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NHS treatment centres - anyone been to one?

Hello, just wondering if anyone's been to one and how they found it. Asked last week after initially having a 70 day wait through Choose and Book for my local hospital for an ENT appt. GP secretary even rang to ask could they call me in quicker as I am staff there and work on the same site but no luck even for cancellation!

I'm due to go next Friday now to the treatment centre where they plan to do tests needed where poss at the same time. Wish the NHS would think about that, would save so much time.

Anyway from what I can gather generally new buildings and good service but where do staff come from as not NHS so are they properly checked out re experience and qualifications with good English. Not trying to be odd or anything but seen staff in the past where you do wonder how they got the job.

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Anyone been to one?


not heard of such sorry TJ

let us know how u get on



I have not heard of these before.

Hope everything goes OK for you.


Thanks for the replies,

Started with the Independent Sector Treatment Centre Programme (ISTC) in 2002 in line with NHS Plan waiting targets etc. They mainly deal with day case surgery and diagnostic tests on lower risk patients. In the South West they're run by and around the country by others.

Just hope I'm not excluded due to asthma as their criteria is ""Poorly controlled Asthma (frequent acute episodes or needing nebulisation and /or steroids in the last 3 months) OR peak flow below 200 l/min"". A lot of that doesn't apply to me but not sure what steroids they mean. Have had short courses pred. & my usual inhaler @ max. dose.

Anyway will know more after appt on Friday


Thanks asthmagirl & snowygirl,

Went for appt last Friday. Apart from an hour wait to be seen, they basically confirmed what I already know and what the GP had said. Going for CT scan next week as they refer onto a private hospital for it. Need to call them back now i have a scan date with FESS op soon as in weeks :) Likely to be all done before local NHS could even see me for first appt. Phew, they don't seem to be worried about asthma as not been to Costa.


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