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im to old to be treated like a baby

ive been ill for about the past 7 to 8 weeks and today i wanted to take my kids out for the first time since ive been poorly and my mum is coming as well,i wanted to spend some time on my own with them,but i think everybody thinks i cant cope with them,there good kids and not that is10 and the other is 9,even at home it seems like im treated as if i asked for asthma and that i put it on half the time,i think its just me being over sensative,has anybody else felt so alone? sorry for moaning

take care everybody d58

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I have PM'd you but i know exactly how you feel - you can see the thread i started(its on page 2 of general(NEED ADVICE PLEASE))


I know exactly what you mean feeling as if you are being treated like a child. I am allowed out on my own but my husband always wants to know where i am going and when I expect to be back. If I go anywhere out of the ordinary it has to be with him or with one of a select group of my friends who he entrusts me with. Unexpectedly got invited to go to an open air concert in Cardiff last Saturday. The only reason he was happy me going (apart from it being open air which is a little safer for me as other people's strong perfumes are a big no-no) was because I was going with a nursing colleague who would keep a close eye on me. If i am ever late back from anywhere and he is at home he is going frantic with worry.


I couldn't even go to an open air concert, not with all those crowds with ppl smoking, it makes no difference if it is outside, I even got ill on a protest march one time because of the number of smokers and I was having to dodge about to avoid them all the time, so a packed crowd would be even more likelihood of smoke exposure and I know it would be a very dangerous situation for me. I don't even have a diagnosis of asthma, still struggling to get properly diagnosed, have been going through this hell for 5 yrs now! Well most of my life but worse recently. However I do know my symptoms and what causes the problems, smoke 99% of the time. Maybe it's chemical sensitivity not asthma, I'm not sure.

My kids are 13, 10 and almost 5, and this weekend I am recovering from bonfire smoke coming in the house on Thursday from some neighbours from hell in the next street, their back garden is backing onto our street. My god that was like 100 lit cigarettes coming into the house, a nightmare.

If you are OK with outdoor concerts and a crowd, then you are the one who knows your own asthma best and hopefully ppl can respect that!

No-one treats me like a baby really, but I think I am treated like a hypochondriac sometimes.

Yes I feel very alone too.


I know how you feel

Im a single parent with a three years old and my mum and boyfriend are the same. If im not well they think I can't cope. Even when im well they want to know where I am all the time, who Im with and if ive got my neb with me (,like i go anywhere without it).

I feel like i can;t have my own life.

Truly x


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