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Am scared have to go to hospital to have a tooth extracted because the root has fused with the bone. Can't have it done at the dentist because they don't have specialist drill to drill into my bone. Aargh! Also because i have brittle asthma i can't have a general anaesthetic so will have to be awake. Oh dear, also its Bank Holiday weekend and i was meant to be on holiday next week, oh joy. Never mind have been given Dihydrocodeine to see if can tolerate pain over the weekend...but if can't have got number to ring to go in. Am bit scared need big hugs, never mind could be worse - at least am not wheezy! Has anyone else had to have this treatment? Thanks a bit nervous, Lois

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Hi Lois,

I've never had anything remotely similar, I'm afraid, my teeth have never caused me any problems, but just wanted to say hope your pain is better and everything goes alright.

Em H


Hello Em H,

Thanks for your reply, pain still bothering me despite taking two Dihydrocodeine 30mg every four hours. Out of hours Dr said i could take Co-Codamol 30/500 along with that to get me through weekend but when i did it made me very 'not with it' but still had the pain so have gone back to just Dihydrocodeine 2 four hourly. Am just hoping don't have to go in over the weekend but am not as scared now think it probably sounds worse than what it is and although i will be awake i probably won't feel anything. Thanks ever so for your reply, hope everything okay with you, take really good care, love Lois


You can add paracetamol in aswell and t shouldnt make you out there? rotate with codiene so only going 2 hrs not 4 between doses this usually quite a good regime.

Good luck

Andrea xxx


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