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Not A Happy Bunny

I'm off to A&E tomorrow - nothing to do with asthma which is why it's in off-topic.

I've got a large angry scabby abscess on my back :-( Went to the walk-in this afternoon and the nurse's comment was ""oh it's a beauty!"" And then she went to get someone else to look at it!!! Unfortunately they then said they couln't do anything to it there so i need to go to A&E :-( Last time that happened (the abscess was in my armpit) i ended up in surgery in the evening so i guess that's where i'll end up again :-(

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Mega ouch :(

Good luck tomorrow!


Sounds horrid, hope it goes ok


Poor u.... Hope u feel a happy bunny soon


well i am a slightly happier bunny than i was

I took myself off to A&E this morning (well the very un-chatty taxi driver who didn't even know how to get to the hospital took me!) but because the abscess burst on its own last night there's not that much they can do for me in the hospital (though they have given me another set of antibiotics on top of the ones the walk-in centre gave me!). They've squeezed it (OOOWWW), cleaned it and put a dressing on.

I've got a follow-up appointment on friday morning and i guess this will begin the merry-go-round of having to go backwards & forwards to the walk-in centre to get dressings changed until it's healed. At least i didn't end up in surgery though which is the main thing :-)


Have they mentioned it could be a pilonidal sinus (not sure about the spelling there) which is basically an infected pore (eg if a small hair enters and infects under the skin). The infection then tracks around the vicinity through the bodily sinuses. Hairdressers get it alot (in their fingers) and also its known in the medical profession as ""Jeep Driver's bottom"" as many American GIs got it driving around on plastic jeep seats, getting sweaty and dirty and then getting an infection. Don't let it get too bad or you will need surgery. The most common place for it is right at the base of your spine above your glutes. Its incredibly common but people don't talk about it much for obvious reasons! If antibiotics aren't working ask for a swab kit to take home, next time it bursts swab it and take the sample in so they can prescribe the right drugs. PM me for more info on surgery and recovery if this is what you have and I can give you details, but its not nice for general reading, sorry!


PS hope it gets better really soon!


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