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quick IQ Test!

dont cheat! If u do the test is no fun - honestly! No tricks to the test. Read the sentence below and count the 'f's in that sentence. Count them ONLY ONCE! Do not go back and recount them. .

Finished files are the result of years of scientific study combined with the experience of years.

There are 6 f's in the sentence.

A person wit average intelligence finds 3 of them.

If u spotted 4 u can turn ur above average.

If u got 5 u can turn ur nose at almost anybody.

If u got all 6 ur a genius.

There is no catch.

Many people forget the 'of's'

The human brain tends to see them as V's and not F's

Wierd huh?

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I'm a Genius!!!


i got 5 wen i did it missed the last of! Well done u! Stil above average was gud 4 someone who hasnt used their brain 4 a yr or so lol! Xxx


lol well done you 2 im just stupid i got 3 ha ha ,, xx


3 isnt stupid - thats perfectly normal its normal to only see 3 as thats wot the brain normally sees. Ur perfectly average my dear! :-) think its about 65%of population only see 3 f's!

Got lots more puzzles which i will keep feedin on to hear in time. They give me stuff to do wen im in hospital so hopefully those who are in the national hotel nhs at the mo will get something outa them!



Wooo to geniousness!


well how thick am i! didn't read the question properly and scrolled straight down to the answer then re read the question and was like d'oh i can't do it now know the answer

My IQ= 0 or less!


Years oF study!!!



5 'f's and 1 'F' - I think that just makes me pedantic :)


grrr im only average


thats ok hon least its not lower than average.... :-) well done 4 havin a go especially seein as ur in hossie! Blame the drugs :-) :-) Xxx


and the time! i shouldnt be using my brain at time of the morning!


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