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So i just spent my 13th birthday in hospital, someone tell me, is that harsh or what?!

However i'm glad to say this wasn't for my asthma, although i did end up having an asthma attack whilst i was admitted...

Because someone had sprayed a load of overly strong deodrant in the bed next to me...

Does anyone else find that people just don't care even if they know you're asthmatic?

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Sorry you had to spend your birthday in hospital. I don't think its that people don't care, I think they just forget that the person next to them is asthmatic. They are so used to using their perfume and deoderant sprays that they forget not to or to go elsewhere like the bathroom to use it. My husband still forgets occasionally and he has been living with me for nearly 22 years! People at work also forget and help patients to use their sprays without giving me the chance to get out the bay/room first.

Hope you are better intime to enjoy Chrisitmas


I totally agree even when i was in a respitaory ward people who didnt have asthma mainly - although there was an asthmatic who did - spraying deoderant and other stuff in the ward !!! UNBELIEVABLE lol!! which made my asthma worse and i couldnt get better so i had to stay in evrn longer ...... it makes me laugh there is no concideration for others around them ...

katie xxx

PS sorry u had to spend ur b'day in hospital not a great experience xxx


Perhaps the issues of aerosols on repiratory / chest / medical wards should be highlighted to the staff - they can then perhaps request patients not to use them and put posters up to highlight the problems. A reason why needs to be put on them too!

( A picture / cartoon of Mr bean crawling through Boots perfume counter could be used to highlight the problem in a more friendly way)

People don't realise the problems it causes and if they are used to using it as part of their daily beauty routine it may be an automatic action to squirt their armpits with Eau de bronchoconstriction.

My ward has banned flowers and has notices too.




Its harsh but hey be glad it was your birthday and not christmas!

This has never really been a big issue for me I guess I'm lucky that A) aerosols don't cause me any problems and B) I always get my own room due to lung lurgy.

People do not intentionally spray aerosols knowing that you'll have an asthma attack because of it, people simply do not realise the sort of problems aerosols can cause for asthmatics. The public profile of asthma is a cough and the odd wheeze every now and again they don't realise how dangerous asthma can actually be and I doubt they know that aerosols can be triggers.

tks xxxxx


No-one really needs to use those awful spray things. I sympathise although I am affected by cig smoke but not really by deodorant sprays. Have these nitwits never heard of roll-on or crystal deodorant you just rub under your armpits? They ban smoking in hospital obviously, so I don't see why they cannot just ban aerosols in a resp ward (I would if it was up to me).

Personally I think it must be harder if it's your birthday than if it's Christmas, cos your birthday is kind of your special day, so hope you can find a nice way to celebrate it a little later when you feel better.


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