids to hers for a bath at night and if the house gets to cold even with the electric fire then me and the kids can move into hers for a while and I can take over the kitchen to ensure that my daughter is safe because of her food allergies. What would I do without her, I don't have family I can turn too that would allow me to take over the kitchen to make sure my daughter is safe. And on top of that the cardiologist has messed up again. I have written a letter and I will be sending it to PALS as I am putting in a complaint about that doctor and I have requested he is transfered to a different hospital for his cardiologist c

  • Anyone else coughing all evening and drowning out the telly? DH keeps saying its ok, but must be annoying.

    Earlier today, 12 noon, twice stuck behind a wee Daihatsu. Only for about three minutes each time. But most bothersome, as brought on that 'closing throat' feeling. Since then I've coughed on and off for most of the day. :(

    Barometer's on the up again, so can expect a visiting mini-elephant in the night. Grump.. mump.. moan.

    Edit: Not asthma but another flipping cold. That's the umpteenth since my flu jab. Happens every time.

  • MIssing prescription.

    I put a repeat prescription in on friday 22nd.

    i went to collect it on wednesday. It wasn't there.

    So I went to ask again today, nothing. they've lost it. grrr

    luckily i stilll have some blue inhaler left but im down to one.

    have filed another repeat request hopefully by thursday i'lll actuallly have a prescription.

  • sick off taking meds.Need them but why do they have to make you drowsy.Im so tired 24/7 . Edit- on a 6 month tramadol reduction so hope that helps!

  • Wondering whether not pain exactly, more a general discomfort in sides at rib level, is down to back pain itself, which had completely gone from a few weeks ago or the fact that there's a wee man cutting a mound of kerbstones almost outside my window or possibly even the barometer falling.

    1. Usually barometer rising bothers me.

    2. Back pain had completely gone.

    3. Wee mannie and cement dust? Yep.

    or a fourth?

    4. Lack of add-on since singulair taken off as didn't agree with me.

    Decided its the wee man and his kerb-cutter. Eyes becoming itchy, throat too. = Allergy symptoms. Antihistamine ahoy!

    Edit: No problems rest of day until drove back home again. LOL

  • Pelting down with rain and I'm taking daughter's boyfriend out for driving practice today.

    Edit: Drive went beautifully. Rain stopped long enough too, for going over a few things.

  • noooooooooooo a very big rant. my very good best ever pet vacuum cleaner has snapped its belt. i now know that nowhere local sells them and to order on the net would be great as they are actually quite reasonably priced at a couple of quid but the flippin delivery cost is 6squid- 6 flippin pound to send one belt. its not as if it is heavy so im amazed at the cost, even more so but this is actually the average price on all of the sites. going to have to do something though as my floors are going to take on an animal appearance soon with the amount of dog hairs-not great for an ocd asthmatic. i cant even bend to clean it with the carpet cleaner as im too stiff so im using a long handled brush and pan set but couldnt even do this today...flipping 6pound its not right is it lol

  • After a good wheeze and cough, finally got on my neb and what happens... my phone goes off!! OK it was a friend calling to tell me he was calling round, not a problem. Just as I go to switch it back on, Steve's phone went, for a job interview, fair enough in my books, go him!

    After he's done, i then need the loo... had already put meds in my chamber so couldnt transfer them to omron...

    I got there, eventually lol!

  • 8-)

    Edit: Deleted last message as way too much moaning and not enough ranting.

  • My manager at work has yet again been discussing my health and sickness to friends at work. They now know more than me. Seams im the bench mark as to wot will happen if ur off sick !!!!!

    Wanting to report her but friends asking me not to. Means they would have the aftermath . I'm so annoyed why did they say if they won't back it up.....

  • In memory of Bex who gave us this thread for non-asthma rants

    bump. bump.

    Some of our newer forum members may not know this thread exists.

  • Thanks for the bump GrannyMo. I'd like to have a rant if I may...

    Called the hospital fracture clinic to make an appointment, they asked if my tibia was in my knee or my ankle... They wouldn't make me an appointment because they're only doing knees and ankles at the moment. Wish someone had told me before I decided to fracture my leg...

  • Put a repeat prescription request in last Thursday. Hubby went to pick it up from Boots on Saturday to be told they have only just recieved it and and would not be able to get to it that day as they were too busy! Luckily I never leave ordering to the last minute so I still had everything in but that really isnt the point. I rang my surgery this morning who are adament the request went to Boots Thursday pm, which I have to say is the norm. Sooooo I rang Boots again this morning to be told it was half term last week, they only had skeleton staff in and people who brought in scripts themselves had priority and in future I have to give them 4-5 days to get my repeats done. Its still not done now and wont be ready until tuesday pm, thats alright then, its only asthma, nothing serious really is it!

    Arrrrrgh! Yes I have over 35 items on my repeats, thats why I order them to be picked up at weekend so my hubby can pick them up for me. Apparently I dont qualify for Boots delivery service, its only for people who really need it apparently, not quite sure what the criteria is as I have been a customer for years and have had a fair few asthma attacks at the store requiring them to call 999.

    oops sorry for the rant, I am so angry am going to have some chocolate, damn there goes the diet for this week again and its only 11am.

  • I know what you mean about Boots. Sounds like we use the same one! The customer service I get there is terrible. I always have to wait ages & then they haven't got it ready or it didn't arrive from the surgery. I am on their supposedly easier 'keep & repeat' thing but its a nightmare! Sorry to join in your moan but I can relate to it!


  • Delayed appointments

    I need to rant as i am stressed at the moment. I was told just over 4 weeks ago i may have a hole in the heart/heart problem and that it doesn't seem to be my asthma that is causing my current problem which has lasted daily now for over 9 months. This came as a shock but, after a couple of days for it to sink in, i thought, 'Ok let's wait and see.'

    Well, 4 weeks later and there has been a delay, as the requests for the tests didn't go through for some reason. I am 4 weeks away from seeing the consultant again and still no appts. The consultant's secretary just doesn't seem to be bothered to check or chase it up. I eventually spoke to a lovely lady in the lung function unit where one of the physical tests will be and she is now chasing the secretary to get her to chase it up but this has really stressed me out waiting. It may turn out that it isn't my heart and it is something else but it is the waiting. I am barely coping with the physical side of work and my personal life has been on hold for the last 9 months (as anyone with shortness of breath knows) and i am reaching my coping limit!!!

    Rant over!

    Jac xx

  • Update

    Update on my rant re GPs not listening and suggesting tiredness of last wek or two down to anaemia and not asthma.

    Lovely new GP actually listened and prescribed Serevent to take alongside my daily Seretide. Should cut down salbutamol use. Also had blood results from day before - how quick is that! - they're all clear. No anaemia (d'uh!)

    Happier GrannyMo

  • BT urrgghhh - sorry for lengthy rant

    Glad you found someone helpful GrannyMo - does make a difference, I hate it when they just push you out.

    I'm now going to rant about BT who are still driving me crazy following their stupidity last October when I moved. Had debt collectors ringing me every day because all the bills had gone to old address, asked many times for itemised bill to be sent because I couldn't believe I really owed that much for 5 days of having the line (they cut me off too early and had to reconnect), kept sending bills to old address even after I gave them new one, now they've sent me 3 bills which I can't work out but seem to include a hefty charge for international calls, which I shouldn't have to pay because on the plan I had before and should still have had at that time if I hadn't been cut off early, I had 10 hours a month free for intl calls. GRRRRRRRRR

    Chances of them removing this? Pretty remote, and I'm knackered and really don't want to have to deal with their totally useless customer service people who will be a) rude b) unhelpful or obstructive c) sound like a stuck record saying over and over again 'you need to pay this now' or d) all of the above. (Though to be fair last time I had one who was helpful, just after I'd had the one who said I ought to be charged for all the extra bills they were sending and no, she couldn't tell the debt collectors to stop ringing me even though the bill was being disputed).

    Sorry for lengthy rant, they have been driving me nuts and really feel I don't have energy to deal with them!

  • Up-Date On Prescription Fiasco!!

    Picked up repeats only to be told I am owed all my s.c. bricanyl, why I ask as I am the only patient on it and they keep a full supply in for me as soon as I fill 1 script they automatically order in more for me so its ready for the next month, so they have known this for at least a month. Am told there is a problem with the supplier and dont know when they can get some in could be weeks! I ask why could'nt they have rung me earlier in the week so I could have got some from my consultant and I would not now be in the position of running out over the weekend and ending up in hospital? Their answer is they have not got my contact details!!!!! Err I beg to differ but even so could they not have contacted my GP? I was also asked was the bricanyl 'important', while I appreciate it is a rare asthma drug and its a locum pharmacist this weekend its a bit worrying lol!

    I am now putting in a formal complaint. And I am eating more chocolate!!!!!

    Is anyone else having problems getting hold of s.c. bricanyl?

  • Go get 'em, Almo!

  • Inconsiderate work colleague

    One of my colleagues spent several days last week complaining to me about her sore throat and congested lungs. When I asked her why she'd come in to work she replied that it wasn't that bad and she'd be over it in a couple of days. I pointed out that I'm still struggling to get over the effects of the last cold I had, back in October, and that what might cause her a few days of unpleasantness will cause me weeks or months of misery but she just sat oppposite me breathing her germs in my direction. Now I've got it too - sore throat and lungs turning into a mucus factory and I'm not happy! The really annoying thing is that this person is the first to criticise other people who come into work with a cold because she KNOWS what happens to me when I get one, but clearly she thinks that her bugs won't affect my breathing at all.

    Moan over!

  • Question

    I am housebound - can only get out with a carers help and i receive a letter in post to say income support has been stopped because i am fit to work?! I have home care for personal care, cleaning and meal prep. Apparently i am fit to get myself a job, to get into the work place and to work and then guess what to get myself home again?!

    I would love to be able to do it but i can see more barriers than i can see ways of doing it. And now i lose my income! Great thank you Government I love you too! I would like the person who sent this letter to come and live my life for a month and then tell me i am fit to work! It is a lovely sunny day and i have no carer today avalible to take me out in it so i have to sit inside! GRRR! I am fedup!

  • Hope you can get your alowance back Plumie !Get help to fill form in to get your your benifit back again. must have been upsetting and a total shock.Good luck and hope it gets sorted for you quickly x

  • Almo!!

    I just saw you post! I have been waiting 6 weeks for my bricanyl prescription!! I am told there is a problem with the manufacturer. My pharmacist has been trying for ages to get hold of some, I have lots in reserve as my gp gives me 2 months supply but I still order it every month!

    I wonder how many others are having problems too?!

  • Plumie, can you get your GPs help to get your income reinstated? This must be so worrying for you - the boy Cameron has got an awful lot to answer for!

    I only wish there was something I could do that would really help you, but all I can do is send you a hug and best wishes.


  • Plumie, I wish you all the best and wish was near enough to give a proper hug.

    Know where you're coming from. Daughter has had two letters to say there is some dispute as to whether she was eligible for free dental care received while pregnant. First letter asked for proof that she was pregnant. GP immediately wrote off letter with notes of pregnancy, birth etc.

    They've now sent another nastier letter saying if she cant actually prove she was pregnant at the time then will have to pay etc. So what do they want? To appear on their doorstep with her baby son so they can do a test or something.

  • Plumie

    I do hope you get this sorted soon. My Son who has mental health problems had the same thing happen to him, I wrote a serious letter of complaint to the JCP Manager outlining his problems and told them that they were falling well short of their promises in their literature. (it took me 4 pages lol) He received a letter of apology and they backdated his allowance.

    Some of the people that work for the JCP need a good kick up the backside, to them we are numbers, not people.

    PS .. if they offer you an apology, then make sure you get it in writing.. it seems once you have that, they never bother you again, most odd !!

  • my hotmail acc has been hijacked unfortunately all my contacts r in that acc. have reported them but can no longer use that acc. Its all a pain

  • My initial Facebook account was hijacked by the Koobface virus some two years ago. One of the really annoying things it does is send odd messages to your friends. I lost a dear school friend through it. Had found ourselves via friends reunited after separation of more than 30 years. Emailed back and forth about our respective families etc. Visited. Good times. Then Koobface struck and her DH somehow believed the nasty messages actually came from me and deleted her email account/FB/bebo account etc. so I could not contact her. He also wrote, returned my christmas presents to them and asked that I no longer try to contact my friend or any of the family. I broke down and cried buckets at this heartless letter. Then, quite by accident and via a different pageI came across a new years message from my friend. So perhaps she is not totally lost to me. Have her in my heart if not by hand.

  • Can I unrant?

    Last week I got in a bit of a state because a work colleague had kindly given me her cold and my usual pattern is to have a cold for 48 hours and then to have 3-4 weeks when I cough for an hour, rest for 10 minutes and then start coughing again.

    However, it didn't happen that way this time - I did cough, but only for about 15 minutes at a time and there was a nice long break between bouts of coughing so although I was tired I felt well enough to go to work and only fell asleep at my desk once (how embarrassing!).

    I can only credit my nice new Symbicort inhaler with the difference, because no matter how much ventolin and flixotide I used they never helped at all - all they did was make me anxious.

    So, no ventolin / flixotide = less coughing and no anxiety - looks like a result to me and I apologise to my colleague for giving her the evil eye on Monday.

    I have now officially unranted (should that be dis-ranted?) and feel much better for it!

  • Couldnt get out from back door of a friend's car. No space to lift my right foot, back and out. So embarrassing, could hardly say your cars got too small an exit for its high sill. Instead I'd DH tell me off and be angry when we got home. Suggesting I apply for disability and get a car from them.

    Found myself apologising for my physical inability to get out of small space.  Can never get out of right side of their car.

    Just because could get in and out of rear seat of a three-door Corsa in 1995, doesnt mean can get out of there now. Yes I drive a newer three door Corsa, but nowadays I wouldn't sit in rear seat as I'd never get out.

    2001 broke tib and fib, pin inserted through bone from knee to ankle and rods across top of ankle, since which time, getting out from small space with a high-ish lip has been awkward. I die a thousand deaths every time. Trouble is, our friends car now has kiddie's car seat fitted permanently on pavement side of car - the side I used to travel on. No problems with left foot getting out first. 

  • applied mascara to go out, then hayfever kicked in affecting eyes as well, making me look like a panda!!

    had to reapply all my make up then i was running late lol


  • Had enough of holidays, things always go wrong, think I will just stay at school. Last Summer Gran broke her hip on the first day, this Easter I had to go to emergency dentist and have now had £1500 worth of treatment at a new dentist with more to come. But my old dentist still claims there is nothing worng with my teeth, steroids don't affect teeth or gums and that she didn't x-ray my teeth in 2 years because it seemed uneccessary. Far too much needles, pain, expense and tears for a year let alone a two week holiday.

  • Dear NickyNoo, Heartfelt sympathies to you. Daughter had emergency dental care over a holiday period, some years ago. Pain and expense - not a happy combination for a holiday. Sending a giant virtual hug. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  • Thank you, I am just glad I found this site a few weeks ago, gave me some sanity whilst being housebound by hayfever, asthma and teeth. Although did have to laugh yesterday as i had the biggest of the treatments so far and my dad filmed and photographed me trying to take my inhaler afterwards. Not so easy when you can't feel your face!

  • That's not fair but sort of thing my family would do. :)

  • Yeah, we learnt from a young age that if you don't laugh at yourself then you get laughed at more! Although I was saying just the other day that you only get masks in nebuliser yearly packs and one mouth piece for the year, it turns out that having a mask in hte house was a good thing.

    Look out on you tube, as he still has it on the camera and keep threatening to put it up there. Although think my mum might have something to say about it!

  • my rant is still being ill with my asthma from when i was almost amitted a month ago had pred cleared up so i though as had some sort of infection two weeks ago starts playing up played up loads last week saw my mams doctors tues as at hers double up on prev and keep taking reliever no chest infection as no wheezy despite me saying i dont wheeze with my asthma or when im ill with it. and got a annoying cough which is affecting it

    seeing a dr at my surgery tues hopefully get it sorted :(

  • Hospital appointment and test results driving me crazy

    My son was at the hospital today and is at back there tomorrow at the same clinic as today but seeing a different consultant. And I thought todays appointment went well for the first time of seeing this doctor and then a few hours later we get a phone call back from the consultant we saw today telling us that she wants to see my son AGAIN tomorrow morning at 10:30 for more tests. She did 5 tests today as well as getting me to do my son's blood sugar levels before breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday for the next 90 days. They know my son HATES needles and today during his blood test his vein collapsed on them and they had to move to his other arm to complete his tests.

    I am so frustrated I just hope they get all the tests done and completed tomorrow before we have his appointment with the consultant about his heart and asthma which is also giving my poor boy hell. If only someone would say if you empty your bank account of whatever is in it we will cure your son for a whole month I would pay up. All I want is to see my boy happy, health and have his amazing smile back on his face instead of his fake smile. i am positive he is suffer with depression but getting doctors to diagnose it on a 9 year old is not happening. He used to be so happy, talkative and hyperactive but now he is still hyperactive but he is no longer happy and talkative he would much prefer to be alone, quite and sad

    OK rate over thank you all for reading this reading I just needed to get it out in th open before it drives me anymore crazy and then starts my asthma off AGAIN

  • So sorry to hear what a bad time you and your son are having, and hope very much that you don't have to keep on going back to the hospital for more tests. Big hugs to both of you.


  • After a second day at the hospital for more tests we get the results back again within hours. My poor boy has to have an emergency injection of hydrocortisol when he is ill to give his adrenal gland so to say a kick up the backside to help him get better. We have been told that he will also be taken into hospital for 2 days in the near future for a 24 hour fasting test and he will also have a load more blood tests done at the same time to find out for definate if he has a condition called addision's disease. I am also going to get myself tested as when I get ill it takes a very long time to recover and then just as I am recovered I come down ill again. We have also been told that if all he has is a common cold but he is getting to a point were he is very lathargic with it and just wants to lounge a bout or sleep all the time then that is the sign to say I need to go to hospital for my emergency injection. If we are out and about or he is at school when this happens then we are dial 999. We have also got to get him a new medicalert bracelet to inform people of this issue as if it is not treated he could die. Apparently this addisions disease is more life threatening than asthma but at the present isn't bad enough that he needs daily trteatment but that is what we are looking at in th future.

    It is all down to the anti-bodies in the body attacking his adrenal gland when he is ill in the past and it has now damaged the gland. My poor boy isn't happy about having to have injections when he is really ill but he seems to understand. I have told him that if up-on the first sign of him getting ill we start treating the illness then we might be able to avoid the injections but he has to tell us straight away when he is not feeling very well. It is scarey but we will get there

    Thank your Bex for your wishes we are taking every day as it comes as this is how it has been for a while now with his brother so they are used to the every day is a new day routine. It helps a lot taking everyday this way and RB seems a lot more settled today with the issues he has to deal with. But thankfully he has been discharged from the cardologist he was under as they said the new doctor can take over the care of his heart murmur and asthma and keep everything under 1 doctor instead of having 2 doctors dealing with the same thing and it saves RB having loads of time of school

  • This diagnosis must have been a shock to the whole family and I understand how difficult it must be for your son to face the ongoing treatment. I'm sure someone will have some knowledge of Addisons disease that could be helpful to you (the only thing I know is that JFK had it) and I'm guessing that what you need most now is someone with personal experience who can help out with advice and support.

    Good luck to you all.


  • asthma family- my father had addisons as a result of a brain tumour along with other health problems because of this tumour and it was kept under control with drugs. there is loads of information on the net that will help you but some of it makes awful reading and is misleading. i would ask for a long consultation with the specialist to get the full correct information as this is bound to have been a huge shock for you. good luck xxxxx

  • It has come as a big shock and we had a meetign yesterday with my son's head-teacher as we need the support and co-operation of school as well. She was amazing. She ompletelyunderstood and said she would make it extremely understood about his condition as she has something very similar herself to understoods how delaying treatment could be very life dangering. We have done loads of reserach on line and looking over how my son has been he does have all the signs and symptoms and sadly so do I. We have been told by his consultant she st the end of the phone when we feel ready to take in all the details and his GP has called today to see how we all are ith the news from last week and he has said we can make a double, triple or whatever appointment with him and he will explain it all in chld-friendly talk. We are still taking it all in and sady RB is starting to show the signs of a cold so we are on high alert at the moment. Hopefully his new hayfever medicine will do the tric and it's just that and nothing else

  • Feeling a bit fed up of my ASBO leg at the mo...........

    Leg in Beckham Boot and on crutches cos of long term steroid damage, muscles tearing etc.

    Can't drive........

    Going up the wall at home & garden, there are only so many weeds one can marmalise before getting SOB.

    I get excited about going to meetings in the evening........ someone comes to pick me up etc.

    I get excited about seeing the bods.....

    Asthma a bit squicky today though......... everything achy.

    Got to squeeze into St John Uniform tonight to go and enrol some cadets, Oh boy I am going to look a sight, Smart skirt, tights, No 1 Uniform Jacket with sparkly bits....... and leg encased in boot, Oh and my lift is taking me Via the Polling Station so I can vote! LOL!

    On the plus side, I am getting way too much paperwork done..........

    Rant over.

    (Now waiting for postie to bring my Graze Box.... yummmmm)

  • kate moss - mmmm i love the graze box you are right they are so yummy xxx

  • Kate and Jay, you are so right - the graze box is such a treat when you're feeling rotten.

  • I love Graze boxes, but just stopped mine as i was having them delivered to school and then found myself stocking them all up and bringing them home because of nut allergies in school. Have to say the highlight was the pop out and dress up reindeer at Christmas!!

  • Sorry but I thought although graze boxes very tasty were overpriced for the amount you get. Would rather do my own pick'n'mix from Julian Graves or somewhere similar

  • About to bid on a gorgeous 10 x 8 greenhouse, we went out to measure garden. Our 25 x 25 garden is split width-wise with back bit about four foot higher than the patio. No space on patio for this marvellous edifice as 10 x 8 brick walled conservatory already juts out in the middle. Regretfully had to admit 10 x 8 greenhouse would totally dominate and leave too little of the rest of the garden to use for anything else.

    Miffed Mo. :(

  • TJ I absolutely get your point about DIY smacks instead of Graze boxes but i have to confess (hangs head and looks ashamed) that if I bought big packs of, say, nuts I'd eat big packs of nuts. And those yummy Korean chilli rice crackers. And dried mango pieces. All of it, really. As it is I get one treat a day, and I don't get the chance to scoff huge quantities of my favourite snacks. I'm still not going near the scales, though!

    Edit - I probably meant SNACKS, although there are those who might prefer smacks!

  • When I open the oven my glasses keep getting a steam clean and carnt see out of them.

    going have to take them off when cooking !!!!

  • just want a quick moan and think its prob best on here as im driving people mad at home. had to go to docs today as ive wanted to scratch my skin off for ages-the itch is everywhere and is even worse at night. anyway got anti-histos to take before bed so really really hoping it will stop before i skin myself alive lol. also im fed up-although im not wheezing i have that kind of dodgy breath thing going on and when i take a deep breath my breastbone hurts and my ribs hurt at the back. its not a bad attack but enough of a one for me to whinge lol.....happy moaning everyone xxx

  • Not been here for a while and think it's a great idea to quote ""I have decided we need a place for non asthma rants etc so I have created one. Please feel free to rant away as much as you like"" Maybe bring all the moans on the other areas back here?

  • After yet another night of sitting up to sleep, thought I'd take myself off for shopping and wee seat in the car at other end of town, music on and count to ten. Best laid plans...

    Quiet day for DH who works from home. As I gathered up jacket, purse etc, he said ""Hold on. Help you with the shopping. I'll just get my shoes."" Which isn't exactly what I had in mind. Still, he did buy me coffee and a roll.

    Edit: added rest of story.

  • Post came up twice. Sorry.

  • I have tooth ache! :(

  • fedup of waking at 4am with a banging headache, feeling sick, heart racing and shaking!

  • prices of bread have gone up in tesco i noticed!!!!


  • Big hugs to all who need them. xox

  • Fed up of moaning when I should be saying how great something was! Went to see We Will Rock You in Southampton last night with colleagues, absolutely amazing touring cast, great show, brilliant seats for the performance. However, said brilliant seats also meant being swamped in rediculous amounts of dry ice from beginning to end, was quite funny though as it started when it was quite quiet and I, apparently a little loudly proclaimed 'Oh sh@*!' and my boss at the same time said, 'Oh no Nicola's going to die!'

    So doesn't look like I will be reducing from 35mg of pred tomorrow anymore - pants!

  • disrespect for elderly on public transport :(

    travelling on london buses is a nightmare for me and often a risk take...

    but anyways, i hate it that when its busy with kids, lots of people and prams everywhere, old lady gets on and noone bother to move for her to sit down. they could obviously see she was frail and could not stand, yet refused to move!

    i was so tempted to shout at the youngster on the ipod but afraid to cos of the consequences, so kept my mouth shut...

    someone else eventually moved, but not until after the bus had shoved forward after braking harshly and forcing old lady to almost fall over :(

    i was always taught to respect my elders, has this changed now?


  • Snowygirl, you are quite right about public transport. I was brought up to stand if an adult got on a bus or train and needed a seat and I brought my children up to do the same. Looks as if we're in the minority, though.

    NickyNoo, you're not alone with the dry ice. We went to a Christmas do a couple of years ago where the entertainment included masses of the stuff which left me coughing for several days.

  • GGRRRRR Im trying to write and essay on heart failure and behaviour models and its driving me insane! Dont know how or where to start and cant find any bloody referances! Were not suppose to use my favourite search engine that i find loads of referances on and were suppose to use one that gives me stupid referances!

    Rant over, thanks!

  • Just been sent home from work as chest not settled since last nights antics. Am now really angry as was saying to my headteacher at the meal before the show about not taking time off and she came in at 10.30 and told me she was sending me home as she has a duty of care for me and I have not had enough sleep and need to get control and now noone will email me anything so I can atleast catch up on next term's planning. Why is it that someone actually caring is making me really annoyed and upset?

    I know this is way over moaned but get really tetchy about people making decisions about how capable I am.

  • I'm sick to death of asthma but not half as sick of it as my poor daughter must be. I can't remember the last time she was really well and I'm running a sweepstake on how long it'll be before we head off for the heady heights of Addenbrookes again. She's not there yet but her peak flow is on a steady decline (her best ever is 510, her usual best is 450 and today we're at 290 but her breathing rate is good so I'm not too worried yet). Her consultant thinks she has pus in her lung so she's on Klaricid plus her inhalers and he's doubled up her montelukast but it ain't working. He's already admitted to being unsure of where to head next with her.

    She was like this as a child then she had a well spell for a few years and now it's back with a vengance.

  • Debbie, sorry to hear about your daughter, sounds a nightmare! Nicky, hope you feel better - I think I get like that when not feeling great but not wanting to admit it and want to do everything normally then get cross with/about people who express sympathy (then I feel horrible for it).

    I am feeling so incredibly frustrated today after bronchoscopy because while it's good nothing sinister showed up it means STILL they have no idea what's wrong and I just know it will be weeks if not months before anything else happens. Plus it means I'll probably get the 'are you sure there's nothing stressful in your life?' talk again. Yes, of course there is stress but 4 years ago I was way more stressed and I could still breathe and walk normally!

    Plus my ribs hurt, which is not improving things.

    Sorry rant over. I feel I'm producing the same rant over and over, apologies for this.

  • Grrrr, don't you hate eating out and having to make a real effort to get people to understand you cant eat something! Lactose intolerance. Went out for indian, main course was fine, coconut 'sorbet' was icecream and got served complimentary irish cream with bill :( Had apology, will look at changing menu which you're the first to mention. If I had a serious dairy allergy they could have had to call an ambulance! No good will gesture or money off either

  • Need a good moan I'll just real of a list a then. Be calmer cos it's all out of my system

    1. Fed up of current situation with regards to working ect

    2. Need a boost being ""down in the dumps"" and ""bored"" is taking effect

    3. I'm an not superwoman will notify relevant parties when I find my costume

    4. Want to put a rocket up a few backsides

    5. Tired and don't do sensible sleep patterns

    6. pains in joints are ridicous - non urgent gp appointment waiting list is at list two months long if only u didn't have to explain nature of need for appointment to receptionist

    7. Grumpy as can be

    8 return from holiday back to work one day shattered !!!

    Moaning over pheeeew save that little lot being bottled up

    In reply to buses comment still be fairly youngsterish (I hope I am ) I find the ignorance of other appalling I always make the effort to stand On public transport if someone needs a seat no matter what I'm like a lack of respect is appalling !!!! x

  • Wee bit of a grumble. Zafirlukast doing its job overnight - no more having to sit upright to sleep. Daytime not doing its job much. Still coughing on and off. More importantly, I am finding it really hard to be ecstatically happy about the things that would normally make me grin widely. eg Starbucks for coffee, Apple store to play with all their products, posh car showrooms (OH company car due for renewal).

    New computer ordered and I should feel over the moon as waited such a long time for it.

    Garden emerging from the tip/jungle of the past few years. DH buying me a greenhouse too.

    DD2 recovering from severe post natal depression. Her tablets have made such a difference.

    All stuff that should have me jump up and down for joy. See Zafirlukast? See thumbs down. q""""p

  • After a week or 2 of feeling much better Im back on a low :(

    Im completely exhausted - Have been coughing and really struggling and getting breathless for over 24 hours now!

    Hurts a lot and as ive had to take lots of my reliever inhalor I looked like a junkie on the train home from work with uncontrollable shakes

    and to make matters worse I cannot stand the woman at the desk next 2 me at work

    She bitches and whines about everything

    is aparently and expert on absolutely everything!

    butts in to every coversation I have

    AND she also constantly picks a fight with me if I have a day where i'm feeling ill - regularly telling me that im miserable, difficult and have a face on me (generally im just fighting for my breath!)

    I fear one day i may snap!

    Phew - Rant Over - That Feels Better!!

  • Gemma, hope you're feeling better now.

    My ribs are starting up again...owww. Fondly hoped they would stay at the minor grumble level but seem to be getting frisky again.

    Also I know it could be much worse but I'm going on holiday next week which I ought to be looking forward to but instead am worrying about whether I'll manage the journey ok especially after treadmill test the day before, and whether it will mean not being able to do choir. I hate doing these calculations!

    Grrrr, sorry rant over. I figure ok to do it on here as that's what this thread is for, though not really a non-breathing related rant.

  • Am really tired of having too much work to do and too little time. And to top it all off not sleeping properly. Work is tiring enough at the best of times, especially at this time of year, and I've already had far too much time off, but don't see how I can avoid having more as I'm not really safe to be in the classroom when I've not been sleeping and end up getting really behind.

    I was starting to think last week that I would be fine and was over the worst of it but not doing too well again today and just want to get an early night but have loads to do. Really shaky as been having loads of ventolin. Worrying about not being well in the night, having to have the day off tomorrow when my class are doing end of year tests, or going into school and then not being well when I get there.

  • Spookymilo, I sympathise as I hate that feeling of not knowing whether you'll be able to 'follow through' and trying to work out if you're well enough to go somewhere, especially when you know you really do need to be there. Hope you do manage to get on top of things and feel better.

  • Thanks :) Waiting to see how long the 6 puffs I had at 7.30 'lasts'. I say that because I'm fine atm if I sit down, but if I walk anywhere get horrible sinking feeling. Instructions are to call OOH if ventolin not lasting 2 hours, but trying to convince myself that isn't necessary atm.

    Now I'm hijacking the thread with asthma discussions - sorry.

  • New glasses hurting ears and nose.

  • New glasses...... I got so fed up of irritating nose bits that I have changed to contact lenses.

  • Writing school reports - bleurgh

  • Totally fed up with not having any money to go to gigs. No matter how hard I try to save something else always crops up and decimates my finances.

  • groan

    my grill packed up 2months ago- fine, get a cheapy toaster from tesco

    my OVEN packed up last Tuesday! I have an order for a birthday cake for next Sunday.... They're ocming to fix it on the MONDAY after!

    Oh and Currys' ""whatever happens"" says if you ring on M-W they'll be there within 2 days to fix it... so I rang on the Weds... the first available appointment is June 27th!? and I can't get through to find out if theres an earlier appt (was promised a call back weds!) cause they're always ""busy""

    i'm making fuges & fridge cakes this week instead of cupcakes and birthday cakes!

  • Edited grump. I'm ok really.

    Months trial of Zafirlukast has finished. Last tablet taken Thursday last week. Have not put in for repeat prescription. Maybe I'm still having its side effects. Hope they wear off soonest. Really can't be bothered to think. Just wishing I could get a little bit excited over something. Husband keeps asking if I'd like to go to favourite places for holiday and I just can't be bothered with it all. Daughter with post natal depression said it sounded like how she felt before given tablets for it. She was surprised the docs didn't automatically give out anti-depressants when prescribing Zafirlukast.

    Edited: cos you don't want to be reading a load of guff.

  • feel like every time i get time to come on here its to moan and i promised myself i wouldnt do that so even though things could be better i know things could be worse - hope everyone is feeling positive and symptom free xxx

  • Going to balance my moan out with a compliment to the NHS somewhere else but need to vent unashamedly!!

    Left work early to go to pharmacy as have totally run out of pred and a couple of other meds as was otherwise engaged on Saturday and couldn't pick them up. I had ordered them on Wednesday so all good.

    Got there and local Boots have had a full turnover of staff and none of the normal staff are there now. Man in fornt had bought a script in in the morning an dwas told to come back after 4 only to be told that they had lost the script and he couldn't have his daughter's meds, this involved all 4 staff so we all stood waiting for 20 minutes whilst he argued that one. Then I asked for mine, told they didn't have any scripts for me, phoned Drs to be told they hadn't had a request, assured them they had,, finally (30 minutes later) got down to it being the surgery's fault and they would fax one through. Then had the pharmacist trying to tell me that I would be fine without a few days of pred!! Had to argue in front of a shop full of people waiting that I wouldn't be and did urgently need 12 tablets to take tomorrow morning. She the spent 5 minutes telling me I didn't and that they didn't have a dose for me so couldn't need them that badly. Finally convinced her that my consultant deals with my yoyo dosing via email and they have dispensed several hundred in the last few months rather than none in over 18months and she did give me 12 to take tomorrow and will phone Drs to sort it out. To top it all someone else came in just before I was finished to pick up her son's prescription that she had put in 3 weeks ago and guess what? They'd lost it!!! So after 50 minutes in Boots I did come out with 12 whole steroids and a great deall of frustration. Does anyone think I need to think about changing pharmacy?

  • There were a lot of moans about Boots on the threads, not that long ago. In our small row of local shops there are three chemists. Boots, Lloyds and an independent. Boots quite often take in the script, then hours later say they haven''t got any of it. Lloyds ditto. Independent is excellent as far as saying at the start whether something is in stock or not before taking the scriot. Only problem there, is sometimes meds come in monthly strips so you know immediately if missed a dose and sometimes they come loose in a bottle and you haven't a clue unless recount them all.

    Edit: tense.

  • Nicky - I always used to get my prescription from boots as I always assumed it was the right thing to do there a Pharmacy right ? Then they started losing my scripts missing off items never having anything in stock and I was most upset one day (I no I'm only young) when the women behind the counter went into the whole have u had this before do u no what to do over and over again and then proceeded to ask if I needed a demonstration then continued bagging my meds says well your clearly well enough to stand in front Of me now u won't be neeeding this or that! Erm the doctor prescribed them so let's leave it that way !! Shortly after this incident I started collecting my prescription signed at my doctors then walking over to the other doctors in town who have a pharmacy and getting my meds there longer queue but much easier! This was years ago I now work for a supermarket chain with an instore pharmacy And they are amazing I had my script in on a tuesday they get it authorised by to And ready for collection either friday or Saturday not had a single problem without them in the 21 months I've used them brilliant if u ask me !! Maybe a change is a good idea !! Xxx

  • I have just sliced the top of my finger...ow it hurts!

  • Ouch honey.. Feel for you..Been there..

  • Yow! Don't think I've ever done that (my knives are usually sharper than sharp, so I make sure to keep my fingers well away!), but it sounds horrid. Poor you!

  • not good...:( and the paster was so complicated it had numbered tabs on it that you had to pull of in the right complicated...gave up in the end after trying three of them went for micropore and a tissue!

    Just got that back to square 1

  • Sounds complicated. Did you remember to hold your arm straight up hand as if pointing at the sky to slow blood flow (allegedly). My mum always did this.

  • Been to GP today as need to up my pred from maintence dose, unfortunately not my normal GP and given 40mg for three days and told to go back on Monday... Feel this is wasting time as normally need longer tapered doses... got the lecture regarding pred and side effects which listened to and then said bit late as already have several of the main ones anyway, wish they would read the notes... Really wish I had seen my normal GP who understands my asthma... Sorry for the rant just fed up as I know from experience this will not do much to help...

  • Grr, woke up with stuffy head cold this morning & sore throat later in the day. Have week off too with plans. Dosing up and quiet ish weekend, fingers crossed lungs don't realise what's going on further up above them.

  • don't ASSume

    that I don't excersize or eat fruit & veg just cause i'm fat...

    saw the ""health care assistant"" for asthma review today. really should have done that *last* week when PF was ridiculously low but hey ho.

    anyway. she looked at me, and asked as though she wouldn't beleive any answer but no, if i did any excersize or ate fruit & veg. hmm. aqua fit 2xwk, walk daily, play gym with DS 1x week....

    sorry thought i'd got over peoples assumptions about me based on 2minues and just looking at my size. obviously not. sigh.


  • Edit: Message sent itself before ready

  • Beginnings of tiny cold thurs/fri. Fri/sat/sun alternately too warm or too cold with humdinger of headache. Head felt it would break. DH wanted to call NHS24 but I thought with no obvious asthma symptoms they'd just tell me to take paracetamol, drink liquids and ride it out 'a cold'.

    Rant and moan here because almost wishing, though better today, that we had called cos took paracetamol and was almost sick, nurofen didn't help in the slightest and as for liquids, I've had so many ice poles and very diluted squash I've quite gone off the idea of liquids.

    So tired even my wee MacBook feels heavy. Taking me all my time to tap this out on phone. Many mistakes corrected.

    Ps I can edit out my last post on FinIsh Semtence gams. Put it down to flu working on me.

  • Writing personal statements of any kind should not leave me this knackered - need to go and lie down now after marathon effort of trying to persuade university fund to part with dosh...

  • Geina I'm still catching up from my internet exile and have only just read your post. I totally understand what you're saying because I have the same problem and I feel that i should carry round a note from someone at my gym to say I swim every morning and gym 3x per week, along with an up to date supermarket till roll showing lots of nice fruit & veg and NO sweets, crisps, cakes etc. I could possibly add a further note that suggests that people refrain from commenting about my weight if they're not prepared for me to give them a good slap round the ear.

  • Edit: must have clicked Submit twice.

  • I knew I was getting past it when complete strangers stopped looking at my tum and asking when the baby was due and started telling me I'd be a lot healthier if I lost a bit of weight.

    Is it just me that gets these old wifies that come along when you're standing looking in a shop window and give their tuppence worth?

  • GrannyMo, it's not only old dears out shopping, but people I know well who think that, when my asthma is really bad and I live on take aways and ding dinners, I'm doing it deliberately to put on weight so they ask why I don't eat better and exercise (short pause for grinding of teeth and stamping of feet). I always used to try to be calm about such comments, but lately I've taken to snarling and suggesting that they try to cook and take exercise when they need to sit down on the kitchen floor half way through making a cup of tea ........

  • I want some proper food. :(

    hospital food isn't too bad here but got strange cravings.. raw onions, plums, mushrooms & peanut m&ms

    *plans to convince mother to bring food*

  • Ok, why hasn't anyone worked out that it might be a good idea to put that 24 hour pharmacy next to the OOH GP's place! Its lunacy, the 24hr pharmacy is miles away, in the middle of no where! The whole of my town seems to use the OOH GPs.

    EmmaOx - I feel for you. Am sending good food vibes your way. I hope you escape soon so you can fill up on the important things in life!

  • Aww Emma! I'm with you on the weird cravings - woke up from a nap yesterday desperate for an Easter egg, of all things! Currently craving fresh pineapple, steak and onion sandwich (I don't normally even eat red meat!), and boiled egg with marmite soldiers. Or maybe just anything that isn't served on a blue plastic tray...

    My rant this morning is about people who seem determined to medicalise everything. I know that some people do have lots of medical stuff going on, but I find it so frustrating to hear people making mountains out of molehills. Insisting on an emergency appointment with a GP for itchy eyes, for example. They always seem to be the same people who get fiercely competitive about their medical issues. I'm quite happy to provide sympathy for people, however severe or mild their condition, if it's bothering them, but I don't think competition is helpful. There are no medals for having the most severe pain/allergies/fatigue. And if there were, I'm not sure I'd want one!

  • Crossing fingers Nellie doesn't descend on Hampden Park in the middle of Neil Diamond concert.

    Feeling heaps better than this time last week. Have decided to go to concert with other half, so with that in mind will start off early for decent parking place. Had a good refreshing sleep of several hours this afternoon. Should stand me in good stead. :)

  • Enjoy the concert Granny M. Glad you're feeling a bit better.....Nellie seems to have decided to pay a visit to the south coast :(

  • bloomin' kids!

    don't get me wrong. i love them all to bits.

    tonight i want to escape. 2yo is insistent that i'm his mummy and no-one else's. because his 5yo sister has the audacity to be sitting next to me. 7yo has been a stroppy cow all day whenever she hasn't had her own way. i just need a day with no kids in tow doing something for *me* the most i ever get is my aqua fit sessions on a monday/thursday night which are only 3hrs total away from everyone wanting a piece of me- and that includes the housework!!

    and breath and escape to run the kids a bath.

    geina x

  • argghgh EDF's gas/elec bills make NO sense and can't work out what's going on. Made a hopeless mess of trying to sort out bills and feel so inept and stupid.

    Plus this damn mould in the bathroom just will not shift and my flatmate gets it off easily with the same spray/sponge - even the magic no-scrub remover stuff doesn't work and now I am knackered from scrubbing. What am I doing wrong? Anyone got any cleaning/mould-removing tips? I am not sensitive to sprays etc (well, did cough a bit but usually am) so toxic chemicals are fine, just not too much scrubbing.

  • Fed up sounding fed up to other half. OK confess do feel knackered at times cos bronchitis still hanging on but really trying not to show it or 'sound' it. I'd thought I was doing fine but even saying ""I'm fine"" comes across as I'm just not. Oh bother. Remind me not to take up poker or go in for acting.

    Grump. Grumble. Moan.

  • Feel free to be a grumpy granny here....we love you anyway :)

    I get like that too.........specially when feeling rough for a long time....I'm sure your husband understands.

  • Really wish I could laugh without immediately going into coughing fits. Used to be able to, but not atm.

    Could be useful in some situations, mind you - like when you know you shouldn't laugh but you can't hold it in. Have tried to turn that into coughing before but sounds unconvincing!

  • grrr why is it I can never get appointment letters or letters from the consultant in any sort of reasonable time? Still waiting for chest physio letter though cons said wait for appts wasn't long and was I doing anything in next few weeks - this was 2 weeks ago and no letter yet. Will blatantly be end of Oct or something as well...

    Had the same with all other letters from the hospital, I have to ring them up and they think I'm trying to jump the queue when actually I just want to know when my appt is! Last hospital was a bit more efficient...except for one time when they lost the request for lung function tests and if I hadn't rung them wouldn't have had the tests in time for next appt.

    Sorry, this is really not the biggest problem ever but have either ranted enough about the rest or can't rant about it as too big :(

  • Grrr, why can't doctors and pharmacists get their act together and write & count out prescriptions correctly first time? Had postop. ENT appt Fri evening, left with 1 of 3 items, 1 had to be ordered and the other did not exist in the dose as consultant wrote.

    Finally got them today to find cream not for nasal use (as intended but not on prescription) and antibiotics consisting of 2 capsules to make total dose but missing some and also not 3 times a day as told?

    Urgh, more time wasted again on the phone & the pharmacy wanted me to go back to them in person and a drive of round trip 60-70 miles. Umm, I think not. Anyway, rant over ;)

  • What an idiot (again)

    This is mainly a rant against myself for yet again being caught short with blue! One ran out yesterday, just hoping the other one lasts till Friday and repeat prescription.

    Actually, hoping my repeat does come in on Friday! Went to the pharmacy today to pick up montelukast which the surgery said would be there today...and they said they hadn't had it! Good thing I'm not quite out of it yet...

  • Careful Philomena, that's how I ended up with bronchitis in June. Changing GP at the time, tried to eke out the meds until the next weeks appt with new GP.

  • i truly think enough is enough!

    first my lungs wont stop falling out my bottom no matter what i do...and ebay has ran out of plugs!!

    then i go and break my foot because i miss one single step...yup you can laugh, its ok, everyone else has...ONE step!!!

    and then i get a phone call saying that my contract is being terminated as of next week as my consultant wont alter my meds or set up a plan for me to return to work...

    to top it off i have no money for xmas so that is cancelled, unless i get some finacial support from th loveRly government which i have paid my wages into for 8 years now i will loose my flat also

    and to top it off, its my 21 in a few months time, and i cant plan anything cause i dont know how stable i will be!!

    wow...thats me done for tonight! hows everyone else!?

    back to my smiley self now of course!!! :) *cheese grin!!!*


  • Oh no Charlie, what a rubbish time you're having of it.

    Admittedly I don't know about this from personal or medical experience, but it does sound like your current cons is not doing very much for you and perhaps you should attempt to get to a specialist centre (sorry if this has already been discussed on here, I have a feeling it may have been!).

    Anyway I hope you get something sorted soon and life gives you a break as I think you deserve it!

    Virtual hugs xx

  • Oh Charlie, how rotten for you. Have a big hug from me and then have lots of chocolate or a large glass of something alcoholic and save worrying about it all until tomorrow.

    I would suggest Citizens Advice for help with form filling to get whatever allowance it is you're entitled to from our caring 'welfare state'.

    I wish you the best of luck.


  • Thank you for your support...very much appreciated...hugs received with great thanx!!!


  • ok ok picture this, im sat in the arm chair laptop on my lap resting, my step dad is on the sofa, has edge his way forward to get ready to leave it and theres a knock at the door...

    Char go get the door, itll be for your mum anyway!!!

    WHAT THE!!!!

    why do i have to get up just because its my mum, when your about to get off the sofa anyway!!

    thats the second time this week he has dictated for me to do something!! blinking lazy i tell you!!

  • grr not only have i been told i have asthma, asked for my bloods to be done cos feeling so rotten and now told am anemic too, everytime i go to the chemist i seem to be getting more and more medication :-(

  • my general moan at the moment is having to take flucoxacillin - taking the pills in itself isn't a problem, it's the timing of them - have to take them on an empty stomach (an hour before or 2 hours after food) 4 times a day! I'm also taking Amoxicillin at the same time but they're fine - 3 times a day *with* food

  • There is a large hole in my kitchen floor. My house smells of sewers. We cannot use the bathroom or the kitchen, so basically I am camping out at my mum's (very lucky to have this I know). The contractors have failed to turn up 2 days running to put the camera down the drains to check what's going on; when they do I suspect they will find a major problem which will mean more time with an unusable house. And until they do, the hole has to stay there and the immediate problem can't be fixed.

    I might find this easier to deal with if my chest didn't keep playing havoc with my sleep! ARRRGGHHHH

    Sorry rant over. :) I hate drains!

  • Grr, I've got antibiotics again for sinusitis etc post surgery flareup too. May as well ask for them to be on repeat at this rate. It's doxycycline too which is once a day after the first dose but may have made me feel awful last time, hey ho, apparently it should work well?

    Philomena, sounds awful & hope it gets sorted soon.

  • Sometimes you wish you had the power to uncross crossed wires and a time machine to collect folk quickly instead of it taking an hour so that more work could take place before light falls. If I could adjust the weather to bright and sunny instead of full-on rain and dark skies, some folk might be further away from the end of their tethers.

    Or to put it another way - why cant some folk get their act in gear!

  • Since when did the spare room become mine ?

    I thought company usually slept in the spare room no they get mine !!!!

    So I'm now in a freezing cold damp spare room and of course I'm over the moon about it so happy I can't find the right words ! Apparently this rooms too small for two children and they shouldn't be in a damp room no of course no but I apparently should ! And the damp was the whole reason this isn't my room


  • Bit belated but grrr lil tinx that would annoy me - do these children have asthma? Really not good for you to be in a damp room!

    My rant is about someone I work with (freelance, luckily, and not that often) but ARRGGHHH he has been driving me up the wall today! He told me something was urgent last week. I emailed the next day with a plan, waited for 6 days, had to nag him and now he has come back with a totally unreasonable offer and has clearly not been listening to half the stuff I said (this is actually quite common with him, or you think you've got through and next time he turns round and says something that makes it clear you didn't.)

    Plus he is treating me as though he is my boss - and even if he were I'd be annoyed by his tone. But no, I do not work for him and never have - I work WITH him on an equal basis, theoretically, and do not get paid nearly enough imo to do that! If any of those bankers on huge salaries had to work with this guy I wouldn't grudge them a penny!

    I don't usually feel physically violent (except towards printers), but this guy really has me wanting to punch him sometimes.

    Anyway, sorry, rant over! And not about the NHS for once :)

  • just because we've actually got some fruit/veg in the house that's not tinned or frozen doesn't mean you have to eat it all at once!

    (curses that it's cheaper to buy sweets than junk as well.grr.)

    Geina x

  • doesnt understand why my nurse seems to think that just necause she walks to the other side of my curtain it doesnt men im suddenly deaf and doesnt give you ermission to talk about me ffs i just want one nice admission...they had been good and nice up to that point!!!

  • Really cannot be doing with this cold right now. Should be looking after year old grandson while his daddy works on their new house. Out yesterday with other grandkids and their mum. Flipping freezing. I'd rushed out with no hat, no buff and no gloves. Any wonder I have a cold? Silly me. Should this have gone on the memo to self thread?

  • Why do i always have to get a cold during school holidays - and this time 2 days before i'm due to go away on a girls' weekend. Not been away with the girls for AAAAGGES - mainly due to the continual ill-health of the main organiser, now she's relatively well and i get a stonking cold for our weekend away gggrrr

  • And it seems that my obs are to be made up again...what is the bloody point, esp as im spiking temps and got such shocking air are they going to see if im going down hill when they dont do them properly...i hate this ward sssssoooooo much!!!

  • Rant and Moan. Rant and Moan. Rant and Moan. Feel all the better for just typing it. Are some folk just born with a contrary gene? the one in question is dyslexic and true I don't know much about the condition. Heard that giving step by step directions on a practical test is the way to go. This one, each time, despite being shown how to do a task, has only gone and done the complete opposite. Meaning a lot of work needing to be redone. They're related so can't go on at them too much or will start a domino effect. This is why I've not posted a grumble on Facebook. We all need somewhere to let off steam. Thanks AUK for the privilege.

  • U ok granny. Not like u to moan !!!!

  • GrannyMo I have dyslexia/dyspraxia and I often find when people give me instructions to follow my mind goes blank and I do the complete opposite. Its not done delibrately, but is part of the condition its just the processing of info and co-ordination goes out the window.... Its a bit like the episode of the Simpsons where Hommer is talking to the dog in human talk and the dog is interpretting it as gibberish....

    Anyway hope you let of steam and try not to take it to heart that the person did not do quite what you wanted... If you do a google for dyslexia there is plenty of info on the net if you want to find out more :)

  • Why is it that as soon as you're finally dropping off to sleep your iv pump starts going 'bing bong' as you've accidentally sat on your iv line. Then by the time it's sorted, your lungs have decided it's time for another neb ... Ggrrr!

    B x

  • Thanks Gussypoo and Malawi,

    I needed a place to rant that the family wouldn't see.

    Have looked up google and there's a lot of good info out there. Something like this forum too.

    Guess its a bit like asthma, the more you know the better the understanding. Like thinking asthma was all about the blue inhaler, I'd thought dyslexia was all about mixing up the written words. D'oh.

  • sorry, little rant.....

    grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr pain management bad and asthma playing up a bit, grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  • Sorry to hear you're having a rough night islandmedic. .

    I hope the pain eases off a bit for you and your lungs behave. :-)

  • Would really really like my lungs to behave.

    I don't have the time to be off sick from work again as I was only off a couple of weeks ago signed off for the week. Work are being horrible and I'm waiting to have an hr investigatory due to my high Bradford score (all due to asthma) and my house is a mess as I don't have the puff to do any housework!!!

    Sorry, just needed to get that off my chest!!!!!

    And exhale (with a little wheeze).......

  • Grr This is a private rant at thoughtless people who don't even realise they are being thoughtless and think they're being nice.

    PS Rant over. The penny dropped without me having to say anything.

    Edit: added the PS

  • I have 2 rants (sorry, but it's BOGOF night on rants by my decree ;)):

    a) Even if you're stressed, think before sending emails to your colleagues saying that their amendments are rubbish, badly written and 'twisting what I meant to say'. Especially when it turns out that the bits you said were rubbish haven't been changed and may well have been written by you. (He apologised...sort of, but he's done this before and it pisses me off, especially given some of the stuff he's got wrong or things he's written which aren't even English!)

    b) Dear body: Please quit confusing me and everyone else. Atypical asthma is more than enough. You didn't have to add inexplicable dizziness on top (basically: feel dizzy lots, felt dizzy today during allergy tests (not related), nurse took sitting/standing BP which is normally pretty low and which I thought was causing all this...high normal, totally normal response to standing. WTF? Behave!!)

  • Seems like your BOGOF rant is justified!!

    Rant away :-)

  • Thanks Angelica! Hope you're feeling better and less like you want to rant against your lungs.

    I realise I want a third rant so I'll make it 3 for 2:

    Where the hell is my RBH letter? I'm impatient, I want to know!

  • My lungs think I need to experience wearing a corset at first hand. Honestly, what's the point of being a liberated modern woman who doesn't have to wear a corset if my chest is just going to feel squashed anyway?

  • Feeling really sorry for myself today and I don't know why.

    I'm usually a ' the glass is half full' kind of person.

    Need to get myself out of this mood, there's alway people going through worse than I am.

    Maybe I need to give myself a pep talk?!?!


  • GRRRRRRRR (Brace yourselves)

    I hate it when people at school take the mick out of the fact I have asthma and think that I am faking it for attention when in fact i am genuinely struggling for breath! Tried PE today which was OK I suppose since it was trampolining so lots of rests but I get really frustrated when people think they are better than you. What made me laugh today is that someone who also has asthma was taking the mick with the others. Not sure if it were to fit in or what?! Why cant people just be supportive like on here!? GRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sorry guys but had to get it out of my system before I explode!

    Come on Rhys ""Always look on the bright side of life

  • Angelica, I'm with you today. Not sure why in particular, not due to my asthma which is ok, but frustrated with certain other things happening at the moment. Really want to just hide at the moment.

    Oh and the plumber refitting our shower has just discovered a huge bodge job that was done by the previous owners of our house. No surprises there but so annoyed because we bought the house and as it looked okish on the surface and had no visible structural problems got the price reduced but clearly not as much as it should have been - we will never make back the amount of money we've had to spend on it just to get things to an acceptable standard. In the meantime will be without a shower for a week and goodness knows what we are going to do about the rest of the bathroom as we can't afford to rip out the whole lot and have the entire room replastered, including the ceiling, which is what really needs to be done. Oh and our mortgage has gone up and we are both technically unemployed!

  • Rhys, dont take any notice. My son gets a lot of stick at school as well, they call him 'steroid boy', but he's learnt to ignore them.

  • Thanks for the support! Thats nasty! I dont understand why we get so much stick!? They are not limited in what they can do, We are. They are not on meds for probally the rest of their life, we are.


    Sorry but im slightly irritated today.

  • argh

    just as my asthma is starting to get as settled as it can be

    i had a week on steriods a weekish off then back on them an antibiotics

    on 22nd im not allowed to take my morning inhalors due to having an endoscopy which im not looking forward to it so i bet itll be playing up but good in a way as on 23 i have my first rep consultancy

    also rang up hosp the other day to check if they have my right number they do asked how long my referral to rheumatology is looking at July before i get a letter to ring to book my appointment and that is going to any hospital within the district :(

  • Wow spookymilo, that sounds like a lot of really good reasons to feel a bit blue :-(

    I'm sorry you're going through a time, I've been there and its horrible but at some point things start getting better :-)

    Rhys, it us awful that the other kids arr like that, all I can say is that one day they will think back to what they said to you and be ashamed of themselves.

    Stay strong and remember that they are just ignorant!! Chin up!

  • Following on from yesterday's shower rant - now we are definitely going to have to take out the whole bathroom, have one wall replastered, then wait another few days before we can have the shower refitted. We will have the toilet temporarily fixed to the floor so we can use it, but then we're going to have to decide what to do about decorating the plastered wall! It seemed like such a simple job to just replace the old shower cubicle with a new one exactly the same!

  • Oh no spookymilo :( I really hate it when you end up needing major works done -it was an absolute pain when we had our drain problem! Really hope you get it all sorted out. Will the work be dusty?

    Also hope you get a new job sorted out. Maybe at a school that's a bit more understanding about asthma!

  • Thanks Philomela.

    No it shouldn't be too dusty and a bit of crumbly plaster doesn't seem to affect my asthma unless already bad so it should be ok and not cause too much mess in the rest of the house.

    It's more the fact of being without a shower for about another two weeks, and suddenly needing to redecorate the whole room that's the problem. We have this odd wood panelling on the bottom half of the walls, but obviously when one wall has been plastered it will only be on two of them (the other wall has the door, shower and radiator on it). Probably we'll have to put up with the two halves of the room being decorated completely differently until we save up some more money to decorate the other half.

  • Well it just gets worse - I have so far succeeded in breaking my laptop, the sky remote and my nail today! Thought the dishwasher was broken too but luckily it isn't.

  • Spookymilo, I believe that the old Greek and Norse gods would amuse themselves by making life hideous for some poor mortal. Are you aware of offending someone powerful recently?

    I hope things look look up for you soon.

  • I have had the most horrible day at work and to make things worse a colleague walked over to me to discuss a work matter but he spoke to me in a raised aggressive voice and when I tried to discuss the issue calmly with him he refused to listen to me instead he rolled his eyes then turned away and stormed off to his desk.

    Then that colleague gets me into trouble with my manager.

    I know I shouldn't let this get to me but I did I couldn't help it

  • Big grrrrrr on your behalf asthmagirl!

    No need to ever be spoken to like that, says a lot more about him and hsi character.

    Tomorrow is another day and if he tries it again tell him you won't discuss anything until he talks to you in a reasonable manner.

    Plus, may the warts of a thousand frogs infest his backside for being a meanie!!!

  • Thanks Angelica for your kind words and also for getting me to laugh

  • Feel like a 'pro' asthmatic now!

    Asthmagirl, hope your colleague has managed to join the human race at some point! What an %^&*()_. Just what you need...not.

    This isn't a rant so much as a random observation...I have just ordered an electronic PF meter and for some reason this makes me feel depressingly like a 'real, confirmed, non-mild' asthmatic! (I checked with my GP and sadly it's not available on prescription).

    Don't ask me why ordering a PF meter should make me feel like that when a) a referral to the RBH and b) a letter from my consultant to my GP and the RBH saying that yes, I do have 'active asthma' (makes me feel like a volcano lol) and c) the drawerful of medication and 3 inhalers I always have on me didn't, but there you go, random!

    Anyone else had a strange 'moment' like this? I know my experience isn't the worst and I'm sure many of you have way more gadgets/equipment etc you have to carry but somehow I feel like laying out money on electronic PF meters so I can carry one round with me all the time to take readings through the day is some kind of 'marker'. Maybe I'm just weird...

  • I understand where you're coming from with this philomela. Sometimes it takrs just 1 little thing to sit back and go, phew, this is all a bit more real now.

    I know for me it was being told to carry rescue steroids with me at all times, silly as its only another med but it just seemed another level.

    I'm sure you'll soon get your head around it and it will become second nature :-)


    P.s. My little boys brain scan was thankfully clear! :-)

  • That's great news about the brain scan Angelica, must have been scary! I hope he's doing ok now.

    Thanks for reply, it's good to know I'm not the only one with this kind of random 'moment'. I think it was partly because I'd not used the old one much, then was having to use it but hadn't considered taking it out with me and carrying it round, then realised that I *have* to carry it if I'm going to get the recordings needed because of the whole reliever-timing thing! Though an electronic one was also recommended to me on here.

  • i hate traffic lights!!! Last night coming home from my friend's house i got stopped at EVERY set of lights, all 12 of them within the 4 miles between our 2 houses - and this was at 11.20pm!!! And this was the second time in a row that had happened - both times late at night!!

    One set of lights in particular has been annoying me all week. One of the major roads near me has been completely shut all week but yet the traffic lights on the croassroads of the other major road are still switched on so you literally sit there at red lights for NOTHING cos the traffic CAN'T go across!!!


  • Raaaannnntttt alert!! Sorry for whinging

    Feel free to ignore...I am just sounding off and will now feel better.

    I know I don't have it the worst but my lungs are just annoying me right now. They seem to be demanding attention non-stop a la Supernanny 'before' kids.

    I'm very lucky to still be able to work, do my Masters etc but it feels like I'm neglecting those to concentrate on asthma/thinking about asthma which feels like a demanding job sometimes!

    Or maybe I just waste too much time on here lol. Entirely possible. Either way, I don't feel like I'm on top of things or getting enough done, or able to put 100% into things.

    Anyway, sorry for the self-pitying rant. Just to get it off my chest, so to speak (and I wish something else would get off it too). Hoping everyone manages to get a decent night's sleep, escape Costa, have a good breathing day etc.

  • Hi Philomena we all have times when Asthma seems to almost define us!!! I keep thinking that I am me and Asthma is just one part of me that I will ignore when I want to. I am in charge of me Asthma is not in charge of anything. Then it comes up and slaps me in the face!!!! I used to feel that I was in control then I had a near fatal attack which shocked me into facing facts. So use any tool you can find to make you feel that you are getting on top of things and have a little control of day to day life. Your pf brought it home to you with me it was a handbag!! I realised that I need a big handbag to carry my inhalers and spacer in not to mention tablets!!! Daft but true. I suddenly thought that this is real and I have to live with it and adjust my life accordingly. My family had been saying for years that I was a bit too casual but I think I was in a bubble of my own making and just would not accept that I do have a serious illness.

    So to say that at times I am well and truly fed up is an understatement!!!! Can't even go for a walk without spending as much time resting as walking! Being overtaken by some old dear....bear in mind I am 64 so I do mean old.....with a walker is not funny! Bet it made his day though!

  • Philomena and Pauline

    I think we're all guilty of getting complacent when our asthma is reasonably well under control and then having our 'face up to it' moments when it seems like the asthma is winning. In fact, I wonder if we could cope if we didn't have that soothing voice in the back of our minds telling is it'll be ok, because it would all be too stressful.

    take care, both of you.


  • Wise words Annista! :-)

  • Thanks, Angelica - maybe not wise but certainly prophetic. Over the course of the afternoon I've developed an astonishingly unpleasant lurgy - I can't stop sneezing and my head is so bunged up that all my teeth ache - and my lungs are having a field day. There I am, doing my best to cough and there they are, skulking somewhere in my chest and refusing to co-operate so that, hard as I might try to cough, all I can manage is a pathetic squeaky little noise and then a lot of puffing.

    What they don't know, though, is that I'm going to give them some more symbicort shortly and then we'll see who's boss!

  • Oh no Annista!

    your lungs were obviously eavesdropping earlier and decided to throw a strop!!! You tell em who's the boss :-)

    Seriously though, hope the little monkeys behave.


  • Thanks Annista and Pauline! Very wise words (hope you manage to zoom past the next old dear with a walker, I've had that one too and I was sooo slow today for some reason!) I hope I didn't gve your lungs ideas Annista. Little so and sos take any excuse, so hope you feel better soon.

    I don't think I've had a chance to get complacent yet as I've not had good control at any time since this started, though it wasn't too bad at first. But I may possibly have been in denial and now for some reason I've noticed just how much the asthma has wound its tentacles into everything, not to mention round my chest... Still, at least I am not constantly in Costa or suffering with steroid side effects as well, like others on here do, so I know it could be much worse.

    Why now, when I've finally started to get somewhere with the idea. Anyway sorry to keep ranting. Feel free to rant back at me lol. I need some chocolate...chocolate is the answer and I don't give a damn about the question, hehe.

    Hope others are not doing too badly.

  • I told 'em! I kept telling them for most of last night and now I think I might have bored them into submission! PF is down on my usual but better than I expected so I figure that if I keep up the extra symbicort and get rid of the lurgy I might avoid a really difficult time.

    Who'd a thought that the little devils could hatch a plot like that?

  • haha now that's one method I hadn't thought of! Bore them to death - maybe I'll read something really boring out loud tonight and that will both bore lungs into submission and send me to sleep.

    I hope you've told them who's boss, get rid of the lurgy and feel better soon. I am rarely surprised by the things my lungs are capable of - for a gas exchange system with no brain they have a lot of low cunning, not to mention the ability to hold a grudge for England.

  • Philomena, I'll lend you my copy of the Financial Services regulations and ethics. It'll put you to sleep in seconds! How can you study something that knocks you out before you've read half a page?

  • Remember my bathroom issues from last week?

    Well, the plasterer has just left, and decided to inform me that he could have done the rest of the room today for £100, instead of £180 on a different day, but he thought we meant could he come back a different day to do it. Also told me that the rubbish bumpy stuff on the non-plastered walls isn't cheap - our alternative was to get more of that to cover the flat walls so that at least they all match! Argh! Why didn't he mention this to me when he thought of it this morning? Yes yes yes for another £100 I want you to make all the walls flat!!!!! Now have no toilet, shower or sink and he's telling me it might be dry for the plumber by Friday - just hope OH can get the toilet back on when he gets home! I may well have to go out to local shopping centre to use their facilities...

  • Spookimilo.......


  • My point exactly Angelica!

    And why on earth when he realised what we meant, and got to the end of the job without mentioning that he could have carried on for just over half the price, did he tell me all this? I would have been quite happy thinking we had no choice but to find paper to match all the walls until he told me! Now I want the walls skimmed and am annoyed about having to pay an extra £80, especially on top of all the other delays etc! We were only supposed to be having our shower cubicle replaced!!!!!

  • I think I would actually find it hard to speak to him at the mo without gritting my teeth! Can not negotiate with him as he's mentioned this after doing work? Might be worth q try....

  • Yes I think we're going to suggest meeting him halfway as he didn't think to tell us early enough to get it all done today.

  • Serverly brusied (there words not mine) this time not my fault grrrrrrrr

  • Little moan at my lungs.......

    Why oh why have you been well behaved for a couple of days, lulled me into a false sense of security, then taken a nose dive today for no apparent reason whatsoever?!?!

    If you could just go back to behaving again I'd be very very grateful!!!!

  • I've got two rants today!

    Firstly plasterer AGAIN! Said he could do the rest of the walls for a reduced price today as he didn't tell us about it in time last week. Then phoned at 9 this morning and said he couldn't come until Saturday because he has a big job! All this time we have had a toilet with no flush, and no shower or bath so I'm having to go over to my parents' house every other day to wash my hair!

    Secondly why do people bother giving email addresses if they never bother to reply to emails? I've emailed two people about possible jobs, someone else to follow up on a phone call and another person who is supposed to be advising me and none have replied - all more than 24 hours ago. How long do I leave it before phoning to ask my question?

  • Oh no! I guess he thinks he'll make more money from the other job, but IMO it's rude and unprofessional to ditch someone you promised to come back and fix just because another job's bigger. If it were an emergency then maybe...but doesn't sound like it, and leaving your bathroom non-functioning is really not on.

    When he's fixed things, can you tell him you're not impressed and will consider someone else next time?

    And also the job thing is annoying. I'd say try them tomorrow in a polite kind of way. I remember looking for jobs and people not replying, really frustrating.

    Good luck with it all!

  • We told him to stuff it, had two people round yesterday and one of them is doing it tomorrow for similar price so it's all good. Plumber can come Fri/Sat so will all be done by the weekend :) Should be able to have a shower in my own bathroom on Sunday!

    Also phoned a few people re: job situation and have arranged an appointment to go and meet someone about hopefully getting supply work so it's all good today! Having a relaxing day (along with a bit of housework) today and then tomorrow will start on painting the bath panels.

  • That's all sounding much much better spookmilo and glad u told other chap to stuff it, he was definitely taking the mickey!!!!

    Fingers x re work for you, I've just started back on mg phased return and although its making me use lots ot spoons, I'm loving being back :-)

    Take care x

  • Mega bucks got off easy in today's Budget. If you earn less than 60 grand, you're well stuffed.

  • GrannyMo, you are so right, but did we really expect anything else? This is not a good time to be elderly, ill or unemployed.

    However, look on the bright side - all those poor millionaires are going to get 5p off their income tax, so we can all be thankful that such a brutal injustice has been rectified.

    I'm just off to sharpen my claws on the carpet.

  • Well the bathroom saga continues! New plasterer not very intelligent (heard him asking his boy how to spell scarf!) and didn't listen to what I said, so has plastered all the walls not just the top half, meaning the plumber now can't tile the bottom half because the plaster isn't dry!

    On the up side though, he is fitting the shower today so should be able to use it tomorrow :)

  • How's it going, Spookymilo? Will you finally get the use of your bathroom today?

  • I've had two showers in my own bathroom! It isn't finished yet but the new shower is great, much bigger than the old one. Tomorrow the tiling should be finished and the bath put back. Then my husband has to paint and we will take up the lino and see whether the floor is good enough for varnishing. I've had a good time painting the bath panels and an old wooden cabinet so it will all look brand new! Fingers crossed all ok tomorrow!

  • Saw respiratory nurse today which was fine except she weighed me and my stone and a half I managed to loose has ALL gone back on thanks to nearly 3 months worth of steroids.

    Gutted :-(

  • Spookymilo - yay re bathroom! Must be nice to have the use of it back.

    Angelica - bummer :( Never good when that happens - at least if you'd just eaten too much on your own you wouldn't have had the asthma and other side effects too!

  • in january 2006 i decided to lose weight, by the november when i had my annual asthma review i'd lost 3 stone and was feeling very pleased with myself - the charming asthma nurse looked at my records and said ""well you were morbidly obese now you're just overweight!"" How to knock someone down!!! :-( The following year i was a perfect weight for my height and i really wanted to (metaphorically) say ""Ha so there !!"" to her and she'd left gggrrr

  • Big time grrrr to that nurse jinglefairy!!

    Well done on the weight loss, that's fantastic!!!!!!!!!! I definitely need to loose lots of weight and was so pleased with myself for doing it slowly but surely and without huge changes except portion control. Cue nearly 3 months of high dose steroids and that's all changed.

    Stupid that its upset me so much, my hubby thinks I'm mad and said that of all the stuff that's happened in the the last couple of months I shouldn't be worried about my weight, Its better to be big and here that dead. Typical blokey logic but still doesn't stop me being gutted about my weight.

    Anyway, rant over honest ;-)

  • Oh I know all about the better to be big than dead line! My husband just doesn't get it that yes I am glad to still be here!!! But that doesn't mean I have to be happy with the shape I am in. I hate having to look for bigger sizes when I used to be a size 10 and am now double that thanks to steroids. What really got me a while ago was when a doctor said that maybe I am short of breath because I am over weight. I said no I am over weight because I am short of breath. He hadn't realised that for some of us just looking at 8 preds a day will put on half a stone especially when you just cannot exercise. I hate it and when I come off steroids I am full of good intentions then just as I think maybe I will get somewhere I am back on the things. I know that I have a sinus infection at the moment and am feeling a bit rough but am putting off seeing the doctor cos I know it will be antibiotics and preds ""just in case"" and bang will go even more weight on me. AAARRRGGGHHH!!!!!!

  • Why can't I just piddle to order.

  • Pauline you've made me feel better, at least I'm not the only one and to be fair I should have expected it as I'd been on sofa surfing duty as well as the pred.

    I've had a good talk to myself and decided its not a total loss, just a step back for a bit.

    Grannymo u make me laugh!!! It would at times be very very handy to be able to piddle to order! :-)

  • We will get there in the end but to be honest I didn't really realise how badly it was effecting me until it dawned on me that my husband keeps pointing out large ladies obviously years younger than me. He says things like ""when you were her age you were slim and I bet she isn't on steroids"" and ""look at the size of her"" never thinking that that is exactly what I think is being said about me!!!!

    Grannymo to be able to pee to order is a gift few of are blessed with! The worst is when you are given a little tube with a very narrow opening and told to produce a sample in there please! Last time this happened to me I had to sneak out of the toilet and go to the water fountain,

    pretend I needed a drink just to get a paper cup in the hope I could actually hit the thing if I did manage to go. Hope you are well and all went as planned with the op.

  • Dont drink when not sitting up straight.Coffee went down wrong hole and megga coughing fit ,took my breath away and choking.Hubby to the rescue ! Hope not set my lungs off.

  • Self pitying moan alert!!!!

    Went to work this morning, hubby told me not to as I wad coughin, tight chested, painful lungs. Me being me didn't listen, got to work and had a (for me) mild attack but for my employer enough to send me,home with a flea in my ear!

    I'm soooooo frustrated by my asthma, I just want to get on with my life but everytime I have a couple of good days and think I'm getting better, something like this happens to crash me back down to reality.

    Anyway, moan over, just needed somewhere to express how frustrated I'm feeling right now.