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hi folks dont know if anyone is aware of the statistics for asthma deaths in kids ive been told between 30 to 40 a year tragic isnt it? we can now add another two to that list, little girl aged 8 chloe mcloy died a coupe of weeks ago suspected asthma attack, today boy in wrexham aged 8 asthma attack. why??? i am convinced their age has something to do with their deaths, most kiids ive heard about have been aged between 8 and 11 indeed my beautiful daughter kiera passed away suddenly aged 11 acute asthma attack. I WOULD LIKE TO GET THE MESSAGE ACROSS ABOUT THE SEVERITY OF ASTHMA ITS A KILLER IN ADULTS AND KIDS, and there is soo much ignorance towards it and lack of knowledge by the medical profession, makes me very angry. what do other site users think? would be gratefulfor any replies. aileen kieras muma xxxx

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i think its a good idea to spread the word. Its sad to hear of any one dying but asthma does kill. Is sad to hear of children dying of it.

I recently changed gps due to lack of care and understanding of my asthma.


I do totally support your idea, I am from Argentina so I do not know about stadistics in other countries, everywhere around the world think of asthma as a silly dessea, not even a dessea sometimes and its so frustrating. I am so lucky, I did almost died last year because of a bad untreatment asthma, and there is so little we do know about it.

In my country there is lots of people who does not accept they have asthma and as a general knowledge they think that with time they will get cured and it is so sad to know that we can do several things but it is like they do not care, it is really heartbraken


I think even 1 death is too many and anything that reduces these deaths is worth it. This disease asthma can be life threatening so quickly so if we can take measures to prevent it then so be it. I was watching Utube and its amazing as to how quickly asthma can turn nasty. Thankfully the skill of paramedics/firemen/911 personnel saved the lives of these children/adults. I am learning to take asthma much more seriously. Especially since i know 1st hand we cant help ourselves if it gets real bad.

I am thankfully to all who help me survive my attacks. So thank you for the statistics so I can help someone else too.



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