Does anyone else dream and use all of their senses??

Someone once told me this was unusual but I'm not so sure!Had a fab dream I was at a cake party, everyone brought homemade cakes. After eating the 3rd delicious cake which tasted fab, I thought better not eat anymore think of the calories! aahhhhhhhh, it's a dream eat the bl**dy lot. This morning had a dream I was at work and had to go into someones house that stank of smoke. I had a severe asthma attack and woke up, back on the neb. Maybe was best to leave the cakes, probably put the calories on anyway!

Does anyone else dream like this? Know I'll probably get some well dodgy answers now!!!

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  • Now I know I'm the only one!!

  • hi Rattles,

    I can honestly say I didnt dream or remember them,

    but since been on meds have some realy weard dreams and some wake me up

    and wake up with a muzzy head.

    love Glynis xxx

  • Hi Glynis, find the singular is the one that caused weird dreams. Enjoying the ones of me stuffing my face with food.Especially curries or fish and chips, yum and no calories (I hope!!!)xx

  • hi Rattles,

    im on sertide and sure its keeping me awake and cramps.

    im on alot of stuff for other prob aswell but slept till on sertide.

    could just be the hot weather and restless legs.

    love Glynis xxx

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