deal or no deal

For those like me who ahve sleepless nights and up all funny hours from the pred. i find the tele is often rubbish in the samll hours but thsi enterained me last night so thought i would put the link on here. deal or no deall game. greta fun to watch on tele and you can now see if you can beat the banker.

hope youa ll ahve fun playing this game.

take care


oh the link is nealy forgot to put it in

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  • I got 10p and i did have an offer of £22.000 whoops

  • i've seen deal or no deal during the day (got hooked last yr when it first started whilst i was off sick) just tried to avoid joining the 1p club ;o)


  • woohoo! I won, took the deal at £38,000 but my box only contained £10,000 - oh if it was real! <sigh> lol


  • I have to make sure I turn TV over right after countdown or I might just watch the first 30 seconds of DoND and then I have to watch the whole damned thing and I hate myself for being that shallow that I can watch something that requires no skill or anything.


  • what is this programme that is being ranted over ? or dont i really want to know , i like the sound of the money but what does one have to do to get it??!!

  • ooh hop! u don't know what u're missing :oD

    It's easier to play (not so easy to get the money). There are 22 people, the computer randomly selects one of them tp play. Each of the 22 players has a red box with a number from 1 - 22 on. These boxes are picked before the show.

    The person selected by the computer takes their box and sits facing the remaining 21 players and a board which shows different amounts of money ranging from 1p to £250,000. Each box contains an amount from 1p to £250,000.

    The 1st round starts with the chosen player selecting 5 boxes to open, trying to avoid the big amounts of money, in particular - £50,000, £75,000, £100,000 and the big £250,000. After the 1st 5 boxes have been opened and the amounts revealed have been removed from the board, a telephone rings and on the other end is a banker who offers the player a sum of money as a deal for their box (incase it contains the £250,000). The amount offered depends on what money is still available. This process carries on, each round consists of the player opening just 3 boxes before the banker rings again.

    The idea of the game is to deal at the right moment, to get the best deal from the banker and if you deal before the end of the game, to get a large sum from the banker but have a box that contains a small amount.

    I know thats a bit long, hope it was clear. If not, just turn into channel 4 every week day at 16:15 :o)


  • Hops NO DON'T DO IT. It is highly addictive. I know this to my cost. The shakes have nothing to do with the drugs it is the DT's from not watching deal or no deal.


  • the link doesn't work anymore :o( Waaaaaah!

  • Heres the American Version !!

    HI all,

    found an american version - its a bit differnent with 26 boxes (suitcases) but you can win upto $1,000,000.

    first try I managed to get $325,250 !!!

    the link is

    take care


  • ooooh pete! thank u, thank u and 3 times, thank u :oD


  • UK version returns!

    Before the file was deleted I downloaded it so I could play it offline. You can find a copy of the original version here:

    (Note: You don't need to register for the Forum to play the game!)

  • ooooh peaksteve, u're a little gem!


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