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Disability Forms - Uni

Hiya, not sure if this is the right place to post this, or if anyone can help but just looking for some guidance. Ive got to fill out a disability form as part of my uni application but not really sure how to ""word"" it. Im severe/cons trying to persuade brittle, but dont want to make it sound worse than it is, or make them think ill be unable to cope.

It asks things such as ""support within course/extra support needed/access to buildings/how you would describe your disability"". At the moment i have no extra support at college and as a result have had to drop one subject and am very far behind. I dont know whether there is any ""support"" out there for asthmatics though such as laptops for dyslexics etc, anyone got any ideas?

My asthma's generally badly controlled despite meds and consultant etc, so they need to be aware i may be absent in costa etc, just dont want them to think im going to be a liability!

Anyone got any ideas or past experience?

Thank you!

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hi Nikki,

several things - firstly congrats on getting in!

I work in the uni here, and have just been working with the disability folk re med students with disability, and there are lots of folk out there with loads of different problems who get support from disability advisors, not just the dyslexics!

these forms go to the disability advisors - not your course people- so don't worry re what they might think of your ability to cope - you got in so you have proven yourself, the reason for these forms is to work out how best to support you.

Think about all the things you find hard because of your asthma - if you are moving into halls do you need the room cleaned more often because dust sets you off? Are stairs challenging - then ask for tutorials in ground floor/lift accessible locations. If you think you will miss tutorials or lectures because of the asthma, ask for copies of overhead slides - some places automatically do this, others don't.

Can't think of other things off the top of my head, but I'm sure there are. If they come to me I will repost. It will depend a bit on your course and which uni too.

If I can be of any help pm me.

Best of luck with course



thank you owl :o) given me quite a few things to think about! im staying at home for the first year though which is something less to worry about! (grades permitting!)


hi nicki,

i have exactly the same proble ... i have just filled out the same forms and didnt want to make asthma seem worse or like i couldnt do anything for myself !!

on my form i mentioned lift acess, getting from lecture hall to hall place place i.e. using a car or what ever but as your staing at home there isnt much mo request that i could think of

know exacty what your going through .... goo luck!!

katie x

oh btw if this is the one for brighton uni i have a copy of my form on the comp. if r intrestedx


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