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Christmas card petition

Hi all

I have this morning received an email asking me to sign a petition to David Cameron and Nick Clegg opposing the proposed cut in welfare benefits for long term sick or disabled people. I have signed it because I've had periods when I haven't been able to work, go out to the shops or even make a cup of tea for myself. These have, thankfully, only lasted for a few weeks or months but I can imagine how dreadful it would be if I was that ill all the time.

I thought that it might be something that other people using this forum would want to know about but after the recent posts containing questionnaires etc. I was a bit reluctant to add the link to this post.

If anybody would like to pm me for the link I'll be happy to send it to you, or if you think it would be better to put it on a post I'll do that.

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could you please pm mail me the link or put it on here.




Hi Lindsay

This is the link

This is one of the few topics I get really wound up about. Life is tough enough when you're not well without having to wonder where the next meal is coming from.

Take care, and thanks.



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