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Due to an unforunate accident with my Creative Zen mp3,I was lucky enough to get an 80 GB I-pod classic from Santa as replacement and I recently downloaded from I-tunes series 5 of South Park for £20-odd but I have noticed that after I have watched each episode,it ""disappears"" from the I-pod,I havent elected to delete it,so I am wondering if you are only ""allowed"" to watch each episode once,in which case its a big rip-off-does anyone know if this is the case with all I-tune video downloads??

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Thanks to the popularity of the iPod and iTunes, Apple are being bigger monoplists and rip-off merchants than Microsoft ever were. I'm afraid that most iTunes stuff is one-time only, and heaven forbid you should buy a load of music from iTunes and then decide that you don't want to use an iPod any more - you're stuck once you start.

Sorry I can't be more positive, but I won't touch anything made by Apple with a barge pole out of principle. It is indeed a shame that your Zen ""died""; they are fantastic little devices.


Thankfully,the music doesnt disappear after only one play,it isnt exactly ""advertised"" that you only get one play of the episode which is typical stinking fat capitalist greed-but its counter-productive since I wont be downloading anything more from them!


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