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Guiding uk

Noticed a few of you are slightly mad like me and help or run a rainbow/brownie/guide unit. Would any of you be interested in swaping badges or ideas? I'm finding it harder to give my unit 100% when my asthma is bad and would be interested in any ways of coping which you may have found. Biggest one is how to cope with outdoor camps when there is no electric for my nebuliser. I don't want to give up as it been part of my life since I was 8.

Take care


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Hey, I have a micro omron nebuliser that runs on AA batteries so i can go camping :D

I too am mad and love guiding it is great fun. If you need help with ideas and stuff i am more than willing to help. I am currently a division guider, this meaning i help units that need an extra pair of hands rather than ruinning a unit. I also help my division and county commissioners with admin, as i can do that when my chest is good or bad. Things like planning meetings, or events and packs on activities then i can give them to people.

What age group do you do? My specialism is Rainbows although i have done brownies before and i do a lot of activities to fill gaps for guides and senior section. I love guiding so much and i am glad i can volunteer for them. Funnily i was just sitting down to do some actibvities for a rainbow unit on the change the world badge asthma uk as it needs making easier as it is too hard for poor 5 year olds. What are your unit doing at the moment?


Hello Rabbit,

As Plumie has suggested, the Omron Microair is a good one and runs on AA batteries.

Coincidentally, the Camping thread was started a few years ago (on the old message boards then) by someone going camping with either Brownies or Guides and wanted advice on managing asthma while camping! It was nebs or infusions etc.... can't quite remember!




I am crazy enough too... do Rainbows and Brownies. You can also get nebs that you can plug into the cigarette lighter in your car can't remember the names of them at the moment but I am sure they will come to me.


Hi Rabbit i run a brownie pack and was one of the original'campers!!'

I wull pm u later but am currently ostafied.

I have an omron microair i use at camp but am only alloweds to do weekend camps cos of my health.

my unit have just done the asthma uk chanfe the world and havre traised over 200 quid by having an hrs sponsored silence- bliss.

am certainly up for badge swaps too


What is badge swaps?


How lovely, I'm not alone. I'm currently acting as unit helper for my local guide unit. I was the unit guider until my husband's health meant I couldn't make the commitment needed. Previously I've been assistant guider with brownies and rainbows.

I'm not sure if we have divisional guider's I'll have to ask our new district commissioner as this would certainly be something to look into. I've recently purchased a Omron microair but my consultant at NWLC doesn't think its suitable for my budesonide nebs. I'm seeing him tomorrow so will check it out again as it does seem to be the only nebuliser which runs on ordinary batteries.

Badge swaps can be anyting you like!, normally we swap our county badge and friendship badge for any others. All mine are then sewed on my camp blanket and it brings me much enjoyment knowing that I'm part of a much bigger family. We also have links with Russia and quiet often sell badges to raise funds for some units over there. At the moment we've raised money to bring them over for our big celebration in September.

Enough of my waffle, please reply if you like to swap ideas, badges etc

Take care

Nina aka Rabbit




Omrons are not that good for nebbing thick stuff like steroids and I would never neb antbiotics through it.

There are a few lighter compressor nebs around with rechargeable batteries that can be charged and run from a car. ( the accessory plug socket as it is called these days) The Respironics Freway Elite is one and the new one Micro elite are good ones - you can get 6-8 nebs out of one charge. and the micro elit charges back up in 3 hrs and is £97 on evergreens website.


PS I have a 1929 World Jamboree badge!!!!


I like the idea of swapping badges and swaping activity ideas!

I will have to see what badges i can get hold of. I hvae a camp blanket too, at the moment i am collecting the old brownie badges to sew on. I hvae got the centrary iron on one on and i also have the centinary car sticker too!

It is great to find more guiders and people in guiding!!!


Changing the World

Any of you guys doing the Changing the World badge for AsthmaUK?


Yup my brownies did it last term and we did a sponsored silence and raised 240 pounds.

the girls scarily enjoyed trying my porta- neb using water!!!

We went away soon after doing it and i had numerous girls asking if they needed them to call an ambulance for me!!! So the bit about ignore me on a neb obviously didn't go in but the warning signs did which is pleasing!!

We are just waiting for our AUK badges now as i sent the money in last week.:)

It was a very good way of helping my girls to understand why im often in hospital and why i don't run around either. From what i have been told one brownie who has an asthmatic dad has been alot more helpful to him since as well!!! Well worth doing

If anyone wants to swap badges with me them please pm me i can offer district and divisional badges.


The rainbow group i help with are doing the asthma badge and they are doing a sponsered walk to raise money. I still have the song that came with the pack going round and round in my head. Are yu thinking of doing the badge with your girls otter?


Yes we are going to start it next week, we told them last night and asked them if they knew anyone with asthma and we had a few put their hands up, we then asked them who it was they knew and some of them said themselves, which we didnt know!


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