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on my way to work today....silly story

silly story and put my 'improving health' to the test, an occassion when it might have been best to ignore and drive on.....

got to within a few hundred meters of the entrence to work today when I saw police cars on the side of the road, a garden taped off and police officers trying to keep and horse in! (not to let it go down a main road)

Yes, I stopped, offered help as couldn't bear though of it hitting a car.

Well long story but it was awild untouched youngerster who ran/ jumped away the min we got close, eventually I went and got another pony from work to be a friend and we got it trapped and into a trailer o be taken away safely.

lungs behaved remarkabley well, 2hrs in cold air, and hot footing it down the drive with the other pony, legs now don't know what hit them and going for hot bath.

Silly story but had to share the excitement of lungs being good, fingers cross they don't get grumpy later.

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How did you explain all that to work? Did they accept your reason for not being there?


Thank Angela

They know me well, I had phoned and told them what was going on, also poped in whilst going back to pick up pony

the unfortunate bit was looking rather muddy - think I should have a spare set of clothes at work! or better still the advice I was given today - keep driving!

ahh well, good ending and you've got to laugh -


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