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I give up got home tonight to find insurance company have cancelled my policy as of 30/5 when it runs out on 9/6. rang then to ask why its cause they are due an outstanding payment for a claim that i didn't make but notified them of incident where damage was done to car from roof off building. had lett last month saying they had been made aware of incident and to ring which i did to be told that it was a fault claim even tho wasn't in car ???? to change it to non fault would add 40 odd ouid on poilcy so declined. today she tells me on phone that paymentis due regardless cause of incident it makes me a higher risk so policy goes up. they are now investigating it and have said they will ring no later than 5-6 on tuesday so not given mobile no just home number and told dad to sort. Insurance companys why do we bother sometimes.

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  • Bless ya, id see about changing companies then?

    Andrea xxx

  • was going to already cause got better quote. think i am a liabilty at mo between that and chest.

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