Air fresheners ,

Not really noticed air fresheners with my asthma as just use a odour spray

and the same one and been ok.

Today got plug in ones buy one get one free and put then in living room

and kitchen.

Yes now realise was a silly thing to do as my lungs have tightened up with in a few

minutes of plugging them in.

Told my hubby and he said well not wasting them now you will have to manage with them !!!

Now way !

Will be in the bin tonight if causing me problems.

Would like to know what you use that is ok for asthmatics ? xxx

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  • Glynis, I've had the same problem and even had to leave a friend's house because her air fresheners affected my lungs. By coincidence I've just been looking at hepa filters and ionisers on amazon, to see if any of these would help the asthma and get rid of kitchen smells etc. The trouble is, there are loads of them available and I haven't got a clue how effective they might be and, being Amazon, there's nobody to ask!

    If anybody else has had any experience of these it might help us both.


  • HI Annista,

    just done my pf and dropped already and mucus in throat.

    Told hubby if drops any more when check it again then going give them my son and gf xxx

    Going do pf on the hour and see what happens as reacted so quick. xxxx

  • Oh poor you Glynnis, I do NOT, not EVER, plug those things in, unless I want to suffocate, dreadful things. I too have had to leave others homes because of them .... oh and on the way to bed tonight give hubby a kick, cheeky sod, your health is more important than a few quid.

  • HI cubi,

    Could not keep them on as reacting to them to quick.

    Taken it out in living room and kitchen and just left one to

    try the far end of the house where the cat and dog sleep at nigh but

    if still react to that then its got to be taken out.

    Opened the windows for a little bit to shift the smell xx

    So anyone has any tips on asthma friendly air fresheners please let us all know xxx

    Shame did smell nice xxx

  • Glynis, you sound as if you're really suffering. Do you feel well enough to throw a hissy fit and chuck both air fresheners out of the window? lol :)

    I'll keep trying to find out about hepa filters (there must be someone I can phone) and get the information to you.

    In the meantime I hope you can persuade hubby that sometimes something that seems like a good idea really isn't.

    Take care


  • HI,Annista,

    Just got the tops to put back on the bottle part and son and gf can have them.

    They do work well and plug feels warm. shame not lung friendly xxx ggrrr

  • Both out now,never again !!! stupid air fresheners,stupid lungs,stupid me for getting them xxx gggrrr

  • That was decisive Glynis, well done! (I'm a bit of a ditherer so I'm impressed by decisiveness)

    You're right it's a shame not to be able to have something that smells nice around the house but best not to annoy your lungs any more than you need to.


  • Have found with sprays the NHS 'lemon' one is awful and choking but Febreze usually ok.

    Not sure which plug ins ones better.

  • Air fresheners, scented cleaning products and the like are all banned from my house as they're such potent triggers for me (I call them poison lol). I haven't found a suitable alternative yet so I'll be interested to see if anyone else has.

    EDIT: To correct spelling and add that Febreze is terrible for me, it had me struggling to breathe years before my asthma diagnosis, just goes to show how things affect people differently.

  • My folks been tonight and gave them the blinking plugins x

  • Air fresheners are evil. A trip in a taxi can have me stuck to salbutamol for the next few hours.

    I've never used them at home. Are they really necessary?

  • I find that air fresheners' always trigger my asthma for that reason I do not use them in my home

  • Gamba You've hit the nail on the head there! In my opinion air fresheners are completely unnecessary and 9/10 they smell worse than the smell they're supposed to cover up. I suppose there is an arguement that I hate the smell of them because I subconsciously associate it with being unable to breathe.

  • I have a mate who I visit really regularly and had to be very clear with her mum that the house smelt absolutely fine, and DO NOT use air fresheners before I visit or I will suffocate! She got the message, lol. I am unusual as an asthmatic that I can use incense (the ones with water not the sticks) with no problem, in fact I think they help stop the air around my desk being too dry while I work, it's such an individual thing I guess!!

  • I am exactly the same air fresheners aresol sprays perfume deoderant i can't stand the PF drops as soon as i come it to contact with any of them so i steer very clear of all of them

  • i cant standthe spray around perfumes or air fresheners, am a liiittle bit beta with the plug ins tho....

  • A plague of rats to the toilet attendant lady the other day, who nipped in ahead of a very small queue and liberally sprayed air freshener everywhere. x(

  • I can't use the plug in ones or sprays but some of the ones which spray when they detect motion are slightly better. Unfortunately have to use something as my neighbour smokes and my flat ends full of cigarette smoke - lovely! Never used anything up until two years ago when she moved in and asthma has been a real pain since then.

  • To be honest, we dont really use air freshners.

    We tend to open windows to air the rooms.

    Also, i nearly always buy Jane flowers once a week.

    Not expensive bouquet, just carnations for couple of quid.

    I find i dont really react either & the scent from much better.


  • I finally made a decision and bought an air purifier thingy, and have been using it for a couple of weeks now and my PF is now between 400 and 450, up from between 350 and 400, although I can't definitively say that the air purifier is responsible for the improvement, because it could have been about to happen anyway.

    What it definitely does do is change the feel of the air (does that make sense?) and make breathing more comfortable, especially when I come home from work where I've spent the whole day coughing and run it for about an hour.

    It also helps to reduce cooking smells, which is a definite bonus.

  • I know it is an individual thing but I find that the reed diffusers don't trigger me but th emotion sensor sprays, plug ins and aerosols do.

  • At the moment almost everything sets me off. I'm hoping that this will settle down because it's REALLY annoying.

  • I'm ok with everything except aerosols. My wife likes to use Agarbati sticks which cleanse the house nicely. I'm ok with them as long as I don't get too close and inhale the smoke.

  • i can only use yankee candles as long as i dont get too close im fine but only like the light smells

  • Any air fresheners set me off,I use an oil burner with essential oils,its nice cos you can use eucolyptus or rosemarie if you have chest infection,and different oils to suit your mood.Can't tolerate any other incence,or strong cleaning stuff,or body sprays.

  • glynis its not worth it-bin them lol. im terrible with air fresheners, plug ins, candles, concentrated oils etc. when i was in hospital recently one of the nurses asked if id done a ward sweep yet? didnt know what she was on about until she laughed and told the other nurses that i got my teen to go around the ward turning the plug in's off. its a daft idea anyway to have them on a ward with asthmatics and copd people. why dont you try slices of lemon in hot water to make the air nice-works well honest x

  • I know its not really an air freshener but Ive been using Vicks Plug in and my Asthma has settled down at night now. I sleep right through atm! x

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