Edward Monkton and words

I am huge Monkton fan, I love confusing the living daylights out of people with my ""Beward the toast that has no ears"" tee shirt. I was looking for a special card the other day picked one up and then went up to Monkton section to see if there were any new cards when I found this:

That Still and Settled Place

In that Still and settled place

There's nobody but you

You're where I breathe my oxygen

You're where I see my view

And when the world feels full of noise

My Heart knows to do

It finds that still and settled place

And dances there with you.

Needless to say the other card went straight back, the words were just perfect. I am used to laughing till I cry over Monkton cards but never have I had to wipe away a tear because the words were so perfect.




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