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completely off-topic i know-appendicectomy pain?!?!

hi all, sorry this is completely offtopic but im at a bit of a loss and wondering whether anyone else had had similar problems.

I had an open appendicectomy (the old kind with a big scar) in early december and since then have had the odd twinge but nothing major. Last Thursday i got severe pains in the exact place that my appendix used to be, making me double over etc. I saw the nurse anyway on friday so i mentioned it to her who said it could be a hernia, infection of a ""stump"" left behind or scar tissue attaching to part of my bowel and to see a doctor as soon as poss.

I saw the doc today who simply said ""i dont know"" which seems to be a bit of a theme at this surgery recently, and said it might just be a virus?? (i have no other symptoms apart from the pain) and to come back in a week if it doesnt get better.

This has been like this nearly a week now and im lost as to what to do. It feels like the same pain i had when i had appendicitis and is as painful if not more!

Any Ideas?

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Early December isn't so very long ago, Nicki.

I'd suggest noting the times you feel this pain, what you were doing prior to the pain and taking the notes along when you see your GP. Could be just the internal tissues knitting together or a bit of scar tissue forming. This can sometimes give the impression of something 'pulling'.

On the other hand, sometimes be anxious can bring on an irritable bowel which can cause a similar 'pain'. I was always doubled in half on the Monday following a Saturday visit by my MIL.

PS edited my earlier post as had the length of War & Peace. .


I had my appendix out a good 4 years ago now and i can still remember how uncomfortable it was during healing. Even remember ending up sobbing one night because the scar was so sore. I agree with Granny-Mo, it could just be that the internal tissues are healing, but if you are worried, I would get it checked out, even if the final result is just piece of mind.

Hope you feel better soon



i had an open appendicectomy in dec 07,

i also get pain in the area where my appendix used to be and it still does it now,

it isnt there constant but comes and goes,it does't happen as much as it used to but it can still be very painfull.

not much help sorry,but it would be good to know what causes it

take care

mel xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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