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yikes, too much water in the wrong place

Oh dear the water is now not only higher than wellies its half as big as me! Fortunately i am only 4ft 10! At least its not in my house, Hull has been declared to be in a state of emergency, we have had the equivlent of 2 months rain in one day! 250 people have been evacuated to the City hall and raw sewage is now in the road and coming back up the toilet. Am not downhearted and do have battery powered neb if the electric goes off again but i wish it would stop raining! The main road in and out of Hull is shut at the mo and my hubby is 33 miles away at his village school and won't book in to a travel lodge is waiting to see if they re-open the road!. Men! Sorry for the moan, hope everyone else is not as soggy, Lois

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Sounds ghastly, hope your husband makes it home soon and it all drains away! Very wet here but nothing like with you. I live on top of a high hill, luckily, so we are at risk from high winds but not floods!


Thanks Polly, road still shut and hubbie still refusing to stay in Travel lodge, rain finally easing off a bit. Raw sewage still floating down street and field opposite house now a huge lake! Water level risen to over half way up huge tree! Oh joy, never mind tommorow is another day hopefully not as soggy as this one! Take care, love Lois


Other half finally got home at 5.15am but had bath and went straight back! Its finally stopped raining but water levels not subsided much, street at back of house still under 2ft of water. Streets look more like lakes but am lucky so far water only lapping not in house. Council unprepared and have run out of sand bags, oh joy. Never mind could be worse... oh and someone broke into shed last night, they will have got very wet wading through water! Things can be replaced so am not upset.


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