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Faith in Human Nature Restored!

Bouquets to all the below mentioned!

1st More Than Household Insurance: Monday night in bed whilst disentangling my various tubes and cables I knocked a glass of milk all over my lap top. I called More Than on Tuesday, they asked me to get a quote for a replacement from my supplier and email it over I did that and this morning they called to say my claim had been approved and rather than raising a cheque they would put the money direct into my bank account within 3-5 days it would be available. More impressive as it was only in May they were paying for the lap top after I spilled horlicks over my last one!

2nd Vodafone: In the middle of my laptop nightmare some of the keys on my phone started to be naughty, they worked fine if rebooted for a couple of calls and then went bad again. Called then at 4pm yesterday and they promised me a swap out today. I successfully installed the phone software on my sons PC so I could back the phone up. 9.30 this morning a replacement phone arrived and I have restored the back up from the broken phone onto the new one no problem at all.

3rd BT: Sat down at my son’s computer to check email and found no internet connection after going though a re-boot of both PC and router we finally thought of checking the phone line, dead as a doornail. Called BT and as I am tagged as a priority the phone was fixed within 4 hours.

4th Jim Bisset at EQ Consultants who responded immediately with a quote that I could forward on to More Than, once again easy and quick service it is always a positive pleasure parting with money to Jim! And he has a lovely soft Scottish accent I could listen his lovely voice all day. I spoke to him this morning to thank him and to say that I would be in touch soon to place the order once the money was in the account. Tonight I got an email from him saying that he had arranged for the new laptop to be delivered tomorrow as he knows how much I rely on it. I have not even paid him let alone got the insurance money in the bank. I was moved to tears, I have never met this guy but he is total star.

I think that is my 3 things to go wrong so hopefully I will not blow this PC up!




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