where am i gonna live :'(

my flatmate and i had a talk earlier

he feels he isnt helping me and its time for me to move on after i been living with him for 2 years in june this year :'( i agreed maybe it is time to move on ....

he also says his sis will be coming to stay and so needs me move out.

given me till sep 15th - on month - to find somewhere but obv wont see me on the street etc

being off sick for so long from work and virtually no income how can i afford anywhere??

occ health review on thurs to see if i return to work nect week and where so the extra stress is doing nothing but causing more attacks tonite :( not bad enough for costa - dont worry i know wen to get help :)

i am scared as to where to go from here?? what do i do?? i have no friends etc who need a flatmate so i am stuck...

gonna see if i can get into trust accommodation perhaps? tho doubtful as if i cant go back to work i gotta move back wales...

sorry for ranting but i just feel like things are getting too much, just when i think am getting over something, another thing knocks me down HARD

:'( :'( :'(


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  • Just PM'd you. x

  • Oh no not more stress - you really could do without this right now, couldn't you - seems a bit unreasonable of your flatmate to spring it on you what with everything else!

    London is hard, but would something like Gumtree help? Or could you ask friends of friends (by asking your friends to ask around, maybe say something on FB) or are there any networks you can try (eg any social stuff you do? Or even if you aren't at work right now, is there a noticeboard or network or anything where people post things? A room somewhere might work in the short term though moving is stressful in itself.

    I don't know if any of this is any help but massive sympathy and hugs as you really are having a hard time at the moment. I hope you do get something sorted out and crossing fingers that review on Thurs goes well. Feel free to PM me any time if you feel like a rant and if I suddenly have any bright ideas about flats in London (don't live there now but have done). xxx

  • thanks philomela

    just pm'd u

    sorry ranting and raving guys just emotional and stressed and dunno where to turn and wot to do :(


  • Girls, you must both stop apologising for moaning! Rant as much as you need - we're here to listen and support where we can!

  • hum nice flat mate. He certainly isn't helping you.Have been to CAB to see if your entitled to benefits ie housing etc its worth a visit. Sorry your having so many problems. Hope your visit to occ health is positive. X Catherine

  • thanks catherine

    didnt think bout cab office...

    will speak to them too to see wot i can find out :)

    By the way guys to all of u on FB please dun write anything on FB as flatmates both on FB also & I dun wanna rock the boat etc ...

    Thanks for understanding :)


  • Sorry to hear the latest - I know you like your flatmate but I do think that is mean of him. Can you move back in with your parents for the time being? Definitely go to CAB.

  • Ah no, last thing you need with everything else going on. Good luck with occy health & getting back to work. How about gumtree as Philomena said or I know a few people who've used easyroommate? Many trusts have something on intranet at least which may not be as easy to get to if you're off. No need to sorry for ranting, that's what this is for!!

    Re CAB and benefits, have you looked into disability for both help and work/sick leave? Not sure myself but sure there's others on here and maybe the asthma UK nurses would be a good start too?

  • Just remembered - if Trust no help there's a site called spareroom.co.uk which may also be helpful. Hope you are even now getting something sorted though!

  • London there is bound to be somewhere for you to live unlike the crountry!! and if worse comes to worse lots of hostels. Speak to conuncil as you have a medical need for a roof over your head should be higher up piorty but this dosnt mean much (ive been waiting 8 months for council flat and still been told Im good few months off and Im in group 2 the highest I can go without being chucked out!)

    CAB are realy good at knowing how to fill in forms to get the most money out of the governement and what need to be like to get each benefit though at my local wont do drop ins so i waited a month for an appointment!

    I know could have a AUK house! Sure enough people in london who need some support with asthm and that little bit of security that comes with living with someone! Like the residential homes for people with mental illness etc but for asthma!

  • Oh Snowygirl, I'm so sorry you have this additional stress.

    Bizkid has given you exactly the advice I would - your medical condition means that you should be entitled to council housing and your impending eviction should make you a priority. Also, you might be eligible for housing benefit to help you afford a place on your own.

    What you need is someone to help you get the most out of the system and the CAB might be the place to get that help.

    Sending you hugs and wishing you much luck.


  • thankyou all so much for your support and suggestions.

    went to accomodation services from work this morning and got given a list of local nhs trust approved landlords as well as app form for trust accommodation.

    mum and dad live in wales so thats really only last reserve option :(

    CAB tomorrow and council but wanna hold off till after thursday to see how it goes with occ health and goin back to work etc. either way i will apply for disability etc and woteva else..

    couldnt do much today as stresss and emotion together with a woman opening her own branch of boots meant i been in costa resus most of day :(

    got seen by very fit resp cons who d/c me home but strugglin cos of everything... doing okay ish :)


  • Good luck with it all, and look after your health as well as your accommodation!

  • Good luck - let us know how you get on. xx

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