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Enviromentally friendly/low volatile paint

Has anyone had experience of any of these?-I am wondering if the extra price is justified over just opening the windows,I realise the enviromental aspect is important too,but I am primarily thinking of the effect on my asthma first.


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b and q's own range isn't bad i coped with windows open.


Breathe Easy Paint by Crown or Dulux is quite good I have found.

The B&Q low odour gloss is not too bad either but you will need to air it anyway.



I had been looking at a specialty site-(not one of THOSE sites!!) and they made a big play of the non-static properties of their emulsions-keeps away dust allegedly-although whether that just puts the dust back onto the carpet I,m not sure.


I also used B&Q own brand paint. Was ok with windows open and Hepa air filter. Smell better than when used other more expensive brands of paint and odour disappeared by next day. Even was ok with their gloss paint which always smells worse.


Luckily we have a B&Q within walking distance so I will give them a go tomorrow-thanks y,all.


Our decorator used the dulux one recently but i still found it set my asthma off and the gloss didnt cover so ended up shipping me to the caravan on th edrive while used normal stuff but he did put cut rwa onions around and that worked it absorbs the odour.

In hosp at mo dont know what using but cant smell at all, are painting right outside room and cant smell a thing?



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