AUK Bagpuss Brigade ( appreciation Society!)

A special Bagpuss topic for all our memories old and new!

I used to think bagpuss was light grey and dark grey stripes - I first saw him in B&W on TV.

I have 3 AUK Bagpusses, One mouse

a mini bagpuss

A stick on car bagpuss (looks like he is clinging on for dear life in the back window!)

and a PJ case stuffed with an old towel!

.... Oh and one video!



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  • Bagpuss, dear Bagpuss

    Old fat furry cat-puss

    Wake up and look at this thing that I bring

    Wake up, be bright

    Be golden and light

    Bagpuss, Oh hear what I sing

    Ah those were the days!


  • I've heard of bagpuss but that's where my knowledge ends, before my time :oD



  • I used to love the mice on the Mouse Organ.

    We will mend it

    We will fix it

    We will make it good as new!

    I have 1 bagpuss and 1 Mouse I have not seen a Gabriel the Frog or Madeleine the Rag Doll, I don't think they do them :(


  • I have numerous pairs of socks with our feline friend on (when my eldest doesnt nick them!, a video and a stripy seat belt strap which once had bagpuss on it , he now sits on the dashboard!

    Have yet to go and purchase little AUK cuddlies!

  • Ooooh yes, I forgot,

    I have some bagpuss socks too!!! LOL!



  • Ermmmmmm I dont know I want to admit this in public but...............

    Just been talking to mum over this as a very nice person on here is gonna get me one and I am sending choccie in return (I darent eat it) and mum promptly said........................

    ""Hahahhaaaaaaaaa you used to think he was REAL !!

  • I have a long sleeve top from New Look with bagpuss on. he he

  • i've just dug out a bagpuss story book from 1977 (i was 1!!) and read my daughter the story of silly old uncle feedle - the one where emily finds a piece of cloth that looks like a house but according to madeleine the rag doll it turns out to be uncle feedles house that wouldn't stand up so he turned it inside out and stuffed it with cotton wool flowers and slept outside!

    Don't forget Professor Yaffle the wooden woodpecker!

  • I'm getting all teary thinking of my childhood days with Bagpuss LOL

    Happy Memories Ahhhhhhhh lol

  • My Claim to Fame

    You know the shop window the little girl looks into at the begining of the tv programme?? That was filmed in Horrabridge, Devon and the shop window was the window of a shop my Dad used to own. It was a butchers shop when my Dad phoned it.


    Couldnt find them today i evenhave friends on the look out for me!!

  • Ahhh how kewl Louise :D

  • Fat furry cat puss

    This used to be my favourite programme as a kid!

    Because the little girl was called Emily I thought it was about me!

    I now have it on video, along with Mr Ben, which was another favourite of mine; I also liked Windy Miller, now reincarnated in some cereal advert, and does anyone remember Pigeon Street? Or Button Moon?

    Oh dear I am really showing my age now aren't I?

    Emily H

  • Emily lol

    Me does me does me does me does Oppppps LOL

  • I am going to have to raid Barclays tomorrow and I know the chemist has one Bagpuss and 3 mice left yesterday. I will see how many I can get my paws on :)


  • Yaaaaaaawwwwwwwnnn!

    Night all bagpusses, Mice and Prof Yaffle!



  • Be careful Bex raiding the bank tut tut tut! hehe

  • Bagpuss's looking for a good homr

    I popped down to the bank today and I have 5 off these lovely little cuddlies actively seeking a new home. If you promise to send £2 to AUK I will pop one in the post to you. I have already paid the £2 donation for each so AUK get double :)

    IM me with your address and your promise to stick the £2 in the post to AUK and I will get one sent off to you. This is strictly on a 1st come first served basis although if demand outstrips supply I will try and get more as I have 4 places here I can go to!


  • YAY I finally have a Bagpuss - I'm so happy now!

    I kinda peeked into Barclays coz I don't actually have an account at all with them.

    Does any1 know how long they will be doin the appeal?

    Coz I want 2 get one of each (waiting til payday LOL!).

  • i got my bagpuss. my mates got me it from the bank to cheer me up. bagpuss is sitting on my bedside table next to my bed and neb and veryhting.

    i ahvent seen the other bagpuss guys you can get like the mouse. will ahve to ahve a look out.



  • I will say it as I think it very good of her !!

    Bex has rescued me and is sending me a Bagpuss !!

    THANX Bex alot !!

  • Just to let you know I have homes for 4 out of the 5 one more needs rescuing and if you are quick I can probably get more!


  • I'm now a member of the Bagpuss appreciation society lol

    Thanx Bex ya a star hun lol

  • All 5 bagpuss's are now winging their way to good homes and I am glad yours arrived safe and well Wheezer.

    Anyone else who wants one let me know and I will see what I can do!


  • Hey ya should visit the Bagpuss shop website thats on the tag lol

    Loads Bagpuss stuff lol

    If the url aint allowed here will someone remove it but I will put it up for now lol

    Also if ya look in the news section there Asthma UK is mentioned too !!

  • Hi Bex,

    Can I claim the one that still needs a home (if he's still homeless)


  • Hellooo!

    Glad bagpusses are rehomed happily!

    I have no probs with the www link!




  • Wanda, you have IM there is Bagpuss here with your name on it but I need you to IM me your address.


  • How can anyone have a problem with it Kate lol

    He is so cute lol

    By way I been pushing the Bagpuss's on every forum online I use lol

    And there is quite a collection of people who have gone out and got em lol

  • Baggy Arrived

    Baggy has arrived safely ans is excited a shave promised to take to Spain with me!!

    Thanks BEX!

  • Bagpuss is here


    thanks so much for Bagpuss he arrived this morning, my husband woke me up with a very nosey 'there is a squoshy parcel for you - OPEN IT!!!!!'

    His arrival is very well timed as my hubbys cat died last night so i have donated

    Bagpuss to him for the day, to keep him company at work.

    THANKS again


  • Glad they are arriving safe and well. TKS's as promised yours went into the post today.

    Halifax have ordered another box on the strength of this crazy woman coming in and getting 5 at a time!


  • My local chemist only had 2 mice left today! I wanted another 2 or so for my car - will keep on searching!



  • Which chemists r doing them?

    I felt kinda funny - sneaking into a bank, that I don't even bank at,

    to get mine the other day.

  • If it benefits AUK I will go anywhere to get my paws on those cute little cats! The people in Halifax are cool with it they said they would try to get another box, they had the biggest supply left the other day tho. Barclays had 3, local chemist (Allience) had 2 mice.

    They are going like hot cats. Kate let me know if you want me to try and grab you some more and which positions you want.


  • I got mine yest , sent hubby to bank to get them so both my girls now have mice and i have a bagpuss on my dash board. Am gonna send him back on mon to get me some mice and the girls each a bagpuss! Patrick wanted Gabriel but apparently they dont do him. Has any1 seen him?

  • I'm going 2 try and sew a piece of ribbon or shoelace onto mine -

    so I can clip him onto my bag.

  • I sewed a loop onto one of mone so I have a mouse that is attached to my sub-cut bag the 3 bagpusses are sitting on my drugs shelves looking remarkable cute!


  • I tried to get one of each, but ended up with two the same.. so will have to go back. my barclays had lots.. they didn't mind me just going to get them.. i think they thought it was some light relief!!

  • a couple of years ago we found mice that sang their song when you squished their bellies!! they were very cool...

  • Just to say the last 2 bagpusses went off today (sorry for the delay). Its been a bit chaotic here over the last couple of days. Those still waiting for a bagpuss expect package tomorrow.


  • Thanks Bex,

    I had a quick look in Barclays Bank, I tried to look through the window to see if they had any in stock but I looked like I was casing the joint. So I went in and looked even more dodgy as I looked furgivtively around and then seeing none, legged it!

    I went went to the Halifax and thought ""sod that for a lark"" and marched straight in then and still ended up like I was casing the joint as I looked for them and they had none either. So in my expedition to find out if Bagpussies was stocked locally all I ended up with was looking like a potential bankrobber!! I refuse to watch the local news tonight just in case.


  • Hi !

    Glad to see the bagpuss hunt is still in full swing!

    Wanda - I just walk straight up to the tills and ask!

    I managed to buy the last remaining cat in my town today - I tried all the locations listed that were in my town, most had a few mice, so I bought one of them on route! Found one last bagpuss in the last location I could try!

    So, I now have a bagpuss by the car windscreen and the stick on big bag puss in the back window is now cluttching a mouse!

    (I have kept the tags on the others I bought in case they become valuable antiques in 50 years time! LOL)

    Happy Hunting & please don't forget the mice as well.... they need homes!



    Chief baggy cat!

  • We are on the bagpuss hunt, found 2 mice in local waitrose but Sean insistant it just had to be bagpuss for the dashboard of car. Apparently next delivery not till mid next week :-( I dont think my singing the mouse song all way home went down well either lol

  • I don't even know what a Bagpuss is, but I WANT ONE!!!! Especially if it is for AUK. Good luck on your hunt everybody.


  • I remember Bagpuss when I was a kid. It was a lovely programme.

    Love Carole

  • Wanda, your own personal non-criminal bagpuss is on its way, it could even be sitting on your front mat now as all the others sent 1st class arrived the following day.

    My local halifax are now used to me marching in putting coins (or a note) into the box and picking out the bagpuss's one member of staff asked why I needed so many and when I explained she said she was going to make sure all the staff got theirs before I catnapped the rest :) Good news tho all the more cash for AUK!


  • Hi Bex,

    Thanks so much he arrived this morning. Although I did look slightly strange collecting my post at 1.15pm in my nightie!!

    I live in a small block of flats and we have indivual post boxes down stairs so I went to collect mine and all my neighbours seem to appear. I work nights so I was in my nightie.

    Thanks again


  • So glad he arrived safe and well, you are not being strange you are being individual after all I bet your nightie is a damned sight more decent than some of the skirts (or belts as my Mum calls them) girls were these days.


  • Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou Bex. He arrived this morning and made my day. I like his little air hole. He is now curled up on my bed and I have comber his whiskers lol.


    Steph xx

  • One bagpuss and One mouse went on an outing today!

    We had a staff meet at a country park area in outer London and one thing on the agenda was to dicsuss fund raising - I took them to show that they raise loads of dosh and we could do the same for Essex Wildlife Trust with fluffy badgers, bunnies & bumble bees with membership promo tags!

    Bagpuss slept all day however....

  • Mine is currently sat on my ironing board however he will be soon tranferred to my car so he can keep the remainder of my toys company.

    Yes Bex you are probually right there about my nightie LOL!

    Great idea Kate.

    Gunna dash and get ready for work


  • It gives me a little warm glow to think of all those Bagpuss's (is that the prural?) being loved all over the country :) Oh dear how sad am I?


  • Before long mine will travelling all over country!!! Linconshire next week. Arncliffe the week after. Borrowdale a few weeks after that. Then Harrogate, Esholt and so the list goes on so mine will literally be loved all over the country!!

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